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Nelio writes...

I have a biological question regarding the Gargoyles, one that I have been curious about for a long time. To ask it simply, do Gargoyles (or Gargates in general) have nipples? It is obvious that through out the entire series no nipples were detailed on male gargoyles, and where they would appear on the female body is covered. Further more, there are at least two times in the series in which two human males (Officer Morgan and Wolf) have been seen without shirts yet they had their nipples detailed.

Is this some sort of decency issue within the animation department, or do gargoyles actually lack them? A few other things that stick out to me is when the gargoyle clan was changed into humans by puck, they still lacked them, thus leading me to believe it was a animation issue. I also wonder if males lack nipples while female retain then, after all human males only have them because they develop on the fetus before sex is determined. Perhaps in gargoyle biology, development happens differently?

Well, thank you for reading my strange question, I really appreciate the time you put into this site and your product. I can only wish that the other programs I have a mild obsession with would have a wonderful site like Ask Greg to answer all my questions.

Greg responds...

Mostly it was an animation/design issue. Females do have nipples. I suppose if you looked VERY closely (which I don't recommend), males have some kind of vestigal (is that the right word in this context?) nipple.

Response recorded on March 13, 2007