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KingCobra_582 writes...

Issue #5.

Where to begin on how great it was? Hmmm... ah, the hell with it.

Vid The Kid and I picked it up at the usual place (where, By the way, we dropped off another set of Gathering 2008 flyers to help 'spread the word' and I was delighted to learn that the 1st set of flyers had all been picked up quickly.), along with a Star Trek comic. I read Gargoyles #5 on the way home and no words in the known English language could accurately describe how much enjoyment I got out of it.

The art was the best I'd seen since issue #1. Wait, no, scratch that. It was the best artwork I'd seen in the comic, period. Smoothly drawn and nicely colored, just as much as the cartoon itself was. I hope we can keep Karine and Stephanie around as artists for future issues!

Story-wise was great, but, then, who can expect any less when you're the one who wrote it? Nice twists at the end, (No, I still won't throw out spoilers b/c the comic just came out today) even though I already knew how it ended from being in the Radio Play, but I still loved them. They were clever, they made sense, and they opened doors for future story ideas. I can't wait to see more Thailog (one of my favorite characters) in action in future issues.

Another nice Hudson/Robbins scene there.

*slight spoiler* I was vaguely surprised that Goliath didn't have a reaction to Lex's costume, but he was preoccupied, so... *shrugs*

Another great issue, Greg. 15/10.

Or should that be 36/2? :P

Nice little bonus at the end. I didn't actually expect to make it into the letters column. Very kickass. :D

Though we never did get that soda... maybe in G2K8...

And maybe I should register for G2K9 as KC. I kind of like the sound of that. :P

Bring on issue #6!!

Greg responds...

Issue 6 is pencilled and colored. Just needs to be lettered and it's ready to go!

Response recorded on August 13, 2007