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Duskrider Q writes...

Nobody Asked for My Two Cents (Clan Building, Issue #3)

But, I always give to a worthy cause, however little!

I hadn't realized that the letter under the Masque Invitation on the first page was officially from the government. It looks a bit like themed stationary. Still, MY how Xanatos is moving up in the world. He has amazing status, power, and connections unrelated to his finances.

While we're on the topic of Xanatos, I always like seeing he and Fox being loving parent. This adds to their believability to make them first and foremost people before they are EVIL people. For instance, Fox appearing from the shadows as she invites the gargoyles to try on costumes is suspicious at best, and later Xanatos is dangerously playing the gargoyles as pawns in a game he doesn't have full control over. Yet earlier when she and he are not being malicious and treacherous they're swinging their son around and smiling in the picture-perfect family portrait!

Also, thought Morgan plucking up the courage to ask Elisa out was so cute and sweet and-- dare I say-- she may actually want to go or more than the reason that he's human! I think it's tragic that Jason makes a perfect date now that he's reformed, but crippled as well.

Next, I'm so excited to see the Illuminati in action again. The networking is intriguing. I like that Hacker is unimposing but charismatic. Then he can be threatening enough that you don't try him, like with the shoulder squeeze and an insistence of "Don't be coy." Furthermore, he has every player thinking the Illuminati is backing his respective plans. On that note, I understand why Castaway wants the Gargoyles dead and why Matt wants them protected, but why does Xanatos want them exposed? What good does this do him, and if he's still trying to pay back his debt to Goliath and the clan? I don't think the clan would appreciate the gesture?

Also who is this perfect hypocrite to deny the gargoyle's true identities? Elisa, as a gargoyle-lover? Thailog as a clone but not the real deal? Demona? I'm on the edge of my seat.

Speaking of Demona I find it equally interesting as I find it odd that there is an intact shiny crystal in the middle of the cathedral rubble. I don't think I'm even sitting on my seat anymore.

Anyway, I wanted to like Hedgecock's art (I got the correct artist this time) I really did. But some places I didn't feel he captured the scene or the emotion. Issue #2 was good, great if you like his style. For instance, the chase scenes have a real since of moving fast paced, and the angles are dynamic. But here in issue 3, for example, where Elisa and Goliath are having their gulp break up I don't see the face always reflecting what he says. The resentment, sadness, or hurt looks very nonchalant in some frames. (But maybe the numbness is the point?) I prefer the frame where there's a huge space between them and Goliath is bracing himself against the stone because the emotion is subtle and the space is metaphorical. I suppose I most dislike the lack of details in the background. Characters do not seem to have a lot of distinctive features either. I would give him anoher chance but I can't deny my excitement to see the other artists after this.

And for my last comments…

Lexington and Fox are still great with the wry sense of humor.

Goliath is a BLOCKER! Brooklyn needs lovin' too.

And the safety of the Labyrinth ain't all that safe. Like… most of the time!

Again, I am teeming with anticipations. Can't wait for the party when everyone bumps heads.

Greg responds...

People may have misinterpreted Xanatos' plan for the Gargoyles. He doesn't want to "expose" them. They've already been exposed. He wants to help them find eventual acceptance. To do that, he's "exposing" them to select people in small doses, first by not revealing that they are actually gargoyles, but introducing them, so that people meet them simply as people.

Of course, if that's not clear from the comic itself, I should probably just shut up.

Response recorded on April 10, 2007