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Clan-Building #6: Reunion

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Shannon 'Shan' Muir writes...

Follow up to your question about Shari and Claw in my Issue 3-5 review:

Why I thought Shari and Claw should have left together is that the last time we see them in Issue 4, Claw is slumped over Shari's shoulder. Her reference is "And since Claw here isn't much of a storyteller, I'll go." The fact she is visually carrying Claw implies an intenet to take him as visual proof of what has happened, but she'll be the one to provide the words, especially given her emphasis on Claw in the panel's dialogue besides just supporting him physically. It certaintly wasn't required, I suppose, but somehow I had expected this to be what Shari would do.

Greg responds...

Well... Claw isn't exactly a subtle visual aid...

Response recorded on October 25, 2007

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Michael N writes...

I really enjoyed issue #6 even with the missing page.

Angela telling Colstone her assumption about his biological children seemed a bit forward, but that's part of who Angela is. Did she have any knowledge about who Coldstone was before she met him?

Coldstone's immediate reaction to the news of his son, as well as his later reasonings for attacking Goliath and company, seem to show some genuine care and concern specifically towards his biological child. That surprised me. When Goliath first meets Angela he expresses that gargoyle children of the clan and not of individuals. Angela feels the biological relationship carries more weight; probably influenced by the humans who raised her. Coldstone wasn't raised by humans, but by Gargoyles. (I'm assuming that, but it seems a safe assumption. Is it?) Why doesn't Coldstone have a similar view to that of Goliath? Did many others in the Wyvern clan share Coldstone and Angela's feelings or is it a small minority? Would/Could such feelings be openly expressed (in the Wyvern clan)?

Thanks for all the time you put into us fans. It's a really unique and special thing. Good luck with Bad Guys! I can't wait!

Greg responds...

Presumably, Angela had by this time in the World Tour heard many tales of Manhattan, so may have known about Coldstone.

I'm not sure I agree with your characterization of Coldstone and his reaction to Angela's statements about Gabriel.

Response recorded on October 25, 2007

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Sabina writes...

Good Day,

I got Gargoyles Issue #6 yesterday and just pre-ordered the collection of the first six issues.

It was a nice breather issue, well somewhat, they still got into a fight.
Thailog as a Roman having grapes fed to him, someone is getting a bit megalomanic :D
The world travelling trio ending up in a big cooking pot just to find out they are in an icy climate.

The Monks where interesting, I hope we see them again.
And did these monks belong to Shambhala or is the monastery in another place?

Greg responds...

This particular monastery is not in Shambahla.

Response recorded on October 25, 2007

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Purplegoldfish writes...

My review/comments/thoughts on #6- "Reunion"

I'm not going to go into the errors-it's already been talked about and I know it's being fixed. I did notice the page 12 error right away.

Art is nice-Gordon Purcell did a good job and I wouldn't mind seeing him working on the book again. He's especially good with the human characters. The only complaint I have is that the pencil lines are a little too unfinished and choppy in some panels. It distracted me a few times and interrupted my train of thought from the story.
And hats off to Dustin Evans for his coloring work-great color palette and he did a good job with the lighting and shadows.

Good story, it fits in nicely with previous episodes and comic issues. A lot of people have said that the story feels too rushed. I don't think it feels rushed so much as we're only seeing just a small snippet of what happened.

I guess the first two pages are there to assure the audience all is well with Goliath and Maggie. But it feels a little awkward to me. I don't understand why Angela is in such a good mood-sure nobody died, but they were attacked and essentially driven from their home-as Brooklyn says, that's not really cause for celebration. (Also, how did they find out about Maggie?)

Shari and Thailog- What the heck is going on there? :P. Lol, I love the toga! Acting out the part of a Roman Emperor-Hilarious.

The travellers-
heh, and I thought the pool in Arizona was weird!

I like Elisa's line about Hawaii and her aggravated stance on the next page. It's pretty clear that by now Elisa is pretty fed up with the World Tour-and it seems like this isn't one of her favorite adventures. That girl deserves a tropical vacation.

