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JSA Fan writes...

Greg, as a long-time DC comics and animation fan, I've always enjoyed the
legacy aspect of the characters.
I liked the Teen Titans and Infinity, Inc. characters and their connections to the older characters. With a grandfather who served in the Pacific in the Second World War, I particularly gravitated to the All-Star Squadron and JSA characters and books as a child.

Do you have a favorite JSA character from the older books and from the more recent
ones? Any chance of additional significant JSA appearances, like Kent Nelson, or at least cameos, like Jay Garrick? Or possibly some occasional references?

Also, most League members have, or will have an equivalent sidekick(s), potential successor, or someone that they could train individually. Most are obvious. I am going under the assumption that there is or will be a Marvel Family, and that Hal and John could help train Corps recruits. Canary and Tornado have their roles with the team; but do they, the Hawks, and Captain Atom have their own individual sidekicks/trainees outside of the League?

Thanks for an amazing job, Greg. You and your crew have pulled me in from the first episode, with great stories, new interpretations of characters and characters that have never or rarely been animated (like Mr. Lucas Carr). Keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

Jay is definitely going to play a significant role down the line. So will Doctor Fate. Other JSA or A-SS characters will play in too... though we don't have a ton of room for them in the series. But expect to see more of them in the comics.

Your questions about sidekicks for Black Canary, etc. is a SPOILER REQUEST. NO RESPONSE.

Thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011

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yjjlu writes...

Hi Greg,

Absolutely love Young Justice! Thanks for the updates on how each of the 46 episodes are progressing. My question is: After you are finished the 46th episode, how long will it be before you know if more episodes will be ordered? My one disappointment with the JLU show was that they didn't create more episodes. I hope you guys get a shot at 100 episodes in order to explore all the great characters the DC Universe has to offer. Keep up the great work guys!!!!

Greg responds...

There's no way for me to know.

I'd guess that the EARLIEST we'd hear anything would be when DC Nation premieres this coming March. But even that is just a guess.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Well, I can't claim to be a biology major, though I've studied it in an amateur way. But I would like to respond to Caitlin's post about stone sleep.

In most ways, gargoyles' metabolisms probably slow down a lot while in stone sleep. But I think Caitlin missed/forgot about one thing: they can't be 100% inactive, because their healing kicks into overdrive during the day. So some process, which uses up nutrients to build new tissue, must continue during sleep. Since they heal so quickly during the day, this process might use up a good chunk of the energy that would run the regular metabolism during the day.

Personally, I just assume that the blood still flows and they still breathe, however slowly, while they sleep. It was a Disney cartoon, so it's not like the stone rubble could bleed rivers of red during the Wyvern Massacre!

Greg responds...

It's all beyond my scientific knowledge... but I'll admit that, for example, the discussions about this we used to have at the Gatherings were always extremely fascinating to me.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011

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TwEaKz writes...

Hey Greg,
I've been meaning to write you about how some people act towards Young Justice. Then I thought to myself, it's really not worth it. So I'm not going to post a huge thing about it. I'm just going to write a little something instead. I find it somewhat annoying how outraged some people get over things that I feel shouldn't even be a problem. For instance, "Hello, Megan!". Heh. That seems to drive some people MAD. Really? That's what makes you nuts about the show and the character? I think it's adorable and I feel it fits Miss Martian perfectly. But, hey, to each their own.

I'm not saying they don't have a right to voice their opinion but come on. I just think some people really need to relax, take the whole show in and let things unfold the way they are meant to. Another thing that people get worked up about is how Superman treats Superboy. Yeahhh... I'm not even going to touch that one. When I see some of the questions and comments that come your way, I just have to laugh it off and say hmm this person must be young. Now I'm NOT saying that all young kids are simple minded or anything and I'm not trying to put down anyone. It's just that some of these complaints come across a little out there to me and they're not seeing the overall big picture.

