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Matt Zimmer writes...

I loved the bit with Klarion as the Catbus. I thought it was funny and creative. And yet I confess to being a little disappointed in learning it was planned out seasons ahead of time. Aside from the fact that perhaps the saga's resident Lord of Chaos should not have his backstory or arc so meticulously planned out ahead of time I was kind of hoping it had been a happy accident.

My question is, when you were writing or planning this show (or any previous show) have you ever come up with a neat script idea on the spot and put it in a current season, and been amazed and pleased to see how well it fits in with everything else? Has there ever been a little bit of Puck or Klarion's unpredictability in writing current scripts or has all of the stuff we've seen since the first season already been decided? I think either way of writing is fine, but I would love to see a script where Greg said "This is awesome and I want to share this as soon as possible." I guess my question is if this has ever happened, and if it has, could you name-drop an example or two?

Greg responds...

It has. Often. We plan a lot, but we always leave ourselves open to ideas that hit us along the way.

The example that immediately comes to mind is (SPOILERS) the revelation that Owen is Puck. We knew there was an interesting backstory to Owen, but didn't know what it was. Then when we were working on "The Mirror" - i.e. the episode that introduced Puck - Lydia Marano, Brynne Chandler Reaves and I separately realized that Owen and Puck were one and the same.

Response recorded on July 06, 2022

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Ashley writes...

Hi, I'm a big fan of Gargoyles and have recently been binge watching it on Disney Plus; though I plan to skip the third season. I don't know if you are still answering these things, but I do have a question about The Mirror. Or more specifically Demona's transformation into a human every day. she once told Mcbeth that Puck's gifts always come with a price, but considering how mad he looked at the end of The Mirror when she was rejecting his offer, I got to wonder

If Demona hadn't made him mad, would the transformation still have been painful?

Greg responds...

Probably not. But you never know with Puck.

Response recorded on February 03, 2022

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LoboGuara5bruxaria writes...

Hey Greg, here are a few questions of Gargoyles verse:

1) Has anyone in-universe commented that Mr. Acme has the same name as the fictional company that sells (Faulty) products to Willie Coyote? Has he ever get into legal problem with the in-universe Warner Bros company because of that? What does he personally feels about the coincidence of his name and Acme Company of Looney Tunes?

2) I remenber there was an episode where it was briefly shows Hudson watching an episode of Quack Pack and he seemed to be at least intrigued by what he was seeing. Do you think Hudson likes cartoons in general? Also, on a more slly hypothetical, if someone commented within Hudson's earshot that cartoons are just for kids or immature adults, what do you think would Hudson's opinion be about such comment?

3) Assuming that it isn't a spoiler, do you think Oberon would be more of a dog person or a cat person? (Aka: Would he prefer dogs or cats as companions/pets, even if enither of these were his favorite animal.) What about Titania, Puck and Odin? Witch animal would each of these prefer between a dog or cat?

Greg responds...

1. The use was legally "de minimus," i.e. a small use for purposes of parody. The whole episode has a Wile E. Coyote vibe, so having the pie-gun come from "Acme," made sense. If we wanted to do the "Mr. Acme" spin-off series, we might have legal trouble, I suppose.

1a. I'm guessing he feels like heaving a big sigh about it.

2. I think all television fascinates Hudson.

2a. I think he'd ask, "If that's the case, what exactly is for mature adults?"

3. I'll leave all these to your imagination.

Response recorded on November 22, 2021

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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "The Gathering" (both episodes) on DVD today. A few new things I noticed about it.

A minor detail, but which I find touching: when Renard learns about Anastasia's remarriage,, he sadly clasps her hand.

The letter X is prominent among the Xanatoses: Xanatos, FoX, and AleXander. And then I thought of LeXington, who isn't one of the family, but who's close to Alex, and who became Xanatos's secret successor in "Future Tense". (And there's that bit, also, in your "Gargoyles 2198" piece, about the Lexington-Xanatos Corporation.)

Goliath's homecoming makes a lovely contrast with "Future Tense", as he warmly embraces the overjoyed Brooklyn and Lexington (the two members of the clan who'd been bitter towards his late return in "Future Tense") and Hudson says "I knew you hadn't abandoned us." (While Broadway hugs Elisa, tying in with his being the closest to her among the trio, ever since "Deadly Force".)

One feature of Goliath's pondering the possibility that Avalon sent him to Manhattan to stop Oberon from taking Alex away; if his speculation was correct, that means that Avalon was, in a way, going against its lord and master. Though that made sense when I thought about it; without going too deeply into hypotheticals, I suspect that things would have not gone well for Avalon if Oberon *had* spirited Alex away (no way would his parents have accepted that), and Avalon would be sparing itself and its lord and master a lot of potential trouble in thwarting him.

You mentioned once that you wanted to have Puck break the fourth wall, but the rest of the production team objected to it. I noticed that he does come close, though, when he turns towards the camera while saying "I'm on a roll". (And when somebody *did* break the fourth wall, it was Brooklyn instead.)

At the very end, Broadway turns to stone shortly before the rest of the clan does.

Greg responds...

Interesting observations. Thanks for all these, Todd.

Response recorded on August 17, 2021

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Todd Jensen writes...

