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Vashkoda writes...

You just revealed that the Xanadu clan is the other contemporary clan. You also previously mentioned that Brooklyn would find Fu-Dog in China during his travels. Which makes me wonder.....

1a) Does the Gate bring Brooklyn to present-day (or at least what would be the present relative to the "Gargoyles" show time-line) China? b) If not the present, around which period would it be (ancient, medieval, future, etc), on each (if there's more than one) of the occassions Brook would travel to China?

2a) Is Xanadu the only Chinese location the Gate brings Brook to? (assuming it even takes him to Xanadu). 2b) Does Brooklyn find Fu-dog in Xanadu, or in another Chinese clan?

3a) Around what age would Fu-dog be when Brook first finds him? (I think you said he wasn't a puppy) b) Did Fu-dog leave a mate or any progeny behind when he left with Brooklyn?

4) Do the Ishimura, Korea, and Xanadu clans know about each other?

5) In the contest, you didn't give credit for listing Beijing as the home of the Xanadu clan, even though that's where Kublai Khan had his capital--which is the place some believe Coleridge's "Xanadu" referred to. So my question is--where (approximately) in China *is* Xanadu?

6) Dragons play a big role in Chinese (and many other) mythologies. Are these legends simply based on gargoyles and their beasts--who may resemble dragons, on fey who chose to assume dragon form, or on a separate species all-together?

Greg responds...

1a. Maybe.

1b. Maybe all of the above. Or not.

2a. Forty years is a long dance. I don't pretend to have all forty years plotted out exactly.

2b. Xanadu.

3a. I said I never said he was a puppy.

3b. Can't say. Or won't.

4. Perhaps.

5. Not in Beijing.

6. Greg has left the building.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000

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Kalafarski writes...

In a previous post, I had asked, "After Brooklyn is done with the gate in Timedancer, it will return to its point of origin in the past (the paradox). Out of curiosity, how long before the Gate found its way into Elena's dowry did the Gate "first" appear?"

You responded, "How do I define 'how long' with the Gate?" So let me try to rephrase that....

After the Gate returns Brooklyn to his time of origin, five minutes after leaving, what year does the Gate travel to next?

And who is the first to find the Gate after it appears in that year?

Greg responds...

I don't know. Haven't worked that out at this time.

Response recorded on September 16, 2000

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Jackal's Love writes...

G'day Greg

Would any of the spinoffs featured the Pack (or at least members of the Pack) as villains?

Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

Sure. Most. Let's see...

Bad Guys
Gargoyles 2158 (revised)

for sure...

And I wouldn't be surprised if we also saw them in

New Olympians

But I would be surprised if they showed up in

Dark Ages

Response recorded on September 14, 2000

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Ed writes...

Is Brooklyn aware how long he timedances for? I mean, does he have any way to keep track of the years?

Greg responds...

Only generally....

But I'll keep track for him.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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Marie writes...

Just a quick question for ya, 'cause I think the first on this particular subject got lost or cut out.
Anyway, I was wondering why did Brooklyn become the Time Dancer? I don't remember reading the inspiration for it. Brooklyn's a cool character and all, but I guess I just don't see him doing that sort of thing. Yet, at the same time he almost needs it. But it's sad too. It makes me feel bad for him.
But that also makes me wonder about Goliath. I started getting the impression that maybe Goliath would learn to use magic after using the Eye. Don't ask me why though. So, it made me wonder, was there anything more that Goliath would do? Is there a particular destiny he has like Brooklyn? Or is his purpose just to lead the clan?
Also, would his and Brooklyn's paths ever seem to cross during Brooklyn's Time Dancing? And, I don't understand why the clan would be disappointed in him for his Time Dancing. What he have done or not done to make them disappointed in him?
I think that's all for now. Except, in all honesty, Brooklyn's design is the most interesting and unigue among all of the gargoyles. But he still doesn't top Goliath. At least not too me. ^_^

Greg responds...

Goliath and sorcery don't mix well.

Goliath will have plenty to do, believe me. He has as much or as little a destiny as any of our characters, including Brooklyn.

I'm not sure what point your trying to make here.

