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The Imperfect writes...

I've just finished reading my copy of Issue #5, and I simply had to come send a comment. I wanted to say first off that I thought Karine and Stephanie did a fantastic job with the artwork! The artwork felt very true to the show, and more than any other issue so far, I felt like I wasn't just reading a story, I was actually watching it move between the still frames of the comic. Large and small details alike all just seemed to fall perfectly into place. The expressions were great, and the action shots picked the perfect moments and angles to capture. Nothing seemed off. This has been my favorite art issue so far. Excellent work, ladies! I hope to see more of it in the future. (Even if this doesn't get onto the site or into Etched in Stone, would someone please pass on my praise to these two? I'd love to let them know how well they did!)

Also, Greg, thanks so much for new Gargoyle stories! It's great to see all our favorite characters (by which I mean to say, it's great to see every single character that shows up at all). I can't wait to see what new twist Thailog and Sevarius are going to be brewing up to this time, or what the Illuminati are planning for their thirty-sixes. It was also really great to see Goliath and Elisa have their moment this issue, and Brooklyn's sardonic comic relief right after was priceless. It's just one of many reasons why we love him.

Looking forward to issues 6 and beyond. A round of additional thanks to everyone else involved.

Greg responds...

Thank you for supporting us!

Response recorded on September 04, 2007