What I like about you, though, Greg, is you don't let anyone change or dictate your show in any way. You guys love what you do and you put in what you feel works and that's how you keep it. I applaud that one hundred percent. So, yeah, that's all I'm going to say on this matter and now I'm going to try to end this post with a little something more positive.

Greg, I'm 31 and I absolutely love Young Justice. It brings me such joy. I've been a huge fan of your work ever since Gargoyles and I will continue to be a fan for life. For me, YJ keeps getting better and better with each new episode. I also enjoy the comic tie-in immensely. I feel it really expands the universe you guys have created. The latest episode "Terrors" was fantastic. It was very surprising as well. Did not expect that ending with Superboy and Miss Martian. Not this soon at least. But I loved it.

One last thing I would like to mention is that I even got my Father involved with the show. He's 72 years old and he really enjoys all things superheroes. He grew up with the Golden Age of comics and he just has a real passion for the genre. Now the main reason why I told him he should watch this show? Captain Marvel. He's been a life long fan of Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel family. He even has a room that is filled with lots and lots of Captain Marvel related memorabilia. It's definitely a sight to see.

When I first heard about YJ, I told my Dad that hey, you really need to catch this show when it premieres. I said to him that I heard Captain Marvel is going to have some kind of role on there. Needless to say, he was VERY excited. Heh. Even though, Captain Marvel has yet to make any real appearance on the show, he's been hooked since the first episode. He loves the animation, enjoys all the stories that are being told. Totally intrigued by "The Light" and where all this could possibly go.

The moral of my post here? Don't let any negativity bring you down. I see you get frustrated sometimes and hey I don't blame you. Just know that there are plenty of people out there of all ages that love the show and is constantly looking forward to the next episode and issue :)

Take care, man.

Greg responds...

I don't think youth necessarily has much to do with it. I'm sure some of my staunchest critics are closer to your age or mine than to their grammar school days.

But otherwise, I tend to agree with you. Ultimately, what people post on any other site is really none of my business. I may lurk there and find myself frowning, but that's on me. I've been doing this long enough that I can (generally) let most of it wash off my back. Some of the criticism is valid, of course. Some of it is only valid in the moment. Once the critics sees the bigger picture, they may or may not change their minds. Some of the criticism is, in my opinion, flat-out ridiculous. (But that's just my opinion.) And some of it is flat-out wrong, for example when they criticize us for something we literally didn't do, or criticize us for not doing something that we objectively did do.

But all that's fine.

The only three things that really got to me were:

(a) How rude some people were being here on this site (where I can't escape it). You don't have to like the show, but I'm not sure what the point is of being rude about it to one of the creators behind it. They can challenge our choices, but they can't challenge how hard we're working. So I'm not sure what was gained from being mean about it.

(b) When people wrote their criticisms with some kind of expectation that I'd agree with them and admit we had screwed up. That begins to grate. WE LIKE OUR SHOW. We wouldn't have made the choices we made if we didn't believe in them. And what kind of creator would I be, if a post here at ASK GREG would cause me to disavow the hard and passionate work of the many, many creative people (including myself) that went into the making of Young Justice - a show, of which by the way, I'm quite proud.

(c) Just the repetitive requests for Spoilers and/or for answers to questions already asked and answered, which served no purpose other than to clog the site. This is merely annoying. But cumulatively, alongside points (a) and (b) it began to grind on me.

I DO want to reiterate that this was a WAY bigger problem with the questions that came in between March and July of this year. Since the site opened up again this past September, (a) and (b) have all but gone away, and even (c) has reduced down to a much more manageable level of annoyance. I made a plea for just that, and the fans and even the critics seem to have responded. AND IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED.

In any case, I really appreciate your post. I hope you and your father continue to enjoy what's coming. He'll see in episodes that by now I hope you've seen and in some that have yet to air, that the Big Red Cheese is in fact an extremely important character in the series. And if the comic continues long enough, he'll eventually be even more important there.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011

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spence writes...

