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KingCobra_582 writes...

My issue #6 Review.

Thanks for another great issue, Greg.


STORY - First off, kudos on the story. Having Coldstone show up was a great idea, and well executed. I liked the expression on his/her/its' face upon learning about Gabriel, and I didn't see the twist coming. I had thought his emotions there HAD made him actually turn evil. Good plot crunch, that.

For a minute there, I actually thought he was going to kill Elisa. Brutal. But that's 'Coldsteel' for you.

I was also curious as to his (Coldstone's) exact connection with the natives, and what their relationship was, not to mention their treatment of him afterwards, but maybe someday, we'll learn more in a future issue.

Thailog was as kickass as ever.

It seems to me that Brooklyn was still a little depressed, seeing Angela and Broadway like that. He made the excuse about 'Thailog still out'. Is that the real reason he walked away, or was he lying to them? Either way, I have to say, Poor Guy.

Once again, story threads were left hanging for future issues, and I can't wait to see where they go over time. I recall hearing somewhere that this issue was based on a script you'd written for the old Marvel Comics series. Is that true?

art - Not as perfect as Issue #5 was, but better then #3 and #4 were. Decently drawn, and the coloring works primo. Nicely done. Hats off to Stephanie Lostimolo and Dustin Evans.

Bottom Line? Nice, sensible, one-shot, with, as usual, hints of future plotlines contained within, and great characterization. Thailog continues to reign highly as one of my favorite villians, and having a flashback to a previously unseen Avalon tale was clever. Hats off to an excellent story. The art, though not the greatest. was still pleasing to the eyes. If awards could be presented for artwork, Evans and Lostimolo would deserve to win big.

And you, Greg Weisman, would, once again, be #1 in 'Best Writer'.

Until #7. :D

Greg responds...


Yes, most of this issue was written originally for the Marvel book (which I was scheduled to take over) before it folded along with all of Marvel's Disney licenses. I adapted it to fit our current continuity. Glad you liked it.

Response recorded on October 16, 2007