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Sapphire writes...

Dear Greg Weisman

When I watched Gargoyles, I couldn't help noticing that you employ a lot of non-white characters in important positions in the series. For Example, in Dracon's mafia like gang, you put a black man (Glasses) as the "brains" behind the criminal organization. You have black men masquerading as ninjas in the episode (Bushido), which is extremely odd since many Japanese do not think highly of people with African Ancestory. And you put a mixed race women as the leading female character (Elisa) instead of a white blond women. In reality Mr. Weisman, a black man is far more likely to be a convicted murderer then the possibility of a black man being a medical doctor. In the epidode Bushido, you created a gargoyle clan which co-exists in harmony with Japanese people, why didn't you place the village in somewhere in Europe where you have Gargoyles peacefully coexisting with "White People". I am confused because when you use a lot of non-white characters, you send a message that white people and European cultures are bad, while non-white people and non-white cultures are good, even though in reality the opposite is true. Also a final comment, I also notice that you are Jewish, I did read somewhere that Jews are high prevailent among those who control the media, and many Jewish writers try to protray non-white characters as noble. inteligent etc, when in reality, such protrays are not realistice. You have to ackknowlege that American Blacks have an IQ of 85 compared to a white IQ of 100, Blacks commit over half of the crimes in the USA, even though you protray many criminals in Gargoyles as being white and evil.

Greg responds...

You sound like a virulent and ignorant racist and biggot.

Response recorded on March 13, 2007