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Park Chung writes...

WHAT ARE THE NAME OF the five location OF CONNER'S FIVE BRTHDAY PARTIES HELD that by Megan Morse ?

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Susey Q writes...

The first time GARFIELD Attended one of Conner's BIRTHDAY was Garfield by that point living with Megan Morse and if no how could he be take to Conner Kent 's birthday other wise ?

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Janice Filmon writes...

Did Queen Bee ask Miss Martian what became of Garfield when Queen Bee and Miss Martian in encounter each other first time since after Marie was killed
by Queen Bee during the time skip and if so what did Miss Martian tell Queen Bee ?

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Donna Loughlin writes...

How could Megan Morse take Garfield to Conner's birthday party before she was Garfield's legal guardian ?

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Fabrizio Cavallier writes...

Why did m'gann make the choice to keep going to see the Garfield after his his mom died if M'gann didn't suspect Garfield would live with her at mount justice at some point ?

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Bogart Linsalata writes...

Did Garfield Logan ever go to Conner's birthday party after Megan Morse became Garfield's legal guardian ?

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Hunschofsky writes...

Did Garfield have any friends his on age after his mom was murder by queen be before he live at mount justice ?

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Hayman Viollis writes...

Was Garfield's life put in danger in any way after his mother marie's death before Garfield lived at mount justice if so how ?

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Julia Ripley writes...

What was the place where Miss Martian celebrate her birthday during the time skip between season one and season two of young justice ?

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Ramzan Kadyrov writes...

What did Garfield Logan do during summer vacation in team year one ?

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