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Shadow Wing writes...


Eleven years haven't dulled your skills, Greg.

Glad to see Jason again - Elisa really did care about him, it feels right that she wouldn't just abandon him.

When Elisa told Goliath that they needed to talk, I winced - most fans might have been upset by this, but for me it's more than that. My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago - I still love her, deeply, but for her, the spark apparently died some time ago, and she'd only been keeping the relationship going because she didn't want to hurt me. So tell the guy that, if I could, I'd give him a sympathetic hug bigger than he is.

I suppose I should have guessed that Thailog would be making another appearance this issue - the exposition with the Clones should have been foreshadowing enough for that. And I wonder if anyone has noticed his closing line: "Trick or Treat?" I suppose that the radio announcer's safety odds weren't quite as good as he/she thought.

Martin Hacker returns, and I get the feeling that he is going to serve as our face of the Illuminati (at least, until Mr. Duval is revealed). As for the Illuminati in general: backing three different groups, with three different agendas - the webs of the Illuminati are complex indeed, but if they control the world, they'd have to be.

Anything else I have to say here has already been said, unfortunately, except for this: the next two months are going to be torture. It's been ten years since I bought an individual issue comic book, but I don't think that even then, I was so anxious for the next issue.

Afterthought: Is "Sleep well" going to be your signature farewell phrase in Etched in Stone? If so…nice, I kinda like it.

Greg responds...

For now I'm sticking with "Sleep well." Might change it someday, but it feels right at this time.

Response recorded on April 17, 2007