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Laura (Ackerman) Sack writes...

Rather surprising that no post alerting readers that issue two came out... though by the time this is read it may be a post alerting of issue 10 that I'll be looking for:)

I am trying not to review comics on how they read at 2:30Am when I should be long asleep. This time I decided to reread 1 & 2 while fully awake and quite of few of my negative comments melted away. Still, there remained both pluses and minuses.

The most obvious change is the art. It seems to me that the two conflicting styles seen in issue 1 were melded together. Oddly enough the result is something far more reminiscent of the cartoon. Truth be told the art stood out more in issue 1- but so did the off model parts. This was miles away more consistent throughout the issue. There were some images that I took issue with: I don't like the new design for baby Alex, and Elisa looked rather Asian in some frames (more a problem with Dt. Yin over in The Batman) But there were some fantastic moments to more than balance. The facial expressions of Lex when baby Alex was reaching in the frame and playing with his face, or when Xanatos sheepishly admits that he knows it is not wise to annoy the Illuminati were fantastic. Broadway and Angela's scene was just lovely. And, of course, the full page of Goliath and Elisa when they first hit the ground. (also a nice frame when he is first hit by the hammer and she ducks.)

For some reason I just loved it when Elisa threw away her remaining shoe.

Some of the fighting was a little dark and muddled to my (sleep deprived) eyes. When Elisa stands above the mercenaries who had just talked about kissing their salary goodbye, I knew I was seeing a moment like Demona's, way back in Awakenings, when she appears saying, "no, you lost it all.", but I didn't feel it in my gut. (I reserve the right to feel it in my gut when I reread issue 2 with issue 3 and hopefully that night do so before midnight.) There was one very clever composition, where the hammer light swoosh and sound effects swooped through 4 levels of frames on one page. Problem was, some of the sound effects seemed a little too even. The helicopter sounds were correctly all the same, but organic sounds looked that way too. (I checked and didn't see that in #1). Of course I did get to see a downright heroic Vinny and got NOT to see Castaway escaping through the guts of the building.

Oh- and speaking of animation gaffs in the original airing…did Goliath end the issue gliding off on his injured wing?!

thanks and looking forward to #3!


Greg responds...

In the comic, Goliath is LEAPING on page 24, not gliding. His wings aren't even extended.

I'm told issue #3 will be out on March 28th, 2007.

Response recorded on March 13, 2007