I've now rewatched "Heritage" and "Kingdom" on DVD. No new thoughts on "Heritage", but I still really enjoy the gargoyles bringing Cagney to the clock tower to look after him in Elisa's absence. I thought it appropriate that it was Broadway who found the kitty (he's the one of the four left behind gargs who's closest to Elisa). And I liked Hudson's rapport with Cagney, while missing Bronx. Including Cagney rubbing affectionately against Hudson - he's got no problems with gargoyles (though Maggie's another story).

I found myself wondering how that containment unit was still functioning after Fang ripped the cables apart to transport it. (To make up for it, I noticed this time around - and really liked - the way they did Talon's voice while he was stuck in there.)

As you pointed out in your ramble, Xanatos's security system does far more damage to the castle than to the gargoyles - I cringe as I see it blowing pieces of the castle apart (small wonder that, by the time of the Double Date story, Owen was getting fed up with all those repairs!) - but Xanatos's lines made up for it.

Greg responds...

Xanatos is just so much fun...

Response recorded on August 16, 2021

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Todd Jensen writes...

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Gargoyles", I watched "Awakening" (all five episodes) on DVD yesterday, and thought I'd share a few things I hadn't noticed before (or hadn't noticed enough) that struck my fancy.

1. When Goliath sends the trio and Bronx to the rookery, Bronx looks ashamed of himself - in a way that reminds me of times when dogs I'd known looked guilty over something.

2. When Xanatos tells Owen "Make the offer now" at the ruins of Castle Wyvern, I suddenly wondered whom he bought Castle Wyvern from. I won't ask here - it's obviously a "No spoilers" answer - but I was struck by the fact that this was the first time I wondered that.

3. I spotted what looked like a "foliate head" (or "Green Man"-type head) carved over the archway the gargoyles are standing beneath when the Commandos showed up in the courtyard, and a couple of winged figures on one of the tapestries. (I'll have to check for other unusual and remarkable features of the castle in later episodes, as well.)

4. Many of the human characters repeatedly call the gargoyles "beasts", both in the medieval scenes and the modern (Princess Katharine's protest at allowing beasts in the dining hall, Mary calling the gargoyles beasts, Bruno asking "Where's the beast?" while pursuing Goliath and Elisa).

5. Goliath asks Elisa, when they first meet, "What were you doing in my castle?" Despite Xanatos having bought it, he clearly thinks of it as still his - as if laying pipe for the arc about the gargoyles having to leave the castle and Goliath resisting it.

Greg responds...

1. The dogs I've had get that shamed look based on my reprimanding tone more than based on what they've done. As opposed to the cats I've had (and have), who at best stare at me as if to ask, "Are you talking to me?"

2. An interesting question.

3. Art Direction was pretty awesome on the show.

4. All very intentional.

5. We tried to keep each character's POV clear.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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animal writes...

When Titania says in the episode 'I'll Met by Moonlight'..."even Puck may have mended his ways" what exactly does she mean by that? Was he always just extra?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 26, 2021

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draph91 writes...

Silly question but in a hypothetical scenario would Owen's stone hand be affected by the Stone by Night spell?

Greg responds...

I wouldn't think so.

Response recorded on July 14, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

I looked at your timeline for Gargoyles (specifically, September 28) and was wondering, When Fox called Mr Vogel about her takeover plans, where they both Gargoyles at the time or did the call take place after puck reversed the spell?

Greg responds...

They were probably gargoyles, but it hardly matters as they wouldn't be aware of the change.

Response recorded on July 12, 2021

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Eskarina writes...

Hi! English is not my native language, sorry for the mistakes in advance.
My questions:

1 - How really Xanatos and Demona meet? In the "The Awakening" Xanatos says that he brought her before than the other gargoyles and she woke up there. That it's obviously a lie. At that point, one suposes Xanatos knows more about Demona than he is telling.

2 - Didn't Xanatos knows Demona is already immortal in "City of Stone"? The suposed spell she cast, should stole a minute of life of all citizens watching the TV. If Xanatos knows she is immortal I can't see why Xanatos could think Demona will help him to get more years of life.

Maybe the questions are stupid? I watched the show in my language around three times, and there was some translation mistakes. Can you belive the hints about Owen being Puck was deleted? All of them. I'll rewatch in english someday.

Greg responds...

1. It was definitely a lie. But the truth is a spoiler.

2. He believed she was immortal because of the occasional reuse of that spell.

Not stupid questions at all. I'm sorry you had to work so hard to enjoy the show, but I'm glad you did and do.

Response recorded on July 09, 2021

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fido writes...

Don't you find it amazing that the show which aired in the mid 90's produced a character, who was only in 4 episodes mind you, the Puck... so important and so popular that he has made such an impact on the fan culture... that over 20 years later people are still making new fan art and fics about him on a daily basis. When you created him did you think he would gain such a following?

Greg responds...

I don't know if I thought that about him specifically, but it became clear once Brent Spiner recorded the voice that we had something special there.

Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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lorienne writes...

This below was my question and response from you 17 years ago! I been patiently waiting for more on Puck and nothing.. ofcoarse I read "Puck of Pooks Hill" and "The Ballads of Robin Goodfellow, and "Sisters Grim", and any literature with him in it. I have even been to Pucks castle in Dubin, Ireland. What else about the Pucks history can you share with me?

Question received on Sun, April 08, 2001 06:53:00 PM
lorienne writes...