I don't know what you mean when you say the clan would be disappointed in Brooklyn for TimeDancing. If you think you're quoting me, you MUST be mis-quoting me, or misunderstood me or something.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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Scott Iskow writes...

re: TimeDancer

1. Does modern-day Clan Ishimura have any knowledge whatsoever (perhaps in the form of documentation or maybe oral tradition) of Brooklyn's visit centuries earlier?

2. How do Brooklyn's and Katana's children interact with one another? Do they get along, or do their parents have to send them "to the rookery" on occasion? Which one (if any) is the troublemaker? :)

3. I am curious as to how "assimilated" Katana will be by the time her journey with Brooklyn ends. For instance, will she view her offspring as her own, or as children of the entire clan?

4. After his travels, do you think Brooklyn could pass any high school or college history exam? Multiple choice, of course. In other words, will his experiences make him a history expert?

5. How much exposure will Katana and the youngsters have to technology before the journey ends? Would they be able to recognize a computer? Better yet, would they understand the Internet?

6. Have you decided exactly how/when Brooklyn receives his permanent injury?

7. About how often would Brooklyn find other gargoyles on his journey through time? I would suspect it to be a rare occurrence.

8. How do you imagine the TimeDancer theme song? What kind of mood? Any narration? Have you given it any thought yet?

Greg responds...

1. Can't answer that now.

2. They generally get along, but not all the time.

3. By necessity she and Brooklyn will regard these children as their own. Once they get back in the bosom of the clan, they will be happy to share parental responsibility. But nothing can change the bond formed over years of travel and adventure. But I wouldn't call this "assimilation". This, for once, has less to do with gargoyles being influenced by human customs and more to do with the rigors of TimeDancing.

4. True (if scattered and sporadic) history, yes. Not necessarily the stuff in history books that would win him straight As.

5. I don't know about the Internet specifically, but they'll be seeing all sorts of computers. They'll be dancing into the future as well as the past. I think.

6. Yes.

7. Like the Avalon Skiff, the Phoenix Gate seems to lend some purpose to the Dance. So perhaps more often than you'd think.

8. Nope. You're way ahead of me.

Response recorded on September 06, 2000

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Wing writes...

Previously on Ask Greg: I wrote, "Buenos Dias Mr.Weisman,
Here's another question guised in the form of question.
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most severe, How bad was Brooklyn's disfigurement(was that the word used?) after returning from his Dance in Time?
Thank you much. Gracias as it were. Xi Xi. Thanx. etc etc. Much appreciation. Gratitude flowing from pores."
You replied (your questions numbered)"
1>What forms are questions usually guised in?

1>In this forum statements. But usually in Confused looks.
2> My question sprouted from this previous Q&A "4) Does Brooklyn (or Katana) suffer permanent injuries from their traveling? By this I mean scars, loss of limb, and whatnot."
(your response)
"4.Brooklyn does actually."
So, my question would be in that context and restated (but if you answered the original question as well I wouldn't not be pleased),"What was Brooklyn's permanent injury(/ies)?"
Sorry if this is a bit confuddled and befusing. Thanks much and much thanks.

Greg responds...

Not saying now. But I do know.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Scott Iskow writes...

Re: Brooklyn

1. Would Brooklyn have once again assumed leadership of the clan, as he did during Goliath's absence?

2. How does he (post-TimeDancing) feel about:
a) Demona?
b) Xanatos?
c) Time-travel?

Greg responds...

1. When?

2a. Different.
b. Different.
c. Tired of it.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Vasy writes...

1.What is the earliest period of brooklyn's timedancing
2. how does the illumanti know about the timedancing
3. did brooklyn meet duval in the past?
4.does brooklyn come in contact with any fae in the past
5. if yes to 4, are in human form, during that 1000 year leave of avalon period
6. if yes to 4 then who does he meet
7.does brooklyn meet the archmage

Greg responds...

1. Early.
2. Who said they did?
3. Probably at some point.
4. Yes.
5. Huh?
6. Puck for sure. I'm not saying more now.
7. Yes.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Vasy writes...

the gate was made on avalon...
1. who created it
2. the gate is lost by goliath and then to timedancer and then eventually it goes back to the beginning circle.so how does it fit.someone created it. the only way for this whole loop thing the gate travels in must end up with the gate being destroyed?????

Greg responds...

1. Who said it was created?
2. How do you figure?

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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