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Charisma82 writes...

Have you ever seen the movie "Dead Poet's Society"? (Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke were in it, if that helps ring a bell for you). If you have, what was your opinion on it? If you haven't, then I would highly recommend you see it. It is definitely in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I would write a ramble or something on the movie, but I don't want to in case you haven't seen it. Heck, I still might right something on it even if you haven't seen it… but at a later date…

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

I've seen it. I remember being a bit frustrated by it. There's a lot of good performances, but -- SPOILERS -- I remained unconvinced by Sean Leonard's demise -- though my father felt that given the era it was set in, that it was fairly realistic.

Response recorded on June 01, 2007