Hey, I've read a while back somewhere that you said that you were going to have puck play his flute to temporarily put oberon in some kind of trance. and also that you were going to name him goodfellow instead of puck. also that ransom was going to be an episode with puck and other tricksters. (that idead would of totally rocked) anyways where i am getting at is puck is my ablosute favorite character. my friends and family actually wanted to get me help cause i have printouts of him all over my house. it worries them :P i was wondering if you had any ohter plans for him, or if like there were other ideas such as the flute thing that you guys were going to use. just brainstorming maybe that wasn't actually in the show. i'm just trying to dig up as much information as i can about him. thanks for taking the time to read this.
Greg responds...

Yes, I had other plans. (Though maybe it's NOT such a good idea to feed your obsession.) Have you read Rudyard Kipling's Puck of Pook Hill?

Greg responds...

Now, it's been over twenty years. (Sorry.) But I'm afraid I don't have anything to add. Any new story material would be a Spoiler. Beyond that, I'm sure you can (and probably have) research Puck as well as I can or could.

Response recorded on July 01, 2021

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Emyy250 writes...

What's Owen's middle name?

Greg responds...

What makes you think he has one?

But probably Robin. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Response recorded on April 10, 2017

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Hopefully waiting writes...

Hi Greg, I was looking at the archives on Team Atlantis and noticed that you once gave a general synopsis of the Loch Ness monster episode (http://s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=7499).
I am a huge fan of Puck and although I know that the Team Atlantis Puck may or may not be the same character as the Gargoyles Puck, I was wondering if you could give the same sort of synopsis for the Puck episode as you did for the other ones (Loch Ness Monster and Demona episode). I understand if you consider it a spoiler request, just being hopeful based off the other ones! Regardless of whether or not you answer the question, thank you so much for the awesome universes that you have helped to create!

Greg responds...

I'm afraid it's just been too long. I don't remember anything really about it.

Response recorded on March 14, 2017

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Няшный Кэк writes...

Hi again. As long as rules require to group questions by different topics, I've written that as separate questions.
1. If Puck is Oberon's servant, why can he be summoned by Titania's mirror? Not some Oberon's possessions, but Titania's.
2. Does the spell, that Demona used to summon Puck, have any translation? Was it in Latin? I failed to find it on Wiki.
3. Why didn't Oberon just use the mirror as Demona did in order to summon Puck? Was he just in a mood for stroll?
4. In the way I see it, there's kind of tension between Puck and the Weird Sisters, as they say they can hunt him down for Oberon. I mean -Hunt-. Not to bring him, not to call him, not to remind to him. Hunt him down. Why? If this IS a spoiler, please, just forget you've read 2d question. If I just dramatize, feel free to tell it in any form you like.
5. Would - if heard - the ringing of the iron bell be at least painful to ANY one of Oberon's children in their true form? If not to all, then to who will it be?

Greg responds...

1. If the spell is powerful enough, he can be summoned by any magic mirror.

2. It's Latin and can be found here: http://gargwiki.net/Summoning_Spell
I don't have the translation here at my Nickelodeon office. But you can probably get it from one of the fans by asking in the S8 Comment Room.

3. Yes. He pretty much says that. (Are you asking these questions from memory without looking back at the episodes? Cuz, if so, you're really waiting a LONG time to get answers you could've gotten yourself.)

4. It's a spoiler.

5. To all.

Response recorded on October 13, 2016

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Няшный Кэк writes...

Hello, Greg! I hope you're doing well.

1. So long after I've seen "The Mirror" episode for the first time, and I'm still deeply curious: what was Xanatos look like as a gargoyle? Preeeeeeetty interested. I know, that this is not the best question to be answered in writing, but if only briefly...

2. Episode "The Edge" starts with a sparring between Xanatos and Owen. And Owen gets the upper hand.
a) Why did Xanatos stopped the following sparring?
b) Was the purpose of sparrings with Owen in training him in hand-to-hand combat?

Greg responds...

1. I'll leave this to your imagination.

2a. Didn't he have an appointment?

2b. No, it was to maintain his edge.

Response recorded on October 13, 2016

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Jarrod writes...

Hello Greg!

Love all your work, so thank you for such a great stories.

In the episode "the mirror," Puck Says "All Humans on this concrete Isle." NYC has such a constant flux of traffic, between cars, cabs, ferries, and public transport, when people entered Manhattan did they magically become a gargoyle even after the spell was cast? Did those who left the Isle magically revert to human form? Since the populace appeared to accept the notion that they were always gargoyles, I imagine that if those entering/leaving the island did change, then they did not notice. Would that be correct?

Thank you so much!

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 12, 2016

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philalethistry writes...

Hi, Gargoyles fan here! Nothing plot-related, just curious about if Owen has as much of a sense of humour as Puck. Obviously Owen wouldn't show it for the sake of keeping up the Vogel-esque act, but do Owen and Puck share a funnybone?

Greg responds...

Owen tends toward wry and dry understated humor. Puck, obviously, is less understated generally, but has that side to him, as well. Whether Puck is simply choosing to not exercise his whackier side while Owen, or whether the transformation is magically submerging it, is a matter of interpretation.

Response recorded on July 20, 2016

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Wonderfulakari writes...

Are fairy-human shape shifts like Owen still bound by things like "Iron hurts you" and "No stealing magical items like the phoenix gate"?

Also just to say your shows inspired me to pursue a major/career in illustration and comics. I saw your shows and others like it and decided I wanted to find a way to contribute to them somehow. Hopefully one day I'll story-board something half as good as what you produce.

Greg responds...

Thank you.

Owen can still be hurt by iron. Can't you?

