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Sanguinarius writes...

I thought I'd follow up on another questioner's comment, on the huge problem with issue 6. If you've seen a print copy of it (not sure if you get one gratis or not), pages 12 and 16 are identical, picture-wise: only the dialogue and captions differ. And considering the dialogue for page 12, it's obvious that this was not intentional. I realize it's not your department, but I figured you'd know who to inform. I just hope SLG hasn't started printing the trade paperback yet, with that mistake still in it...

I should probably ask a question, since that's what this board is for... But I don't have any questions (at least no sane ones) at the moment. But thank you so much for whatever backdoor dealings you engaged in to get Gargoyles stories going again! I'm absolutely loving the series, especially with the offhand comment of adding another specie-of-legend to the mix with the Yeti... The mythology you've created is what made me fall in love with Gargoyles originally, and I'm very very glad to see you haven't lost your touch in the meantime. Thanks again!

Greg responds...

You're welcome.

Response recorded on October 16, 2007