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Hafiz writes...

Are Tim's parents alive?

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01010101 writes...

How close were/are Beast Boy with Wally and Artemis?
I would think they were really good friends/close friends since BB took over Wally's acquisition of souvenirs from missions and he gave a hug attack to Artemis when it was revealed in Summit that she was actually alive.
But those are just things I see BB doing without the need to be close friends. He is just that nice.
How close is/was Gar with them? How would you rate it from 1 to 5? Or 1 to 10.

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PC The Unicorn writes...

I've really been enjoying Young Justice Outsiders and I'm curious, what lead to the decision of Beast Boy and Princess Perdita becoming a couple? From what I've seen of the two interacting so far, they make a cute couple and I hope their relationship are fleshed out further

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bart writes...

in yj Torch Songs, Part 1 mgann had her hair the way it was back in s1 is there any reason you did this

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Animationfan writes...

Q1) Why has the quality in animation decreased in season 3? This has to be the most awaited and wanted show in all of DC streaming service and I'm disappointed in the low quality I see.
Q2) Why must you reuse voice actors so much this season? Why do you have Khary Payton voice so many characters? And why are they all black characters?

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Logan writes...

Thank you for creating such a beautiful, adorable, sweet and compelling couple like GARDITA!!! Here are some questions regarding my newest OTP:
1- How did you (or the one responsible) come up with the idea of pairing up Garfield and Perdita? Their relationship makes so much sense to me :)
2- How long has it been since they started dating?
3- How old were they when they started dating?
4- Does Garfield understand, learned, speak Perdita's mother tongue?
5- How old are they as of December 2018?
6- Have they said I Love You to each other already? Has any of them said I Love You to the other?
Thank you so much for having such a good boy like Gar date such a treasure of a girl like Perdita. Nightmare Monkeys has to be my favorite episode of the first half of season 3. I hope there's more Gardita goodness in the coming episodes :)

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Anonymous writes...

Was Nabu more permissive when Kent Nelson was his host? I mean, in Denial it is said that Inza convinced Kent to leave the Helmet behind right? But to do so, Kent would have needed more freedom or have tricked Nabu (or both). Then, Nabu spent 65 years in the Helmet, unable to manifest in the physical realm, right? And I supoose that (and the return of Klarion) were the reasons why Nabu took over Zatara’s body the way he did, granting almost no freedom to his new host (1 hour per year? Really Nabu?)

So, what I’m trying to ask (sorry for the english, I’m brazilian) is:

1. In the JSA era, was Kent able to take off the helmet when Doctor Fate wasn’t needed and then put it on again when necessary?

2.Did Nabu trusted Kent until the “betrayal” and only then became this way?

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Jordan Wade writes...

1. Was Lex Luthor ever friends with Superman?

2. When did Superman and Lex Luthor first clashed?

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James writes...

Hi Greg, I was wondering what the idea for a timejump between season 1 and 2 came from? I surmised by the end of season 1 the idea of the show was to watch the heroes grow up, but then cut to season 2 and the original heroes all grew up during the timejump.

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Risu writes...

Loving Outsiders so far. The Harper bros were a delight I didn't even know I needed.

* Is there any way to show the DC executives the support for this show while living outside (heh) of the US?

* Would watching Titans on Netflix help you, maybe?

* Any idea if DC plans to open their site worldwide, or release YJ s3 on Netflix too? I'd like to help, I want more.

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