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Revel writes...

To begin with I had a great time, it was a small con but we had a good time. Due to time constraints I had a short con of Friday through Monday and had to miss out on a road trip, but I will give the best details I can recall.

June 22
The day began very early. Spacie had to work the night before and I, like usual, waited up for her to come home. We left for my parent's house at about 5am because I am paranoid about leaving my car at the air port and the plane left at roughly 7am. There were no delays or hold ups on the way to Nashville and I had ea muffin and an OJ in flight.
So why Nashville when the con was in Pigeon Forge bellow Knoxville you say? Mostly financial. I had originally wanted to land late thursday so as to not have to worry about missing things, but not flights left late enough, after 8 pm in Houston so I had to settle for early Friday. Knoxvill was a much smaller airport and had limited times available for more expensive plus all the flights transfered through Nashville. Since it was cheaper to rent a car and drive it I just did that. I figured since it was just the two of us I;d get a fun car and we ended up with a new Silver Ford Mustang and it was FUN! Just a 6 cylinder but she would fly.
First stop once on the road was to get food, I grabed a Mc Griddle egg and a cheese and didn;t stop for anything else. We made good time, would have even been better if I was not a bone head and too the 441 through down town Knoxville which had stop lights. It then becomes a country road with almost NO road signs and I often cursed wondering if I had missed a turn I needed. Nevertheless we made it to the hotel with no problems. Met of with Greg Bishansky who already had our key and got things stowed away. My first priority was to get my art set up and to get my con badge. I only had 4 pieces but two sold so I call that a success. Hung out talking with Emabu, Steph, eventually Alex Garg came in Gside, many others. I believe we made our way over to the Radio Play auditions, I knew I wanted to give that a try again.
Opening Ceremonies was cozy. They didn't have a projector only a large TV so most of us ditched our chairs and sat on the floor like a big kindergarden class. Once again there were many Con virgins, almost half I'd venture to say, which is shameful from a veterans stand point but still fun. I missed the musice vids, sorry, but I was voraciously hungry by that point and some how found myself in charge of a small group looking for food. Ultimately we found a fish and fry place that had an excellent Chicken fried steak, hush puppies and I took one of Greg's Gator tail bites. After we got back to the hotel we ended up in our room just chatting and hanging out, always one of my favorite things to do, Greg B, Spacie, Winterwolf and Wolf's newbie friend Legacy who was from Nashville, he was fun to talk to. We had the curtains open and Jen walked by but not before pressing her breast to the glass and giving us kisses. I houted out thankyou to her for fun : )
Bed time soon followed.

June 23
I slept in Saturday, after staying up late talking it is always good to do. There really was not much going on, I had already auditioned so it was mostly time to catch up with people I had not seen in a year, some more.
Breakfast was over at the Red Rooster, a little diner within easy walking distance that had really good food, I didn't eat in the hotel at all. Actually I'd like to take a moment to talk about the hotel. Apparently they had assured Nikki that their renovations would be done by the time con rolled around. Well, they had lied. It was not bad but the design was very odd with the way the floors worked, having to use different staircases for con and room areas. The elevators were acomplete waste of time, I could walk to the top and back down before the elevator would open for someone and from what I head they didn;t always open to a floor or between floors. Water was a problem, I mean the jacuzzi in the lobby was cool, but the water fall on the rocks was and asnine design, it splashed right on the floor ensuring a slick entry all the time in the side lobby. Then there were the leaks, lots of them.
Anyhow. Breakfast was eggs and hash with biscuits, it was THE BEST eggs and hash I had had in a long time, was good and inexpensive. Next I checked on my art bids and bought a Jayne: Let's be Bad Guys Serenity shirt, I like it : ) I believe I ended up hanging out pretty much the rest of the time on the 3rd floor talking with people as they came and went, mostly Gside and Flanker and Alex Garg about what ever comes to mind. Was esentially waiting for the Radio play cast list, which came out about 2 in the afternoon. I had done well, there were several parts I would have loved to have had but I was pleased with what I got. Spacie and I squeezed some alone time in here somewhere.
The Radio play was awesome, I can't say enough about how wonderfully talented Emambu is, playing three characters each well done. I am so jealous ; ) In addition to that, buy the Gargs comics, play catch, find a dealer, order online but get caught up and I mean NOW. You so want to have number 5 in your hands when it comes out, it will have it all.
After Radio play I had a desire to go put-put golfing and we had plenty of time before blue mug that night. A group walked over to the Papa Johns and we each pretty much got our own or shared pizza. I got a pepperoni and black olive, hot and fresh.
To be honest it was a very well designed mini golf course, lots of ups and downs and drop thoughs. This also made it very difficult and I think i got a 28+ over par or some pathetic number like that.
Blue mug, there were a few nice questions, some were even blue! And for those wondering I got Greg to agree to that some gargs are Ribbed for pleasure, it is so wonderful having guest who are as perverted as the rest of us ; )
bed time was a little after 1am.

to be concluded...

Gathering Photos HERE -------> http://members.tripod.com/revel8/id502.htm

Greg responds...

Who you calling a perv? Me? Oh, well, never mind.

Response recorded on July 16, 2007