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Ntripy writes...

I re-read issue 3 and 4 again before starting 5. I had thought 3 and 4 were great before but just knowing that I had the end of the story to look forward to made them that much better.

My first thought when I looked inside issue 5 was, "Wow, bright!". Compared to the dark tones of previous issues it took me a second to get used to, but after a couple pages I noticed how much easier it was to see whats going on and the similarities to the cartoon were superb. I look forward to Bad Guys even more.

I didn't understand why Delilah was in the castle when Owen came to get her, but later when Delilah tells Goliath, "Delilah can mean nothing to me" "Isn't that what you said, Goliath?" I thought that was because Owen had taken Delilah to a room with a monitor or computer and he showed her surveillance footage of Goliath and Elisa talking.

But most others who mention it seem to think Delilah was spying on Goliath and Elisa while they were talking, so I don't know any more.

On the radio play you say something like, Owen gets Delilah from the lab. I didn't realize the room was a lab, but looking again there are test tubes on the table so since it is a lab then I wouldn't think thats the best place to show someone video footage.

But you didn't say, Owen *finds* Delilah in the lab, so it would seem Owen knew she was in there, and its plausible to think he knows she is there because he put her there.

So why was Delilah in the lab?

Greg responds...

Owen found her in the lab.

Response recorded on September 10, 2007