Response recorded on July 11, 2016

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anon writes...

why does everything have to happen so terrible for the puck.. it's bad enough what happened during the gathering part 2... no more powers, and locked as owen... can not be himself except when training or protecting alex... sucks,..but now with 2158 and gargs 2198.. alex is gone and he is just locked as owen?!?! really??? .. c'mon why does it have to suck so bad for him. what is your beef with puck? he barley was in the series, he was not in the comics, you're killing me man. we all need more puck in our lives. my question is why do you make it suck so hard for puck.

Greg responds...

I tend to make things hard on ALL the characters. It's called "DRAMA".

Response recorded on June 23, 2016

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pluie-froide writes...

What are Puck's feelings towards Demona's rampant hatred against humankind? Does he, being of the Third Race, agree with her on some shallow level, or does he think she's a loony?

Greg responds...

Mostly the latter.

Response recorded on May 26, 2016

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NoOneSpecial writes...

I heard you got work a new project. Hope to enjoy in the three years' time when you answer these questions

1. When Puck went about creating his persona for Owen, how smart did he want Owen to be? Now Owen strikes me as the kind of guy who'd be very intelligent. I would be willing to hazard that he's almost as smart as his own boss. Was Puck just going by his observation of Preston Vogul when he set up Owen's intelligence?

I understand if this sounds muddled, but I'm not necessarily asking if Puck literally made himself smarter or dumber through magic. I'd assume that everything Puck knows, Owen also knows and vice versa. My question is how did Puck decide on Owen's intelligence?

2. Now I'm asking if Puck literally can make himself smarter or dumber through magic. We see Fae change their forms, so can they change their mentality to the same degree and just "give" themselves more knowledge? I mean, could Puck make himself a "super genius" if wanted or did he have to educate himself a little as Owen?

3. Why didn't Xanatos take Puck's original offer? I mean he was offering Xanatos a chance at immortally and he instead he chose Owen's service. Now I consider two reason.

The first is kinda obviously. Xanatos wouldn't trust Puck since he's a "trickster" and he would suspect some horrible twist to Puck's wish. On the other hand, Xanatos was willing to get Coyote, another trickster, to do the same thing. But then again, Xanatos had captured Coyote so maybe he thought he had better leverage.

I wouldn't have put it past Puck to have some kind of trick in mind if he gave Xanatos immortally. Of course maybe the real trick was in fact that Puck would have been true to his word and granted Xanatos immortally, no strings attached. Meaning Xanatos had in fact blown he's one perfect chance to be immortal. But that's just a theory

The second reason I have, is also part of my question. Does Xanatos consider Owen's service to be invaluable?

4. When did Xanatos become aware of the existence of magic and the supernatural? Was when he first met Demona or when he met Puck? Was he sceptical of it at first?

5. Puck once said that he could make Goliath love Demona again. "Piece of cake" as he said. So could he have actually made Goliath fall in love with Demona or would it just be a spell more akin to the one Demona used to put Goliath under mind control?

Greg responds...

Just a year plus, thank you very much.

1. Probably, but he cheated. Went with his own intelligence, for the most part. Harnessed.

2. I dunno.

3. Both.

4. No Spoilers.

5. Closer to the latter but less obvious.

Response recorded on May 16, 2016

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B writes...

I just read a recent answer in which you said "Owen is asexual", but in some answers archived on this site from years ago, you said that he was dating a woman offscreen (saying "She's human and, no, you haven't met her yet"). Did you change your mind between then and now, or forget what you had said before? (as you have a lot of information in your mind and it would be easy to lose track of one detail)

Greg responds...

You seem to assume these things are mutually exclusive.

Response recorded on February 03, 2016

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Greg Bishansky writes...

You've revealed that Lexington is gay; that Fox and Puck are bisexual; and that Owen is asexual.

So, if you're inclined, I'd appreciate if if you finally settle the debate. Is Demona heterosexual, bisexual, or something else?

Greg responds...

Using the word "revealed" makes me uncomfortable. What I say in different contexts doesn't make it canon. Yes, Lexington is gay, in my mind. The rest sound like things I might have said at a Blue Mug or something. Nothing said at a Blue Mug should be taken as definitive canon. Nothing is canon that can't be confirmed from the 65 canon episodes or the 18 canon comic book issues.

In any case, NO SPOILERS.

Response recorded on January 22, 2016

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Zuelaa writes...

Greetings! I have a few questions concerning Owen/Puck. I'm really hoping I didn't miss this in the archives/question queue. If so, my apologies. As for the questions:

1. Does he live at the castle or does he have his own place?
2. Does his work for Xanatos come with set hours or does it alternate between days and nights? Seeing him working both days and nights has made me wonder. Poor man has to have some personal time / sleep sometime hehe

Thank you for your time~

Greg responds...

1. He lives in the castle.

2. He's forever on call, I suppose. But he gets as much free time as he'd like.

Response recorded on August 07, 2015

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Anonymous writes...

A. Does Owen Burnett live in the Eyrie Building with the Family Xanatos, or does he live somewhere else and travel to work everyday?
B. If he lives somewhere else, where, and does he live in an apartment or a house?

Greg responds...

A. He lives in the Eyrie.

B. See above.

Response recorded on February 17, 2015

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Hopefully_Waiting writes...

I started watching Gargoyles when I was little and still to this day it is one of my favorite shows. With that, on to the question.

