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Ntripy writes...

Hi Greg,
I just re-watched Double Jeopardy and noticed the last line by Xanatos is in stark contrast with one of his lines in Re-Awakening.

In Re-Awakening, Xanatos says, "Its alive, alive! I've always wanted to say that."

Whereas in Double Jeopardy, when he says, "Owen, I think I've created a monster", he seems to say that with the lament of a man who wishes he'd never have to say that line.

Was the line in Double Jeopardy intentionally meant to contrast the line in Re-Awakening, or, is this just another example of how in tune you are with the Gargoyle Universe? ;)

Greg responds...

Might just be the latter.

But generally, we like to do twists and riffs off of classic lines/moments/etc. from a variety of sources. (That's how you wind up with quotes from both Shakespeare and Monty Python back-to-back in "Future Tense".)

Response recorded on March 12, 2007