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Todd Jensen writes...

What sort of antagonist do you picture Duval as being? Do you see him as a very malevolent figure, like Thailog and the Archmage, or a more "greyish" enemy, like Macbeth?

Greg responds...

Both. (And that's not meant to be a smart-ass response.)

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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Chris writes...

Um, hello. In that one episode, I forget the name,(when Golith is in Australlia & meets up with that Pack member in the armor) the pack member in the armor gets his armor suped up by those little nanities guys. My question is what ever happened to him? I don't recall seeing him in any other episodes.

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

That was Dingo and Matrix in "Walkabout". They didn't appear in any other episodes, but if you attend one of the "Gathering" conventions, you'd be able to see them in a short story reel as part of the "BAD GUYS" team, which was a proposed spin-off idea. (See the BAD GUYS section of the ASK GREG archive for more info. If you still have questions about them after reading it, then come back here.)

Response recorded on June 19, 2000

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Phil writes...

Hi, Greg.

1) In "Kingdom," whose arsenal did Fang raid? Those weapons were pretty high-tech; they obviously hadn't been there long. Was it Xanatos's, the Illuminati's, or someone else's?

2) Why was it there? Just for storage? Or was Fang meant to find it?

3) This is the first time I've watched "Kingdom" since hearing about your plans for "Bad Guys." With that possible spin-off in mind, I was impressed with Fang's potential as more of a primary character. Were you thinking of "Bad Guys" this early or are you just a natural genius?

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. Erin says: I think that was a very good question. But I don't know whose weapons they were. I'm just guessing Xanatos.

Greg says: They were Cyberbiotics weapons. The whole Labyrinth was the old Cyberbiotics base from Awakening, Part V.

2. Erin says: I also think that's a good question. They were left behind when Cyberbiotics abandoned the base.

Greg says: By accident. An oversight.

3. Erin says: I think that is a good question too. Because I think my father is both of those things.

Greg says: Fang (and in particular Jim Belushi's very fun performance in the roll) just begged for more attention. But I can't honestly say for sure whether we had the Bad Guys idea that early. Bad Guys evolved out of the Dingo/Matrix spin-off idea I had. Fang WAS the next join. Then Hunter. Then finally Yama.

Response recorded on June 17, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg!

OK so you planned on making Sora Yama's mate?? well then..

1) I know that you stated that there wasnt anything really in the episode Bushido to show that one way or the other. But I did notice that When they went to roost, Kai and Sora were next to eachother while Yama was way on the other end. Was that just an accident? Or at the time were you (or others) leaning twords her being Kai's mate?

2) Since you were planning on for sure making Sora Yama's mate, then how do you think you would have explained the fact that Yama was going to leave to do the whole 'BadGuys' thing? Was he just gonna be like, "Well, I gots to do what I gots to do, seeya babe." Or..would she come along for the ride or..?:)

and 3) Dose Kai have a mate?
3.5) Did we see her in the Ep?
4) Or was she just ..well not designed yet?

Oh..and if something like this was explained during that lil pencil animated thing at the gathering (for Badguys) forgive my stinky memory. Thanks

Greg responds...

1) No. I was never leaning toward Kai being Sora's mate. Kai is one of her rookery-fathers. And Yama was just in a bad mood.

2) Yama was banished by the clan as a result of "Bushido"... until he could redeem himself. ("The Redemption Squad" was my original name for BAD GUYS.) That enforced distance between Yama and Sora would create some nice romantic obstacles. It makes for good stories.

3) I'm not sure.

3.5) I'm not sure.

4) I'm not sure.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000

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Joe writes...

Hello Greg, first of all, since this is my first time submitting a question to you, I'd like to thank you for creating Gargoyles, and taking the time to answer questions.

Now that that's out of the way....

1) I'm not clear on copyright laws and such, but is there anyway you can have the leica reel of "Bad Guys" published on the web? I'm interested in seeing it, but am unable to attend any Gatherings.