This place must be COLD if Goliath, Angela, and even Bronx feel the need to dress warmly. It's cool seeing Goliath wearing something other than just his loincloth, and I love Bronx's doggie vest :)

Yetis, lol. I thought we were going to get to see real ones ;)
Master Dawa is an interesting character who has some good lines-I hope we see more of him...But how did he and Sangpo get to that cave before Goliath and company lol?

I like Goliath's concern for Elisa in the cold-reminiscent of "Eye of the Storm"

YES! Jalapena rears its head yet again ;) Who's saying it though? I'm guessing it was Elisa. (I don't think Angela has said it in the series yet)

I like Coldstone's reaction to Angela's telling him about Gabriel. I can't help wondering if there is some interest in the biological part, considering what he/she/they have become.

I'm disappointed in Coldstone/Othello here though. I thought his actions were too violent and unnecessary-particularly with grabbing Elisa by the neck. I understand his reasons, but I don't understand why he couldn't just have a long talk with them about his plight and why he can't go with them. (It's not as if they can force him anyway).

I guess Coldstone and the monks shipped the travellers off to Shambahla. I had no idea this was a mythical place until people in the comment room brought it up. I love learning about new mythical places though, and I've since looked it up.

I also wonder along with thailog what will come of this adventure. And I'm ashamed to say that I'm curious to know if Shari took a peek under his toga after he turned to stone ;).

I don't think we've heard from the Scarab Corp. since "Awakenings." Nice little touch.

Xanatos working with Coldsteel. I'm not surprised. After all, if he built those robots just for Goliath, Othello, and Desdemona's benefit, he wouldn't even have built a robot for Iago. I'm guessing this has something to do with Xanatos' Illumniati assignment.

Overall, a good story which leaves a lot more questions in my mind. I like how the past and present stories intermingle nicely, and it all fits together rather well. Really looking forward to number 7! Great job, Greg! And keep em' coming :D

Greg responds...

A little time has passed, enough to have learned about Maggie's condition.

"Driven from their home"? I don't see that, really. Freed from being trapped in their home, I think.

I'm not sure Elisa was truly fed up; all of us grouse -- it's human nature.

Dawa and Sangpo will reappear.

And they didn't get to the cave before Goliath and company. Not sure where you got that...?

Elisa said Jalapeña.

The travelers can't force Coldstone to go with them, but if they see it as their quest, they can refuse to depart without him.

RECAP was also from Scarab.


Response recorded on October 24, 2007

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Koala writes...

How did the Avalon travellers in issue 6 get from the wash basin of the monastery to Shambhalla? Is there suppose to be another unpublished part in the adventure that the ending is teasing about?

Greg responds...

Uh, yeah.

Response recorded on October 23, 2007

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Shadow Wing writes...

Like several others, I'm willing to forgive the printing errors on Issue 6. In fact, the only one I even noticed was Page 12, and even then just the bottom panel.

And Coldstone's decision didn't surprise me. He'd already made a choice when he left the Manhattan Clan in the first place. This one wasn't all that different.

And so, to you and to all of the Comic Clan...keep up the good work.

Pleasant dreams.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on October 23, 2007

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Chip writes...

AAAAHHHH! Coldsteel's back in town.

Coldstone and Coldfire can't be far behind. I often wondered why Xanatos would create such a powerful body for "Iago" but I realized, Remembered in this issue that Xanatos may not be directly working against Goliath, that doesn't make him friendly. (My mind flashed back to "Our enemies conspire together for control of this body")

On to the comic...I think that that was THE weirdest Avalonian arrival I have ever seen. (Though I'm sure that Tom prolly went through a few odd ones in his quest for Goliath over the centuries)

Sangpo wouldn't know a yeti if it bit him on the butt :) Master Dawa was a very amusing monk, and mentally I picked out a set of voice actors I like to "play" them in my head.

