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Doorhenge writes...

Do you think Demona influenced Darth Vader?

What I mean is, do you think when he saw City of Stone it influenced him to make the prequels?

Demona: If you are not my ally then you are my enemy!
Darth Vader: If you're not with me, then you're my enemy!

That line is way to similar to me. Sounds like a homage he thought people would pick up on.

If you don't like the prequels, sorry if I depressed you.

Are you gonna retaliate and make a ... Spawn Star or something?

Greg responds...

I haven't seen the third of the pre-quels. But I wouldn't presume that we were any influence on them.

And the specific line that you're quoting is a sentiment that borderlines on the cliché, so it hardly appears to be evidence of anything.

Response recorded on March 12, 2007