I saw where it was posted in a previous comment that you said "Now that Puck is stuck as Owen for the long haul, we may see some changes in Owen's behavior." and "When Puck becomes Owen, there is a psychological transformation as well as a physical one. However, this does not mean Puck and Owen exist as distinct personalities in one form- when he's Puck, he's just Puck, and when he's Owen, he's just Owen."

I'm not sure what this means. Could you explain it a little (if you can), and also could you tell us what it means when you said Owen's behavior might change a little? I know that you don't like giving away any major information, so I'm not asking what Owen will do, but just how you mean his behavior will change?

The original post was written by JEB on July 11, 2007 and you responded on August 1, 2007 (just in case you need reference to the comment).

I greatly hope that someday you will get the opportunity to continue Gargoyles (if you still want to).

Thank you for all the time that you spend putting up with your obsessive fans!

Greg responds...

A link would have been better than a date.

I'm afraid that it's difficult to respond to something that I wrote over seven years ago and out of context. So let me start from scratch. Owen is Owen and Owen is also Puck, just as Puck is Puck and Puck is also Owen. But Owen won't behave like Puck. And Puck, when we see him, will pretty much never behave as Owen would.

And, yes, I'd love to do Gargoyles again.

Response recorded on January 28, 2015

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Paul writes...

I think you once hinted that you 'didn't get enough episodes' to do a musical episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Was a musical episode part of your 5 season plan? And if so, which season did you plan to include it in: 3, 4 or 5?

Greg responds...

I don't think I ever hinted that. Coming up with a legit story excuse to do a musical episode is usually the biggest challenge. Puck would have made a great excuse on Gargoyles, but it's harder to figure out how to do that on SpecSpidey. Nevertheless, we had an index card on my board for the run of the show that said, "Spectacular Spidey - The Musical". It was mostly a joke, but if I could have figured out a solution...

Response recorded on December 19, 2014

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Anonymous writes...

I don't know how to ask what I want to ask the way I want to ask it...If that makes any sense. But here goes...

First a little exposition. I am a gay man in my early 30's who was an active-duty Army Infantry soldure in Afghanistan in 2003-4, and currently in the National Guard.

That being said.
Many more years ago than I'd care to admit, you mentioned that one of my all-time favorite cartoons from my teenhood had a gay character...and I was, to say the least, esthatic (on the inside).

It ment that there was a great writer somewhere out there who knew that there was somebody like me somewhere out there.

An inteligent individual who was also a fearless warrior to boot...Despite what you may think, I am am not refering to Lexington (although I do love the character), but to Owen.

You see...I AM Owen. The witty, low speaking "straight man" (So to speak...not literaly of course...and, yes, I do see the irony). I'm also an attractive blond man who looks stunning in glasses (If I do say so myself. Which I don't. Other people say that).

I've just just always imagioned Owen as gay. For no particular reason other than, well, that's me on the screen there (These days I'm also an assistant to a general manager to the largest company you've never heard of).

I guess what I'm asking is...am I simply reflecting? Or is there somebody (specifically named Owen) in the Gargoyle reality who reflects me? (Besides Lexington, whom, as I've said, I love...but dosen't reflect me at all).

Greg responds...

Owen is asexual. I don't know if that's disappointing or not. Puck is bisexual (at least). Of course, if you want Owen to be gay in your mental fan fiction, that's still totally cool.

Response recorded on September 23, 2014

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Jessy writes...

I have a rather...odd question.
I've read that fairies seem to have a problem with the words "thank you". 1. Do you think that's true in the Gargoyle's universe, in the case of say, Puck? If the Gargoyle's world considers him a fairy and not, like, a hobgoblin, maybe he's considered both, I don't know. 2. Would this be something they've grown out of, dismissing it as a human eccentricity or would it still irk them enough to go berserk on the poor well-meaning human? I've always made the half-joke that that's why Puck likes to mess with people. He gives them what they ask for but in a way that makes sure they never make the mistake of thanking him for it.

Greg responds...

1. I've seen no indication of that.

2. <shrug>

Response recorded on May 22, 2014

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Jessy writes...

Puck, Gathering part 2: "I was intrigued, what was so special about these mortals that would make the queen dally among them?"
His explanation for Owen sounds like. I've never hung out with mortals before, why don't I try it now?
1. Now, after the thousand year banishment is almost up, he's finally wondering what all of the fuss with humans about?
2. Or, was it simply THESE mortals, him getting a good look at Renard's integrity and thinking, oh, that sounds boring, why is the queen wasting her time here with him?
I always got the idea that Puck is just too social to have not tried to blend in with the humans before this and see what they're about.

Greg responds...

I don't think he'd spent any quality time with many mortals, though of course he'd posed as a mortal often enough for some quick fun. But I think the main interest wasn't in the mortals at all, but in trying to figure out why the Queen was interested in them. But before long, he developed a true interest in Fox and David.

Response recorded on March 19, 2014

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Wanda-San writes...

This will sound stupid but, What is Puck's eye color? Because of the animation style you can't really tell.

Greg responds...

I don't recall. Sorry.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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Matthew writes...

Since you are a big Shakespeare fan, I thought to ask if you've read A Midsummer Tempest by Poul Anderson? It's set in a world where all of Shakespeare's plays really happened?

Greg responds...

No. And I won't, so as not to crowd my head with other folks' ideas. Sounds really cool, though. We were trying to accomplish the same thing (among other things) on Gargoyles.

Response recorded on August 26, 2013

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Gilford writes...