The red and white eyes told me it was Coldstone. (That and the fact that I realized that this was the "lost" Marvel Comics story)

The misprinted scene was distracting for me, but I was able to descern from the dialog what was supposed to be happening. I hope that you post that address for the replacement comic or something.
"Biological Son" that's what did it. I think that Coldstone might have been willing, and certainly wanted to come with G and the Avalon crew, but the thought of putting his children in danger...it was just too much for him. So he posed as Iago.

Shambala!!! I know that here in the west we call it Shangri-la! Did anything interesting happen there, or did Elisa take them straight back to Avalon.

Thailog's amusment amuses me. That Shari girl is scary, she knows just how to get his goat right before he turns to stone. On a side note, for some reason he didn't see his Toga as part of him so it didn't go stone? He'll have to get a new one at sunset, and they can't be cheap.

Guess that's all for now, at least on Reunion. Can't wait for Bad Guys. (Mid November?)

Greg responds...

You asked if anything interesting happened in Shambahla...?

I like to think so.

Response recorded on October 18, 2007

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Battle Beast writes...


I never even noticed the errors in Issue #6. However, I know we all want as great quality as we can get in the book.

I appreciate EVERYTHIGN you do for the fandom, and just to have Issue #6 (Number SIX yet!) in my hands is wonderful enough! I can take an error or three. With issues comming out, I can live again! (Bad pun, I know.)

From the very bottom of my fandom heart, here is a fond THANK YOU for all you have done for us this past year!

Greg responds...

You're very welcome.

I'd just like to move the conversation beyond the production errors now. What's done is done.

Response recorded on October 18, 2007

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Antiyonder writes...

Thanks for informing us about #6. I do not blame you in the slightest, nor does it ruin my enjoyment of the story. It's pretty interesting to finally have "The Lost Marvel Tale". In all seriousness, I managed to obtain all of Marvel Comics Gargoyles.

Comments and Questions:
1. Angela's opening line reminds me of Hudson's line from Avalon Part 1. Not sure if that was the intent, but nice.
2. Probably answered my own question, but Dawa also known as The Zen Master, correct?
3. Like some of the other comments, I liked Dawa's line "If that doesn't work, I'll translate later".
4. I had a feeling, Coldstone was going to find out about the rookery eggs when I heard about this story. It was still worth reading, especially since we have his relation to Gabe as offical canon now.
5. Aside from the scenes taking place in the present day, are there any other differences between the story when it was first written to the finished product (Any scenes dropped)?

Good job on the story. Also, Gordon's artwork was pretty good as well.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't have that in my conscious mind, but it's all swirling around in my head, so who knows?

2. He's "Master Dawa". I don't know that I'd call him "The Zen Master".

3. Thanks. He's fun to write.

4. Cool.

5. Yes. To fit the Thailog/Shari and Xanatos/Coldsteel stuff in, I had to cut some business with a couple mountain climbers, plus a little Twilight Zone kicker at the end.

Response recorded on October 18, 2007

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Charles Logan writes...

In the sixth and latest issue of the new gargoyles comic the same page is used twice. This page is the one where Goliath and Coldstone meet up in the cave and Coldstone throws Goliath over his shoulder. The first time we see this page the dialogue does not seem to correspond with the picture, was this a mistake? Will you be reprinting the comic with the correct pages and dialogue? If not will we be able to see the page online? Should questions about the comic be left at AskGreg or will there be a place to do this at Creature Comics? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the new adventures of the gargoyles and cannot wait to start reading Bad Guys. I read somewhere that Bad Guys might become a new animated series, is this true?

Greg responds...

By the time you posted this, I had already responded to all these questions. I'd once again like to ask EVERYONE to read responses/archives/faqs and even check things out at the Station 8 comment room before posting here. I'm trying to avoid creating a huge backlog here.

As to Bad Guys becoming a new animated series... no, it's not true. Where did you read this?

Response recorded on October 18, 2007

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