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Zuniga writes...

What year did Garfield Logan receive his A designation ? His B designation is B19.

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Perino writes...

Did M'gann go to Marie Logan's funeral ?

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Matteo writes...

What was the year Garfield started call Martian Manhunter as Uncle John ? How does Martian Manhunter feel about the fact Garfield call him uncle John ?

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Chuck writes...

Did Garfield have many friends his age play with at the place he live at were MISS MARTIAN visit him after his mom died or did he keep to himself ? Did Garfield relive the event of finding his dead mom like he did in episode Earthlings ?

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Anhaa writes...

Was Garfield anger or disappointed that M'gann who uses the Megan Morse form did not adopt him as her brother soon after her graduation from Happy Harbor High School ?

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Grimalkin writes...

1. You said that Demona would have 4 or 5 great loves total. Does that number include the one-sided romantic relationships she's been in? Like the Paris romance with Macbeth and her romance with Thailog, in which only one partner genuinely loved the other.

2. You said that Demona's clan, between 1040 and 1057, often slept at Castle Moray but never all at once. What was the reason for that? Was Demona's distrust of humans a factor?

2b. What was Demona's primary residence during that time?

3. When Demona is human during the day, does she experience any psychological changes due to her being fully human? The human hormones, instincts, etc... do they affect her perceptions/interests/attractions in any way?

4. Between 1040 and 1057, did Demona have anyone other than Macbeth, human or gargoyle, that she was friends with? Was there anyone as close or closer to her than him?

Thank you. :)

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Belloni T writes...

Was every human relative of Garfield Logan dead when Megan Morse became his guardian ?

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Jack Carpenter writes...

Another YJ question, the most important of all:

Is Wolf a good boy?

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Lotter writes...

Hoy many years had M'gann been shapeshifting into Megan Mores when she was still living on MARS?

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YJ Nerd writes...

Hey Greg, might I get the names of the animators and artists for YJ? I would like to thank them for all that they've done for the show.

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