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Michael N writes...

I really enjoyed issue #6 even with the missing page.

Angela telling Colstone her assumption about his biological children seemed a bit forward, but that's part of who Angela is. Did she have any knowledge about who Coldstone was before she met him?

Coldstone's immediate reaction to the news of his son, as well as his later reasonings for attacking Goliath and company, seem to show some genuine care and concern specifically towards his biological child. That surprised me. When Goliath first meets Angela he expresses that gargoyle children of the clan and not of individuals. Angela feels the biological relationship carries more weight; probably influenced by the humans who raised her. Coldstone wasn't raised by humans, but by Gargoyles. (I'm assuming that, but it seems a safe assumption. Is it?) Why doesn't Coldstone have a similar view to that of Goliath? Did many others in the Wyvern clan share Coldstone and Angela's feelings or is it a small minority? Would/Could such feelings be openly expressed (in the Wyvern clan)?

Thanks for all the time you put into us fans. It's a really unique and special thing. Good luck with Bad Guys! I can't wait!

Greg responds...

Presumably, Angela had by this time in the World Tour heard many tales of Manhattan, so may have known about Coldstone.

I'm not sure I agree with your characterization of Coldstone and his reaction to Angela's statements about Gabriel.

Response recorded on October 25, 2007