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Califur 2014

Frank Paur and I will be doing a GARGOYLES 20th ANNIVERSARY panel at 2pm on Sunday, June 1st, 2014 at CALIFUR in Irvine, California: http://califur.com/

Frank, of course, was my partner on the series. (We were both Supervising Producers.) And we'll talk about Gargoyles' development and production and open things up for Q&A. We'll also be signing after the panel, anything you care to bring.

And, as usual, I'll be selling and signing copies of RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash. (That $10 includes the book, a personalized signature and copies of the original development art by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was.)

If you live in the vicinity, stop by. Califur is really the first stop in this year's Gargoyles Anniversary Tour. I'll keep you posted on other appearances.