Hi Greg,

I am just writing to say the gargoyles was and still is one of my favourite childhood shows. The twists with fox being part magic and owen was puck the whole time?!! I was utterly surprised!! Now i get how Xanatos knows some things that are unnatural.

Another thing, in the episode upgrade, i noticed that fox and Xanatos were playing a game of chess with the pack and the gargoyles as pieces whilst the pack and the gargoyles were fighting each other at the same time. That cannot be a coincidence. i believe they were playing their lives as if it was a game to them and chess seems to be a perfect way to illustrate the point.


Greg responds...

Thanks. (And I don't think we were being subtle about it. We never wanted the audience to think it was a coincidence.)

Response recorded on March 07, 2013

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Jessy writes...

Does Elisa know about Puck being Owen? She was asleep during the better part of the Gathering, and as far as I recall she wasn't in Possession at all. Was it considered relevent enough to tell her or did it slip their minds because it was none of their business?

Greg responds...

I'm sure she knows.

Response recorded on November 19, 2012

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Matthew writes...

When exactly did Owen reveal himself as Puck to Xanatos?

Greg responds...

Before the start of Season One.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012

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Tymiko writes...

1. Although he's amoral and generally has a commitment to self-preservation, why did Puck return to help Xanatos against Oberon "against [his] better judgement"?

Was it simply because he was impressed by Xanatos' choice to have him serve him for life instead of being granter a wish? I considered this, but then I thought it unlikely that Owen would have left Xanatos in the first place instead of returning after some consideration to stand at David's side.

2. Why DID David Xanatos choose Puck as a life-long servant instead of a wish? Wasn't he after immortality?

Greg responds...

1. He likes him.

1a. Yes.

2. He weighed the worth of the two options and chose.

2a. Ultimately, yes.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012

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Tymiko writes...

I noticed in another series of children's books called The Sisters Grimm that the author, Michael Buckley, also had Puck as a main character, only he has the form of a 12 year old and seems to have the mindset of one. He also has a pair of pink insect wings (despite still being a shape-shifter) that he isn't ashamed of at all.

He's written in a way that makes me believe he could have been your version of Puck at a younger age, though he is considered in that series to be the literal child of Oberon and Titania (Oberon's children, haha).

What's more is that King Oberon and Queen Titania live in Manhatten, New York City. I can't help but wonder if there's some of the Gargoyle show's influence at work here.

1. Were you aware of this series and its similarities?

2. Did you ever exchange words with Michael Buckley?

3. Do you think it's possible he watched your show, Gargoyles, or more likely that it was a coincidence?

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. No.

3. I have no idea.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012

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Tymiko writes...

Your rendition of Puck really rekindled an interest of fairy lore in me, especially since I love tricksters and their amoral personalities that make them so complex. I love how you never know if they'll do something 'good' or 'bad' to someone else simply on a whim, and you portrayed that so well.

I read a previous answer of yours to someone else that said you didn't want to label Puck, Oberon, and Titania as 'faeries' because of the pejorative connotations that the word has. I realize and empathize with you about how fairies are often thought of as nothing more than pretty little girls with butterfly wings or something to that effect, who wave magic wands to grant wishes and always do good. Makes me sick.

1. Is that why you didn't have Puck, Oberon and Titania portrayed with fairy wings despite their status in their original play?

2. If so, why bother to have Puck fly around at all, let alone with fairy dust trailing behind him?

There's a show I recently learned of called Durarara!! in which a Dullahan (technically a sort of fairy) comes to Tokyo to find her missing head, taking the form of a black-wearing motorcyclist and transferring her headless horse's spirit into a pitch black motobike. To hide the fact she has no head, she wears a full helmet and tries to blend in with the city, acting as a transporter and courier for gangs and info brokers, forcing fans to reconsider their initial mental image of a typical fairy.

I think if you had recognized that Puck and the others were Fae, it just might have saved the Fae's tainted, modern day reputation, considering how well-known and admired the Gargoyles show is. However, I understand respect the choices you made, and it was pretty much obvious who they were in the long run.

Greg responds...

1. "Despite"? Most of the versions I've seen are wingless.

2. Uh... it looked cool?

I don't recall saying no to the words "faery", "fairy" or "fae" because of perjorative connotations. I think the point I was making is that Oberon and Titania were "larger" than that. The Children of Oberon include those creatures traditionally associated with the "fae" but also various pantheons, etc.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012

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Puck Fan writes...

Hello Greg. This is a Gargoyle-related question. I checked and I don't think this question was answered, so here goes:

In "The Gathering Part I" at the beginning, the Weird Sisters don't seem to like Puck very much. The Raven-haired one (Seline) notes with a great deal of contempt that Puck is not at The Gathering, and then offers to hunt him down for Oberon. So I am wondering, did Puck do something in particular to piss the sisters off?

Greg responds...

He's probably a bit too much of a Trickster for their tastes.

Response recorded on July 26, 2012

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wonderfulakari writes...

This is probably a pointless question, but I've spent all day thinking it. Who would win in a fight, Puck or Klarion the witch boy?

p.s. Thanks for creating awesome.

Greg responds...

Any regular reader of this forum will know that I'm uninterested in these kind of hypotheticals. Play the fight out in your imagination and you can decide who would win.

Response recorded on July 23, 2012

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Zandie-Pants writes...

Was the Idea to make Owen Puck decided AFTER season one was scripted? We see a lot of wry smiles and references in season 2 but none is season 3. Was this because he wasn't originally going to be Puck, or was it to make the story simpler?