What ranks comprise The Light? Are the main seven the top-tier? Are they "leaders" or "members" or "founders"? What are their affiliates referred as? "Operative"? "Soldiers"?

Do operatives/soldiers like Sensei and Psimon know the identities of ALL the "L"s? If not, then how come would they work for seven people whose identities they do not know?

Greg responds...

1. There are seven leaders of the Light.

Below that there are allies and operatives and individuals with specific skills.

Below that there are minions, etc.

2. No.

2a. Sensei works for Ra's al Ghul. If Ra's tells him to do X, who is Sensei to balk, just because he doesn't know the identity of Sensei's six allies. Same for Psimon vis-a-vis Queen Bee.

There is, however, a VERY SMALL group of individuals that work with the Light that do know the identity of all seven. But you could count those individuals on one hand.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

Some new characters were revealed on Playing Cards given out at comicon, can we take this as confirmation they'll be on the show?


Greg responds...


Response recorded on December 05, 2011

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JVT writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

I just have a few questions regarding Mars in Young Justice.

1.) What is the average lifespan of a Martian?
2a.) Is there any form of diplomatic representation between Earth and Mars?
2b.) If so, do the actions of the Martian Manhunter cause any problems?

Now for some questions not revolving around Mars.
3.) Are there other superhero groups active in the Earth-16?
4.) Following the Infinite Crisis and 52 crossovers, Earth-1 featured the Freedom of Power treaty, barring the intervention of foreign metahumans in the signatory nations. Does there exist something similar in Young Justice that factored into the decision to form "The Team" or did it have more to do with concerns about public reaction towards the Justice League engaging in these kinds of missions?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Greg responds...

1. About 200 Earth years.

2a. Not at the moment.

2b. In what sense?


4. Neither.

Response recorded on December 05, 2011

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Ceylan writes...

First of all let me express how happy I am that the show is back. Young Justice has been my favorite since the day it aired. It's awesome.

I am asuming that when this question is answered Humanity will already have aired so this won't be a spoiler anymore(or a question and in that case sorry for taking your time) so, how old is Zatanna in Earth-156?

Greg responds...

I don't know about Earth-156, but on Earth-16, she's fourteen.

Response recorded on December 05, 2011

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Alex Y. writes...

Hi Greg,

I'd like to start off by saying I am a huge fan of your work, especially Gargoyles, and I have lately gotten into Young Justice thanks to my four year old(soon to be five) nephew asking to watch it one day while going through the cartoons OnDemand. I was pleasantly surprised to see your name, and definitely was not surprised by the quality of the writing. I really like this show, even though I've always been more of a Marvel girl(with the exception of Batman, who imo is the most awesome super-hero hands down, because instead of powers, he has those awesome toys)

Anyways, on the most recent episode of Young Justice, Miss Martian and Superboy go under-cover into the prison to find out what the Ice villians who were captured in the pilot were up to. There was one thing that left my scratching my head- how did they change Superboy's appearance? That was never really explained.

Greg responds...

They dyed his hair and gave him a haircut. What more explanation do you need?

Response recorded on December 05, 2011

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Todd DuBois writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman. Greatly enjoying the Young Justice show, thanks for your efforts on that and the time you take answering folks' questions.

1. In "Targets", were Cheshire or Sportsmaster ever briefed on the scheme or were the assassination attempts completely serious the entire time?
2. In "Terrors" was Superman able to hear Superboy's "...that's more quality time than he's ever given me" line via his super hearing, or was he too far away?
3. For how long was Amanda Waller the warden of Belle Reve? What was her job before holding that position?
4. From whom did Black Canary learn martial arts in the Young Justice/Earth-16 universe?

Greg responds...

1. Completely serious.

2. Distance or selective hearing could account for him not hearing it. (He can't be hearing everything at all times. One must sort, mustn't one?) But I'm not confirming or denying whether or not he heard it at all.

3. Probably Assistant Warden. Before that, I like to think she was a C.O.

4. Various friends of her mother.

Response recorded on December 05, 2011

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