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Benji writes...

Hi again Greg! I'm not sure if you have thought of this or considered it before, but I had an idea for the rest of Gargoyles coming out to dvd that would be perfect for the fans and Disney!

I know you've said we can't expect Disney to spend time, money and resources on something that won't pay off. And I agree with you. As much as I hate that we may not ever see the rest of Gargoyles I agree.

BUT! What if, there was a way to give the fans what they want, and Disney still make profit?

I was thinking, what if there were a way for the fans to go to Disney.com or something like that, and specially order volume 2 and/or The Goliath Chronicles from Disney? Disney wouldn't have to create huge amounts of it. In fact they would only be making what is ordered. So Disney will be getting money for every set made.
As soon as an order is placed Disney could prepare a set. That way the fans can complete their collection of volume 2, and those who want the Goliath Chronicles could get them, and Disney wouldn't lose any money on the deal. I know it isn't as big or as fun as having them released into major stores, but it would be a lot better than nothing!

What do you think? Could it work?

Greg responds...

Benji, I'm afraid you don't understand manufacturing costs. These things are only affordable if they're making HIGH QUANTITIES. Disney's not in the made-to-order business.

Response recorded on July 23, 2007