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Zeki writes...

Still haven't gotten my paws on the lastest two comics, but when I was watching the Price I found myself wondering - if Xanatos didn't know that Owen was Puck, would he still have been so nonchalant about him turning his arm to stone?
I'm assuming probably yes, but you never know. Would he have a least looked for a way to reverse the effect?

On a more mindless note, it sounds like Macbethbot is saying, 'I've been WOOKING for you.'

I also like imagining that if he hadn't been destroyed, he'd have just flown around yelling 'TROPHIES! >=D' at people until he ran out of batteries.

Greg responds...

But Xanatos did know. I'm not interested in odd hypotheticals.

Response recorded on July 17, 2007