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Blaise writes...


I went to the Golden Apple at about 2pm and picked up the LAST TWO COPIES (I asked the cashier and apparently they don't stockpile in their backrooms). I pointed out to her the oddity of finding a comic with this particular cover in the "Kids" section (she said it's more of an "all ages" section...), and voiced my hopes that maybe this cover is moving more issues of the comic than usual.
But enough of that...on with the issue itself!

--I noticed "Mary" and "Finella" on page one as well. I doubt it's really them (unless there's more going on in Brooklyn's Timedancing than I suspect), but it's a nice little bit.

--We finally see Dr. Sato again, disguised as...a doctor. Very creative, doc.

--Morgan decides to bow out. He is a real good sport about this whole thing.

--Continuity Nit! Broadway's "Cowardly Lion" costume has changed. In the last issue, he just had the mane and face markings. Now he's wearing a full body costume. It's a bit jarring, unfortunately.
One thing I just noticed on Angela's costume--the modified "ruby slippers". Very fun!

--Thailog is just BRUTAL towards Goliath here. I mean, he uppercuts the guy after gut-stabbing him! He's also switched from "Father" to "Dad" and even refers to his other two parents by first name.

--Speaking of "proud papa David"...the revelation that this White House steward is apparently the same rank as "Mr. Duval" was astonishing! As was the bit that he'd been there since the days of Teddy Roosevelt (which leads to a GREAT comedic bit over which President Johnson he served under--"Now don't get smart, son."). Anybody besides me think Xanatos is REALLY looking forward to those "rejuvenation drugs?" And I am most eager to learn what Xanatos's assignment is.

--As for the reveal that there is a position above the one held by Duval...well, we all have our theories. :-)

--But back to the party. Margot is, as usual, chewing out Brendan--and dragging poor Dr. Sato into it--when Brooklyn makes his grand entrance.
...I'm not sure for how long I was laughing my ass off, but it was a long time. He even has a stylized "G" on his chest, for cryin' out loud! And both his entrance line and his pose..."Super-Garg"! Priceless. (Oddly enough, Brooklyn's pose makes me think of Daffy Duck. Maybe it's his beak.)
Of course, he immediately asks Elisa where Angela and Delilah are...oh, and as an afterthought, his brothers. That's when they notice Bruno walk by.
--Angela calls Thailog a bastard. Now, just having that word said at all in the comic made my eyes go wide. But the fact that it's ANGELA saying it! It's great! And do we need to dwell on how aptly that word describes Thailog (gotta love those archetypes)?
I also love that Thailog called Angela "sister." Creepy.

--Thailog slashing Angela and Broadway (which, oddly enough left me mourning over the damage to their costumes rather than their bodies) prompted me to wonder why Thailog had bothered retracting his wrist dagger in the first place. Of course, the reason is just a few pages away.

--Thailog has an interesting line here--"Gargoyles, protect you master!" Note, that he does not call them clones (or bother to say their names).
I did notice he seemed to wonder where Brooklyn and "the old fart with the beast" were. Kind of shows his opinion of Hudson, that's for sure. And maybe age and old people as well.

--Now we have the scene where Hudson and Jeffery have their chat. It's a nice scene to finally see in the "official Greg Weisman version," to be sure. At the same time, I will admit that it does seem a little sudden to me (and makes this issue the most crowded, yet). Still, it's probably better happening now than having it drawn out. Jeffrey's acceptance is no doubt helped by the fact that he knew Hudson before he knew about gargoyles, but it does seem that he wondered for a while. I will say, this scene was fairly similar to the one that appeared in the "Dying of the Light" episode of TGC. In fact, that "old leather and concrete" bit WAS in the episode. The "never shaking hands until now" bit, however, was a new touch that I really liked.

--The Clan fights the Clones. "Gar-girl"...okay, that's a new one.
I love Thailog's "...why does everyone insist on pitching free will to my minions." I did notice that Thailog slashed Lex when there was no real need to, which did seem a bit odd to me.
Anyway, here comes "Super-garg" to the rescue. "Forgery" seems to be Brooklyn's favorite insult to clones.

--Thailog slashes Elisa (she'll never get her deposit back on that costume), and this is perhaps the most pointless slash of all (it would seem). On my second readthrough, however, I note that Thailog didn't slash Elisa until AFTER she said she was a member of the Clan ("Good to know" he quips).

--I love Brenden's mumbling to himself (it's nice to hear what he really thinks). I wonder what his actions will be in regards to witnessing the fight.

--I like the long shot of the fighting. Lex is fighting Malibu, Hollywood's after Angela, Broadway is wrestling with Burbank over the mace, and Brooklyn (that ballsy son of a gun) is taking on Thailog.

--Hudson and Bronx join the party and Thailog...switches wrist blades to cut Bronx. When I saw that, I realized that Thailog was slashing all of them (or stabbing, in some cases) to collect blood and tissue. I guess he didn't feel like using mosquitoes this time.

