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Kathy writes...

Does the gargoyles age same way with human? I was thinking that gargoyles age slowing as human does, could you give me sample please. I have search in the box by typing age too many but not the right one. Old same way and included more letters attach to the word old. I remember seeing an tv show on Gargoyles "Grief" was confused by what Goliath said to Eliza. Forgot what he said.

Greg responds...

Hey Kathy,

You should know that if your search doesn't work, it's always a good idea to try posting your question in the Station 8 Comment Room. The fans there are VERY knowledgable and could have answered this very quickly.

Bookmark this address: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/comment/index.php

Anyway, as I've answered many, many times before, gargoyles age at half the speed of humans. A twenty year old gargoyle is the biological equivalent of a ten year old human.

Response recorded on October 22, 2007