Greg responds...

We didn't even know there was a Puck in Season One. But we did know that Owen had a secret. And I had nothing to do with Season Three.

Response recorded on January 31, 2012

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Maki P writes...

Dear Greg, I have a couple of questions about Owen and Alexander that have been bother me for years.
1. Who is Alexander's godfather?
2. I know that in the event of Alexander's accidental death Puck becomes stuck as Owen for the rest of his life. But what happens to Puck if Alexander dies of natural causes, old age included (assuming he's mortal of course)?

Greg responds...

1. What makes you think he has one?

2. I don't deal much in hypotheticals.

Response recorded on January 16, 2012

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Caitlin writes...

Ok, since my real question keeps being thrown out for some reason...

What is Owen's (and/or Puck's) favorite kind of music?

Greg responds...

I don't know off the top of my head. Sorry.

Response recorded on December 12, 2011

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Xera writes...

Does Vogel find Owen annoying at all? I would imagine someone would find their own clone rather irritating after a while.

Greg responds...

Annoying and somewhat disturbing. Couldn't you tell?

(Of course, you're using the term "clone" metaphorically, right?)

Response recorded on May 04, 2011

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Amanda writes...

In regards to Owen's stone hand, do people ever ask Owen or Xanatos what happened to it? If so, what response(s) do they commonly give? Or do they just ignore questions?

Greg responds...

Who would be so rude?

Response recorded on April 15, 2011

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

You say that Titania as Anastasia, like Puck as Owen, is completely human. Does that mean Fox being half Fae was planned choice? Does conceiving a half Fae child requiring choosing to only appear human rather than be human for a change?

Greg responds...

Fair question. It's worth discussing. But I don't have a hard, fast answer now.

Response recorded on December 22, 2010

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SLG writes...

Hey Greg,

Really liked the Young Justice pilot, very solid stuff. I especially like the line Robin had about how Batman would "have his head" for taking so long to get out of those shackles. Robin seemed pretty capable, and I'm sure he'll get closer to Batman's level as time goes on, but I do hope we'll get to see the master at work every once in a while.

I also really have to say that I loved the action sequences (and the writing, of course). They had a great flow to them and a great sense of pace. I was also a bit surprised at how hard hitting some of the fights were, by which I mean they seemed to be fairly violent, even compared to something as recent as SpecSpidey, though that's just my take on it.

So anyway, you say that your brother, Jon Weisman, is writing for Young Justice, which got me thinking about how that was also the case during your time on WITCH. Since someone was nice enough to upload the entire series onto YouTube it has been easy enough to go back to. One of my favorites of that show was "S for Self", mainly because of the songs "Demon in Me" and "Will to Love" that played during it, for which you and Jon wrote the lyrics.

So this is a bit out there, but do you suppose that original songs, like those produced for WITCH, are something that would ever have a place in Young Justice?

How about an entire episode in the form of a musical? Buffy style, you know you want to.

Greg responds...

I do want to. But I'm not sure I'm smart enough to come up with an original reason for it to happen -- that WORKS with the tone of this show. Way back when, I wanted to do a musical episode of Gargoyles, but could never come up with a justification. Then Joss Whedon did "Once More With Feeling". And of course, the answer was obvious. I could have used Puck to force everyone to sing. Trouble is... I wasn't smart enough to figure that out first. Yes, that's right. Joss Whedon is smarter than I am. Now, taking that approach would REALLY look like I was ripping off his idea. I'm not 100% sure I'm above that. But I'm about 87% sure, so...

Even on Spidey, which was a show with a way less realistic and grounded tone than YJ is, I struggled to find an original reason to do a musical episode. And I couldn't figure one out. So the odds of me figuring one out on Young Justice seem slim, I'm afraid.

Response recorded on December 17, 2010

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

The question in the last queue about whether Fox and David can vote after getting out of prison, and my own thoughts about the Third Race and Oberon's Law against interfering with mortals, has led me to this question: What does the Law of Oberon prevent and what does it allow, in terms of Oberon's Children participating in human politics? Do Anastasia Renard and Owen Burnett have U.S. citizenship, or if not could they get it if they wanted it? Can they vote? Can they get any more politically active than voting? (Leaving aside whether they actually want to do any of these things.)


Greg responds...

My I-won't-be-held-to-this answer for the moment is that as long as they are living AS humans, they can PARTICIPATE in human affairs. They can eat lunch with other humans. They can see movies made by humans. They can conduct business with humans, and so, it follows, they can vote as humans vote... as long as they're not using magic to alter things.

Response recorded on September 01, 2010

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

A while back I remember you commenting how it annoys you that when folks praise Batman the Animated Series they mention Timm and Dini (rightfully) but not Burnett. Actually, I just did a search and see you mentioned it several time, and that it mystifies you. Since I had wondered something similar, (his name was so prominent in the Dark Deco look episodes, and don't really remember it after), I was going to ask if you have a theory why. Instead I'll ask if it, in some small way, factored into the Naming of Owen Burnett?

Greg responds...

The "Owen" part of the name was in the original development. The last name Burnett came from writer Michael Reaves, so you'd have to ask him if Owen Burnett was a tribute to Alan Burnett.

And I don't have a clue why Alan doesn't get all the credit he deserves -- other than the fact that Alan doesn't seem to seek it at all. He's a modest guy. Not an attention whore like me, for example.

