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Chapter  LXI : "The Reckoning"

Time to ramble...

[Disclaimer: I watched this episode back in January of 2006. So it's been half a year since I've seen it. At the time, I did take a few notes of things I wanted to include in the ramble. So this is what you're getting now. A somewhat abbreviated ramble, as the ep isn't as fresh in my mind as I might like.]

Chapter  LXI : "The Reckoning"
Story Editors: Brynne Chandler-Reaves and Gary Sperling
Story: Lydia C. Marano
Teleplay: Gary Sperling
Director: Dennis Woodyard

The title, I believe, is one of my one-word numbers.

But what strikes me the most in this episode is the number of great (and well-delivered) one-liners. Some of the best are related below. (All quotations approximate.)

We open with a very Batman/very proactive stakeout. Note Goliath's ongoing concern for Angela vis-a-vis Demona. I believe he sees that Angela's vulnerable to emotional pain from that source.

Demona: "Oh, but it's a very clever tin can."

Once Demona's caught, we establish that banishment was a typical garg punishment back in the day. But it's obviously not too effective in the modern world. And so we head down to...

We reestablish the mutates, the homeless and begin our prison scheme. Angela takes the first watch and has her first real conversation with Demona ("I'm told there's a resemblance.")

Fang is fun in this one. Some great deliveries...
"You chicks are better than soap."
"Kinky." (And yes, I'm also stunned, particularly in hindsight, that we got this word on the air.)
"How many Gargoyles does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"
"Some of my best friends are half-gargoyle, half-human babes with bad attitudes."

But Fang's got a run for his money when Sevarius is also in the episode.
"The prodigal bug returns."
"You don't want to end up with another you."

This last said to the true villain of this piece (amazing, when it already includes Demona, Fang and Sevarius), i.e. THAILOG. Of course, Keith has some great lines as Thailog too...

"My clan can beat your clan any day of the week."
"It would seem that the love has gone out of our relationship."
"Obedient and lovely."

Angela lays the big "I hate you." on Demona, which effects the latter much more than I believe she would have thought. It's one of the things that make Demona so wonderfully complex. She cares. She cares about everything. Even things that she tells herself she doesn't care about.

Of course, the "I hate you" is later a source of guilt for Angela, but that will be short-lived (tapestry-wise). Demona will be back in Hunter's Moon. And her plot is grandly genocidal enough to wash away any particular thoughts of three little words. For now. But in the comic, Demona and Angela will eventually return to this point... if we survive to have enough issues.

One thing to keep in mind was that we thought for a while that this was going to be the last episode of the season. (With Hunter's Moon coming out as a direct to video.) Later when, Hunter's Moon became the last three episodes of the season, we did a quick reshuffling to put "Possession" in between this and "Hunter's Moon" so that we could wonder about Demona for a little longer before seeing her again. And let Angela wonder too.

Many people have asked me why or how Angela and Goliath didn't know that Demona would survive, given what happened in "Sanctuary". But I think it's important to realize that knowledge and confidence are two different things.

"They kinda give me the creeps." And they need to learn to "use verbs." But I kinda like them. We'll be seeing more of them in the comics, eventually.

Hudson: "You'll have to do better than that." (There were some lines that we just kept using over and over again. It's a bit embarrassing, and yet episodically they just seemed to fit.)

Anyway, that's my ramble. Where's yours...?