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Hammerhead writes...

Hey Greg, rewatched Spectacular Spiderman on Blu-Ray and it was great! Two questions:
1. In the episode when the Sinister Six first appear, Toomes wipes some stuff on the prison walls before they escape while bringing Sandman and Rhino their food. What is he doing?
2. In the episode where Norman auctions off his specs for Rhino mercs, there's a moment where Hammerhead headbutts Rhino a couple of times and I think I only noticed it this time because of the blu ray quality, but there's specks of red that appear where Hammerhead hits Rhino in the face. Is that blood??

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King_Joey writes...

1. How does Beast Boy circumvent the law of conservation of mass?
I thought his power was based in science and his metagene was its source.
2. Does his metagene give him access to mystical forces causing super natural phenomenon to occur? What's going on here?

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Danny writes...

hello mr Greg Weisman im a really big fan of Gargoyles and i was just wondering did you make Gargoyles for kids ? or did you make it for a older aduience and just had to make sure it was appealing to kids ?

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Greg responds writes...

*write answer here*

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Greg writes...

hi greg

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Aether writes...

Does Demona own/drive a car? I've noticed in a wide shot of her mansion in the episode "The Mirror" that she has a garage for two vehicles.

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Agent_Z writes...

Is Halo a fusion of the Mother Box and Gabrielle beings or just the Mother Box entity inhabiting Gabrielle's body?

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Andrea Arias writes...

Hi I was wondering is there going to be a season 4 and if so can we make Jamie and Bart boyfriends already?!

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B. B. writes...

Hello. Humble W.I.T.C.H. fan here.

One of the most mysterious characters for me is the Mage. So my questions are:
1.) Was the Mage a Guardian before C.H.Y.K.N.? (She is seen in the first season holding the heart of Kandrakar.)
2.) Why does the Mage's appearance change so drastically from the flashbacks to the current time? (She goes from a long haired beutiful woman to a bald and scary-looking hag. Is there a reason for that?)

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Ashley W writes...

I was just watching Pendragon and I was wondering back when King Arthur ruled were any of Arthur's former knights Gargoyles.

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