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Wintermute writes...

So, I tried searching for some info on this supposed gargoyles movie, but the site's archive search engine seems to be a bit haywire (my returned searches have off-color spaces in-between every character). I read the first few returns to my query, but I started to get a headache. As a result, I have decided to simply ask my question and hope it makes it through the queue reasonably soon. If it has already been asked (as it very well may have) I sincerely apologize.

My first question is, if this movie ever gets put together, will it be animated or live-action? As a follow-up, if it is live-action, will Disney prevent it from being overly violent and adult-oriented? I think that the bulk of gargoyles fans out there are getting old, and as much as the old episodes and the new comics still make me happy to engage with, I think a more mature, live-action/CGI/Costumed high-budget motion picture would generate a lot of hype, over and above another animated version. I'm not thinking of Goliath ripping muggers in half or anything, just a version where no one is afraid of showing a little pool of blood (a la "deadly force"). I think "Awakening" could be remade fantastically in this manner, as it is an incredibly epic storyline. Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

There are no current plans to make a movie, so answering any questions about it at this point would be beyond hypothetical.

Response recorded on March 13, 2007