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Antiyonder writes...

Thanks for informing us about #6. I do not blame you in the slightest, nor does it ruin my enjoyment of the story. It's pretty interesting to finally have "The Lost Marvel Tale". In all seriousness, I managed to obtain all of Marvel Comics Gargoyles.

Comments and Questions:
1. Angela's opening line reminds me of Hudson's line from Avalon Part 1. Not sure if that was the intent, but nice.
2. Probably answered my own question, but Dawa also known as The Zen Master, correct?
3. Like some of the other comments, I liked Dawa's line "If that doesn't work, I'll translate later".
4. I had a feeling, Coldstone was going to find out about the rookery eggs when I heard about this story. It was still worth reading, especially since we have his relation to Gabe as offical canon now.
5. Aside from the scenes taking place in the present day, are there any other differences between the story when it was first written to the finished product (Any scenes dropped)?

Good job on the story. Also, Gordon's artwork was pretty good as well.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't have that in my conscious mind, but it's all swirling around in my head, so who knows?

2. He's "Master Dawa". I don't know that I'd call him "The Zen Master".

3. Thanks. He's fun to write.

4. Cool.

5. Yes. To fit the Thailog/Shari and Xanatos/Coldsteel stuff in, I had to cut some business with a couple mountain climbers, plus a little Twilight Zone kicker at the end.

Response recorded on October 18, 2007