2) I know I should probably watch it and see, but does "Max Steel" contain any Gargoyle references?

Greg responds...

1. Whether or not I'd get in trouble with Disney, isn't the main issue. I DON'T WANT TO PUT IT ON THE WEB. This final mixed version is something special that only I have. I show it at GATHERINGS as a special treat and as a way to encourage people to come. For now, that's how it's going to stay.

2. I'm sorry, Joe, but questions on separate topics must be posted separately.

Response recorded on March 24, 2000

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Oberons Child writes...

Hi Greg,
Well hopefully , you're fairly close to catching up with all the posts by the time you read this!! I just want to (again) say thanks for helping keep Gargoyles alive and kicking (or at least twitching!!)

Anyway, I just have to know: Being from Ireland, I can't go to the Gathering in the USA, so I was wondering if you could put the leica reel of BAD GUYS or some other things from the gathering on the 'net somewhere. Maybe on s8.org!!
Or if you have another suggestion, I'd be glad to listen ( oberons.child@oceanfree.net ) . Please help me out somebody!!

Thanks in advance,
Stephen. (The only irish garg-fan, according to the fan registery!!)

Greg responds...

No. Sorry. I don't WANT to do this. Disney owns BAD GUYS. But I possess the only copy of the final mixed and edited version of the Leica Reel. That's because Disney refused to pay the last $250 bucks to get the thing mixed and I did it out of my own pocket. I need to control this unique item for that reason, on principle. Showing it at each GATHERING is specifically designed to be incentive for people to make the Gathering a destination. It's a little thing, but the exclusivity is important to me, and I'm sure, to Gathering organizers.

Hopefully, someday, you'll either host the convention yourself, or you'll make the trip.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000

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Craychek writes...

1) Who are the Monmouths?

Greg responds...

At the moment there's only one I know of.

Response recorded on February 25, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

You've stated that gargoyles, in your vision at least, came about naturally in the way that all other living things did, and were not creations of faerie or human magic. I certainly feel that that's the most probable explanation for them. But something that I would like to raise is this - in the Gargoyles Universe, would it even be possible to create a genuinely sentient race using magic?

My own feeling is that it isn't, based on what I saw in the series. Oberon, one of the most powerful magic-users in the Gargoyles Universe, animates a number of statues in "The Gathering Part Two" to aid him against Goliath and his clan, but the statues remained made out of stone rather than becoming flesh and blood, and showed no sign of true sentience in battling the clan, no more so than - say - the Steel Clan. The same thing was the case with Raven's "totem beasts" in "Heritage", who, when animated by him, remained made out of wood and also behaved more like automatons than like truly alive and intelligent beings. And in "Golem", the Golem that was created by Rabbi Loew likewise didn't come across to me as truly sentient, but just a walking clay statue - it never even spoke except when Renard was possessing it. (The Golem did show some dim signs of genuine awareness, but not on the level of a gargoyle, certainly).

So, what I'm basically asking here is - aside from your belief that gargoyles were not created by magic - would it even be possible in the Gargoyles Universe to magically create a truly sentient being or race? Or is such a thing beyond the capabilities of any being other than God?

Greg responds...

I think it would be basically impossible to create sentience from scratch. Which doesn't mean that someone like the Golem or Matrix might not evolve into true sentience. (Neither is there yet, in my opinion.)

Response recorded on February 23, 2000

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lisa writes...

HI Greg!

1,if you had to pick just one of the gargoyles proposed spin-offs which would you have chosen to make?

Greg responds...

Well, I got furthest along on BAD GUYS, so I had more ideas clear in my head. So that would be a natural. And I've done quite a bit of thinking recently on G2158.

But honestly, you're question is like asking me to pick between my kids. I'd love to do any or all.

Response recorded on February 16, 2000

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lisa writes...

is thereany place on the internet where one can see pics of the bad guys leica reel?

Greg responds...

I hope not.

Response recorded on February 09, 2000

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