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Kayleigh writes...

How many times did M'gann say good bye to Garfield and promise to return to him ?

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Joe Piscopo writes...

Why does Beast Boy say to Miss Martian I knew you would come for me in young justice invasion episode Before The Dawn ?

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Gaines writes...

Did the young justice universe Miss Martian ever believe she would be the leader of the Justice League ?

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Don Lee writes...

Can M'GANN use the power she use in EPISODE FIX of Young Justice Invasion to take herself and Artemis into Aqualad's mind to fix Aqualad's mind also use the power to take some one into Miss Martian's mind and keep in in her mind as long she wants to keep them her mind ?

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Francisco writes...

Did Miss Martian mind meld with Garfield Logan if so when and why did she mind meld with him in young justice universe ?

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Jafeth Cabrera writes...

If Garfield did run away form the place were he live at in 2011 after his mom died then why did he run away and who brought back to the place he live at in 2011 after his mom died after his mom died ?

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Edgmon Tuck writes...

Did Miss MARTRIAN during the events of young Justice season one believe she would live to be 200 earth years old ?

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Gloval writes...

Why did Miss Martian not learn how Queen Bee cause Marie Logan to die before episode Earthlings in young justice invasion ?

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Josue Alirio writes...

Why did M'gann not use her powers to sound like the adult Marie Logan voice sounded like in episode Image when she was using adult Megan Morse form in young justice episodes ?

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Garamedi writes...

Did Garfield ever runway from the place were he live at after his mom was kill by Queen Bee before he live at mount justice ?

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