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David Dante writes...

To whom it may concern:

I have one question for Greg: Why do you think the "Gargoyles: Season 2, Vol. 1 failed to sell enought DVD's. It seemed like a popular show. Why did it bomb? Was it the fault of the Disney Company? Or the fault of the fans for not getting out to buy it?

Greg responds...

Well, first, I wouldn't say "bomb". Just not sufficient.

Second, I'm not sure what the point of assessing blame is. I suppose there's plenty to go around, but I'm not interested in blame.

For better or worse, Disney counted on the hardcore fans to "market" their product, as they did with the first season DVD set. The fans -- myself included, I believe, were somewhat complacent, assuming that everyone who bought the first set would buy the second set. But that didn't happen. Word was not spread sufficiently.

So help us now to SPREAD THE WORD!!

Response recorded on August 14, 2007