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Vid the Kid writes...

A few comments on Issue #3...

My opinion is mixed on the artwork. I mean, it's a different medium from the animated series, so it's not going to look exactly the same. Without motion, more detail is needed to convey the same feeling that was done through gestures in the cartoons. Just like a radio play needs narration. (Which, by the way, you are AWESOME at...) On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure that this particular character drawing style is necessitated by the medium. (Somehow, Agent Hacker looks a lot more organic than everyone else; why can't the other characters have a little bit more of that organic feel in their designs?) And there is a bit of inconsistency. Bluestone struck me as looking a lot like David Hyde Pierce in his second panel. Although the artwork may be less than perfect, it is still at least acceptable, and certainly does not distract from the story.

And the story is great! Already an order of magnitude better than The Goliath Chronicles. I especially like the layered reveal of what organization Hacker really represents. I have a tendency to forget details, so I didn't get it until the second shot. Anyway, great job! I really look forward to future issues!

Greg responds...

Wow, talk about damning with faint praise. (I'd hope we're better than Goliath Chronicles.) I'm glad you're liking it though. And I still like the art. It may not always be perfect, but I think it's powerful when it needs to be, and relays the emotions that I'm looking for. And I think David is improving all the time. We have fill-ins by great artists in 4, 5 and 6, but I'm also looking forward to David's return in issue #7.

Response recorded on April 09, 2007