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rosie writes...

can you email me a good picture of goliath standing straight. I would like to get a tatttoo of him on my back. I love him i feel he is a protector. thank you

Greg responds...

Sorry, but that's not what this site is for. Ask in the Comment Room.

Response recorded on November 07, 2006

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Alex writes...

Dear Greg,
Do you think there's any chance that (since the DVD came out) if there's going to be any Gargoyles collectibles in stores.
Any chance at all?


Greg responds...

Always a chance.

Response recorded on October 20, 2006

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sharon lee writes...

hi i was wondering if you have production images(frount back view of the character sketches)or good pics of certain characters from gargolyes like coyote robot from the epsiode "upgrade" and "grief" and the cybots robots and walk-a-bout nano technology robot desighns,if you are willing i would be very gratfull:}

Greg responds...

I don't have any production images. But if you ask in the s8 comment room, someone there should be able to direct you to a website that does.

Response recorded on September 28, 2006

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Cyberwolf writes...

I love the series. Is there a RPG based off of the series?

Greg responds...

I don't know.

Response recorded on September 21, 2006

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Ryan writes...

'sup Greg?

You just recently posted a reply to a question about whether or not you would consider writing a Gargoyles novel to help flesh out your master plan in lieu of doing a continuation of the series. This seems like a good idea to me. You replied that you would love to write a novel (or eight) if you could find an interested publisher. But you don't need a traditional publisher to get published these days. You can write a book, publish it online, and interested parties can order copies and the books can be printed one at a time. This means no huge financial risk for publishers and so no need for a huge audience, it means increased per-sale profit for the author, which would be good for you since the novels probably won't make the NY Times Bestseller list and you would probably want at least some financial incentive to pour so much of your time into such a project. These days anybody can get published, it's something you ought to look into, as an outlet for yourself as well as for all the dedicated fans. Though personally I'm pulling for the DVD sales to get that movie made and then a new series... but I know that's probably wishful thinking at this point. we'll see in four days how that's going to pan out..

Good luck in all your future endeavors.. which you will have about two years worth of from now until the time you actually answer this. :)

Greg responds...

The idea has crossed my mind before -- on other properties -- but you're leaving out a big piece of the puzzle here in the gargverse. I don't OWN Gargoyles. I can't self-publish a for-profit Garg novel.

Response recorded on September 18, 2006

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Rayna writes...

Hi Greg-

First let me thank you and the rest of the Gargoyles team for the series. I have been a fan since it debuted. Truthfully, whether or not this actually gets posted doesn't concern me, but I just read a post/reply about writing novels. DAW Books is always encouraging submissions, so here is the link:


It gives all the instructions for your submission. Once again thanks and I finally saw the "sneak peek" for W.I.T.C.H. and if it holds true, I look forward to seeing Season 2.

Greg responds...

You seem to be under the assumption that I've written a novel to submit. But I haven't. Given that it's a property that I do not own, I can't justify spending the time to write an entire novel on spec, in the hopes that some publisher will want it so much that they will not only pay me but they will also pay Disney to let them publish it (the latter being a not unconsiderable sum, I'd guess).

Response recorded on September 15, 2006

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Blaise writes...


(And a Happy Thanksgiving 2004, BTW.)

This was the second time the Eye surprised me--the first being when it was revealed to be more than a mere bauble. Now we find out it really is Odin's eye, and he's looking for it.

I love Odin's "old wanderer" guise. The "star-cloak" is nicely done. His final, "Warrior-King" ensemble is a little less impressive to me, actually, but still nice (and hey--having little exposure to the great Kirby's work, it looked pretty fresh to me).

This is one of those episodes where, after watching it, you realise just how EASY things would have been if everyone had been honest and open from the start. As you pointed out Greg, Odin could have just said, "Hi! Welcome to Norway! I'm Odin, I'll be your resident supernatural being today. Oh, by the way, could I have my eye back please? I really miss having depth perception." He might have actually got his Eye in less time than it takes to watch the first Act. And poor Gunther and Erik wouldn't have lost a wall of their house!

Erik is an interesting fellow, to me. He know's Elisa's hiking story is suspect, but he doesn't want to press her about it, and in fact seems to have a rather cheerful attitude in spite of the deception. He also, to me, never seems to quite trust Goliath. Even after Elisa's first brought him up to speed he says, "From what you've told us, it sounds like we're in good hands with your Goliath." He doesn't sound completely sure about that.

Gunther's reaction to the gargoyles and the world they open up is great--wonder and enthusiasm. Pretty much what you'd expect for a boy his age. I love his eagerness to see Angela and Bronx wake up, along with his happy, "Hi, you must be An-GEL-a" (I love his strange pronunciation there).
I also love Angela's response to that greeting--"Uh...yes, I am." You go to sleep and then wake up on top of a car with a young lad happily saying your (mispronounced) name--yeah, that can be disorienting.

"The Fall of Goliath"--This was very well done. I liked how you guys developed the way in which the Eye "corrupts" Goliath. It takes his caring, protective nature and twists it into a rigid, tyrannical, "It's all for your own good" sort of thing. I have to admit I was at first surprised when it was revealed that he had been creating the storms, but afterwards it made perfect sense.
Actually, it's interesting that, after riding away and yelling "This isn't over," Odin really does cease to take any action against our heroes. He doesn't surface again until Goliath calls him out.

That battle is very well-done, BTW. It's pretty obvious that in terms of raw power, Goliath's got the edge, however Odin is the one who uses more subtlety--such as freeing Goliath's friends.