--Owen finds Delilah in the lab (did anyone else notice?). I just found it interesting.

--Somehow it doesn't seem fair to me that Brooklyn gets taken out by a Bronx-projectile.
I love how Hudson (after getting cut) parries Thailog's blade with his sword ("old fart" indeed). For that matter, I love how Broadway inadvertently beans Malibu with Burbank's mace.

--Delilah really makes an impression here. She really seems to come into her own and starts speaking for herself (up until now she has just been responding to other people). Actually, it's a bit surprising how quickly and easily it comes to her.

--I love the smile on Malibu's face as Delilah helps him up.

--Apparently, Delilah eavesdropped on Goliath and Elisa's conversation in the last issue (which makes me wish we had seen a frame of her doing so, but oh, well). It doesn't matter that Goliath's bleeding on the ground, she let's him know she didn't appreciate it.
But she doesn't go with Thailog either (I love how she slaps his hand away...and how Thailog is not upset in the slightest about this).
Delilah was happiest in the Labyrinth, and so, it seems, were her "brothers" (I LOVE that she called them that). Actually, Malibu just wants to be with Delilah, and Hollywood's not interested in fighting (and Burbank gives a response that throws me back to "Bride of Frankenstein"--"Friend, good! Fire, bad!").

--Brentwood, however, is the odd one out. He spent the whole issue standing on the sidelines, not fighting, his only line until now being "free...will" and what does he do? He chooses to stick with Thailog because "Thailog smart!" I mean, it is a great "left turn with the right blinker on," if you know what I mean. And the best part: I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN! Okay, I thought a second clone would also stick with Thailog, so I was only half right, but somehow I KNEW Brentwood would be the one to "know the power of the Dark Side."
And Lexington's reaction is perfect ("Dude, you're really making me look bad."). I'm still laughing at it.

--"And on that death rattle note..." is my pick for Thailog's most heartless line to date.

--And now Dr. Sato is brought out. I would like to know exactly WHO brought him out (Owen would be my guess at the moment). And his introduction into the world of the gargoyles certainly is abrupt (his dialogue for it is good, though). I will be most interested to see how he'll deal with this new wrinkle in his world.

--Owen mentions an infirmary in the castle. You know, it's a funny thing. I've read several fanfiction series over the years, and they ALL have an infirmary in the castle! Well, I guess that only makes sense, knowing Xanatos and his rather...unique lifestyle.

--Goliath finally says those three little words. And Elisa repeats them. And gives him another kiss.

--Brooklyn, sees this display and is smiling. He looks behind him at Broadway and Angela (standing side-by-side, holding hands) and looks a little sad. He looks to his left at Delilah and Malibu (side by side, her arm around his shoulders, his arm around her waist) and, with a sour look on his face says, "Oh, you *gotta* be kiddin' me..." Yes, I laughed out loud. Poor Brooklyn might as well go to a bar and get drunk now.

--And now we have the "Thailog Tag." Oddly enough, it takes place at Nightstone Unlimited--last seen being run by Dominque Destine (who has Thailog on her "KILL, KILL, KILL!" list). And Thailog reveals that (surprise, surprise) his first priority was obtaining 8 "DNA samples" from the clan. Goliath's suffering and Brentwood's joining were just icing on the cake. This already shows him as different than Xanatos--Xanatos loved outsmarting his opponents, but Thailog gets pleasure from their pain.

--Nice to see Sevarius so soon (and so easy to hear Tim Curry saying his lines!).

--And now the girl from the Labyrinth finally has a name--Shari--and yes, it does seem that she will be the Executive Assistant telling Thailog about Tibet in the next issue. She's also an Illuminatus (the youngest one we've met so far, as well as the first female). And surprise of surprises, Thailog is a member as well (which makes him the first GARGOYLE member we know of)! And he doesn't look very happy at being outranked by this girl (and such a HIGH rank she has for one so (apparently) young). What really surprises me about Thailog being a member is that he just seems to be so much his own person. The idea of him being subservient to anyone seems so against his character. But therein lies the interest.

--I've got to say, the Illuminati is REALLY moving to the forefront this "season." They seem to be everywhere this time.

--The art's great. Everything looks incredible and exactly like the series with great facial expressions. Still, going back and forth between the three issues, the change in art and coloring styles is very...jarring. I'll look forward to seeing next month's artist, though.
BTW, did anyone else notice that the clones are back to having black teeth?

Anyway, it's nice to see the end of the "episode" (although there's still a bit of a cliffhanger as far as the wounded are concerned). I will say that there was a LOT in this issue. Seriously, this thing felt practically bursting at the seems for more pages. I would have loved a bit more with Dr. Sato (both introducing him, and him dealing with Goliath).
Overall, though, it's another great story!

Greg responds...

Personally, I'd rather that the stories felt like they were bursting from the pages, than the reverse. We tried to do that in the episodes too. Look at "Vows", for example.

Response recorded on August 15, 2007