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<SIGH> Gargoyles #6


Okay. I'm embarrassed. As many of you already know, there are a number of production errors in issue #6. I have already received what I believe is a heartfelt apology from SLG, and I'm personally passing this apology on to you fans... and adding one of my own.

Here, as far as I can tell, is the rundown of the errors in Gargoyles #6:

PAGE ONE. The logo and title ("Gargoyles Clan-Building Chapter Six: Reunion") have once again been left off the book.

PAGE TWELVE. Although the correct lettering overlay was used, the art is incorrect -- and is in fact a reprint of page 16.

PAGE TWENTY-THREE. An uncorrected version of the page with the wrong "SCARAB" logo was used.

BACK COVER. The add for the trade paperback leaves Nir Paniry's name off, which is frankly inexcusable. Also Stephanie is still listed as doing tones on Bad Guys, but Karine did her own tones.

ETCHED IN STONE. In addition, the blurb for issue #7 lists Dustin Evans as that upcoming issue's colorist, but the colors for #7 are now being done by Robby Bevard. Dustin was colorist at the time I wrote that Etched in Stone, but since then the situation has changed. So that's not really an error... just consider this an update.

Guys, believe me, I am well aware how unprofessional all this makes us look. I recognize that the fans are NOT expected to have unlimited patience with all our screw-ups -- be they production errors or late deliveries. I've been told that SLG is going to reprint the issue and that exchanges will be possible. In the meantime, I'm looking for a way to post the correct pages (which exist, I swear) somewhere practical on the internet so you guys can at least see what you've missed. And of course, everything WILL be correct in the Trade Paperback (though that's hardly the inducement to buy that I was looking for).

All I can say is that we will try to do better. Truly. I know that must sound hollow, but I'll now be looking over galleys personally. Honestly, if ALL the mistakes on the book were mine, I'd feel a LOT better. And as always, I'm ready to take full responsibility for any creative stuff you don't like. That is on me.

Finally, for the record, Angela's costume on the cover is NOT an error but a creative choice made by Greg Guler (i.e. the man who designed BOTH versions of her costume). He was aware that the "scene" he was depicting was from a flashback but made the creative decision to go with the new costume on the cover. Note that covers are not canon. Covers are the FINAL ADVERTISEMENT/INDUCEMENT to get people to buy the book. Greg felt that the new costume would make for a better inducement. We discussed it, and I agreed.

Again, I'm so sorry about all this.

Greg Weisman
October 10th, 2007