Goliath has some real "villain" moments in this piece, the most obvious of course being his line to Odin, "How frustrating for you, Old Man. To be so close to Death, and Rejuvination at the same time." Did anyone else hear a "Darth Vader Breath-Track" there?
Others would include the one you pointed out, Greg, where Goliath just says they'll "pack" Angela and Bronx--that always threw me off for some reason--and just the way he says, "A cave...yes, a cave would be ideal."

Before I forget, "Odinized Goliath" had a great design--and I like how it was tied in with Odin's "Warrior-King" design. The starry (sp?) wings were a nice touch, too.

Goliath: "Believe it or not, we've hit ice."
Elisa: "I believe it." (A fun little exchange.)

I love how Goliath holds Elisa at the beginning. Obviously, it's to try and keep her warm...but there's, to me, a pretty strong undercurrent of attraction there. And I love his line (and the way he says it), "It is my duty to protect you."

Dang! In trying to get the Sturllisen's (sp?) car to stop, our heroes nearly send them over a cliff! Good thing Goliath can pretty much bench their car.

Elisa tries to outrun a man on a horse...well, I guess it beats just standing around, but they both have the same outcome.

I really wish more had been done with Goliath's first sight of the sun. This time, though, I began to wonder if Goliath was more enamoured with the feeling of the sun, or the feeling of the POWER coursing through him.

"Maybe you should take the Eye off now." I love how Goliath pauses ever so slightly before answering that.

I recall someone once saying that they were glad neither Gunther nor Erik became a new hero for Norway. :-)

Angela and Bronx are crusted with ice before they awaken. I rather liked that.

"The Eye! The Eye has gone to your head!" I love the look on Goliath's face after that--the raised brow ridge. It's almost like he's reacting to the (unintentional on Elisa's part) pun.

Goliath's turn around was a bit too quick and pat, but it nevertheless touched on Goliath's love for his daughter. I rather like Elisa's admission "Wish I'd thought of that." Maybe I'm reading too much into that, but it seems to me like it touches on Elisa's feelings for Goliath. Elisa may not be much for being the "Damsel in Distress"(tm), but all the same, I think she sort of likes being "rescued" by Goliath.

BTW, when'd the Eye get its "neck-chain" back?

To me, Odin's putting his Eye in its socket wasn't anti-climactic. It was just right. I mean, that's all he really wanted it for. And his and Goliath's final exchange was very well-done. I like how they admitted that each of them had kind of screwed up.

At any rate, I really enjoyed this episode and was glad to get a chance to see what happened when Goliath wore the Eye of Odin.

BTW, way back when you rambled on TEMPTATION (3 years ago, I think?) you said there were 3 toy tie-ins throughout the series. The first was the motorcycle in TEMPTATION. The second was supposed to be the helicoptor in HER BROTHER'S KEEPER (which wound up becoming a "sky sled"). And the third was supposed to be in this episode. So, what was the toy supposed to be?

Greg responds...

"Oh, by the way, could I have my eye back please? I really miss having depth perception."


As for the toy connection, they wanted a "STORM-BRINGER GOLIATH" (I think that was the name). They were doing a whole line of elemental gargoyles. Ice-Brooklyn, I think, was one. They wound up doing Hudson as the storm gargoyle, I seem to recall (although it's been a LONG time and I don't have those toys).

Also, as I've mentioned before, the EYE OF ODIN itself was the invention of the Disney Interactive Games people, and they used it in the game they created over there. (In fact they had a better - NORSER- design than we had. I always thought that our design looked a bit too Egyptian.)

Response recorded on September 12, 2006

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Overated writes...

Hi Greg,

I recently wrote a Guide for the Gargoyle's video game (2 years ago when you get this). You can check it out here:

I summarized the story in the beginning of the guide and thought you might be curious about it. Basically the Vikings attack Castle Wyvern because the 'evil' Eye of Odin compels them to. Goliath defeats them and wakes up in the future only to find out that the Eye has teamed up with Demona (for some reason the Eye is a sentient, flying Eye... they don't say why).

Sorry for being long winded, here are my questions:
1.) Is there any talk within Disney about making a new 'Gargoyles' video game and/or have you tried to/been approached about convincing Disney to make one?

2.) Do you think that the video game format is a good way to tell the story of 'Gargoyles'? If yes what part of the 'Gargoyles' series would you like to make into a game?

Gargoyles is a great show and thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

Greg responds...

1. No and no.

2. Honestly, I'm not much of a gamer. I'd be "game" (sorry) to try. But I don't know much at all about the medium.

Response recorded on November 15, 2005

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zach writes...

i am working on a school project about gothic architecture and i am wondering if there is a gargoyel video game created

Greg responds...

There was way back when.

Response recorded on September 28, 2005

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Gargoyles Fanatic writes...

Gargoyles has easily been my favorite animated series since it's birth. I've just discovered this website today, and can't restrain myself from asking the simple question of: Will Gargoyles ever been continued in anyway some day? Tv or book? It would be the greatest thing since.. Gargoyles hit tv. Also, I've looked, probably not hard enough, but do any novels based on the series or otherwise exist? If so, I would love to get some.
A tremendous amount of thanks in advance.

Greg responds...

Slave Labor Graphics and Creature Comics.com has tentatative plans to start up a GARGOYLES comic book in the coming year. Keep an eye out here for more info.

There are no Gargoyles novels that I'm aware of, but I'd love to write one.

Response recorded on July 11, 2005

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