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Adam writes...

Hi Greg. With the success of the Transformers movie and the CGI that went with it, if you got an offer to do a Gargoyles movie with the gargoyles being CGI, would you do it? If you did, I would assume that you would want to use the original voice actors for the gargoyles, but what about the humans in the series? Would you use the original actors or bring in new people? Who would you have play the various roles like Elisa, Xanatos, Fox, and Owen?

Greg responds...

Of course, I'd be interested. If for no other reason then it would guarantee the release of the rest of the episodes.

As to casting, I'd love to cast Salli, Jonathan and Jeff as their respective characters. As much as I love Laura, though, I'm afraid she doesn't really look anything like Fox. Don't have anyone in mind... because Laura's so vocally wonderful in the part. But the truth is, casting of the humans would depend quite a bit on financing issues. So this hypothetical is really just that.

Response recorded on August 31, 2007