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dph writes...

My Review of issue #2

The good:

Excellent story-telling. I liked the pace that the drama went through. I ordered my comic through SLG's website and got it before Christmas.

The bad:

The artwork. Granted that I'm not an artist and that I have no sense of color aesthetics, I have some issues with the artwork. The opening scenes with Macbeth remind me of looking at myself in the mirror when I'm half-awake. Lex doesn't quite look right in the scenes with Alex.

I am looking forward to buying the next issue when it is released.

Greg responds...

I'm glad. I like the artwork. It's not perfect of course. And it printed considerably darker than Will colored it, but hopefully we've addressed this problem with Dustin and Steph in the future.

And I liked the Lex/Alex scenes. I thought they were fun.

Response recorded on March 13, 2007