Response recorded on May 24, 2010

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Me writes...

I'm almost positive this hasn't been asked. Atleast, not like this.

How old is Owen? Biologically, not chronologically.

Greg responds...

I've never seen much point in pinning it down precisely, but he appears to be in his mid-thirties to me.

Response recorded on May 17, 2010

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Todd Jensen writes...

I've enjoyed your use of discarded elements for the "behind-the-scenes" parts of "Gargoyles" in the comic book (such as Constance and Staghart's nicknames, or the Canmores' pursuit of Demona to the Parisian catacombs after Charles Canmore's death). But they give me one misgiving. Now I wonder - if we get more "Gargoyles" graphic novels, what horrible fate you might have in store for Owen?

(That's a rhetorical question, I hasten to add.)

Greg responds...

Oh, the aardvark thing? (I had to think about it to remember what you were referring to.)

But given Sevarius' recent experiments... No promises.

Response recorded on February 24, 2010

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Lyana writes...

Does Owen need sleep

Greg responds...


Response recorded on February 10, 2010

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Anna McNarin writes...

Unfortunately, I no longer remember what my first reaction to Gargoyles was as I was eleven when the show aired, I just know what I saw stuck with me. In the back of my mind the memory of being enthralled by the characters and stories always hovered with one thought, "that was an amazing show." I do, however, recall my reactions to watching the volume one DVD oh so many quick years later. Needless to say, a spell had been cast and my love for the tale was born anew.

Having been blessed with a decent memory, there weren't any new big surprises for me as an adult, and so I felt drawn towards watching character relationships more than the action. Two characters in particular caught my interest: David Xanatos and Owen Burnett. Being a lover of duality in life, these two business men stirred my imagination and had me laughing in what was probably a very Puck-like manner.

To the average Joe on their streets, Xanatos is a charismatic -I swear I can hear Jonathan Frakes smiling-, eccentric man with just enough brains to know what to do with his money. His assistant, Owen, is the opposite, so stoic in nature some might see it as borderline masochistic, despite no doubt equaling his employer in brains, and perhaps money. There were times Xanatos treated Owen with such disregard, it was a wonder the blond man stayed on with a man, who for all appearances, viewed the worth of his life as being only as valuable as he was useful. It's that last line that never fails to put a smile on my face, because with the knowledge that Owen is the Puck the meaning twists.

Puck is an actor, arguably the best ever born, so I went through and watched Owen not just being Owen, but as Puck playing Owen. Once I did that I realized that even if the pact between them didn't exist, and given Xanatos knew Owen was born fey, Puck would probably stay on for the simple reason he and David are part of one of the biggest pranks in history. Their interactions, comments, even the extent to which Puck stays in character, it reads as one gigantic private joke on the world. After reading through some of the archives, I also had the startling notion that any person Owen were to become involved with more than likely would not know of the true nature of his soul since trapped as human he would be breaking character if he told. The "prank" continues, and Puck goes down in unwritten history as the greatest actor to live. His magic and form were suppressed, his personality wasn't, yet he keeps to his character. And to all those who would think he would go mad spending the rest of his life locked behind a mask, I don't believe so, not one bit, not when breaking character is more maddening a thought than living with it. The proof is in the scene Oberon proclaimed his sentence upon his servant, Puck swallowed his tongue the second Owen appeared. If begging for his magic were more important than his reputation as an actor he wouldn't have let transforming into Owen stop his lament. Besides, he still has his dreams, in sleep he can be as he wishes.

I have to agree, too, that the idea of Puck being Oberon's boy is absurd. Perhaps the reason so many see a resemblance is similar to how some cannot tell different people of the same nationality apart. I will grant that Oberon appears to view Puck as a child who doesn't know what is best for him and that can be seen as paternal nature, but there was never a doubt that theirs is that of master and servant. My sympathies lie with Oberon, though, for as a personal servant Puck was privy to the intimate on goings of Oberon's life as Owen is to David. To personally go and fetch your own servant, then to hear him choose another over you; I would surmise Oberon came as close to feeling like he'd lost his best friend as he ever could. Sad as I am to say it, I see Puck dying as Owen. If the great ones burn brightly to die young, Oberon's Children will never forget their Lord's pale trickster, and I venture the wisdom Hudson shares in "The Price" struck not David, but Owen.

Pardoning the lengthy analysis, I did have a few questions floating through my brain. They're lovely, potentially silly little ones those of us who love to read into everything ask. If any of it is a repeat, I'm truly sorry, I haven't made it much beyond the Owen Puck archives, the FAQ, and a few random links.

1. In your mind, do Puck and Owen share the same eyes, or at the very least eye color? Animation and comics have their faults and reasons, I'm curious to how you see it.

2. Throwing out a rough guess that there is about six inches height difference between Owen and Puck, would he have even noticed the difference it makes when standing, or being prone to floating at all heights, not have noticed at all?

3. You've previously stated that if Owen dies as the result of external forces, i.e. car crash, he gets shot, then he's dead, no coming back, good-bye. Makes perfect sense. Then there is his pact to serve Xanatos, which if I understand, counts for the whole of Xanatos' life. Also makes sense. I cannot seem to correlate the two, as Owen dying first would breach the terms. Is this a loophole in their contract?

4. Common sense, and how into character Puck gets says they wouldn't be, despite Fox and Alex proving otherwise, but any children he were to sire as Owen would be fully human wouldn't they? Or because his magic has been locked away as opposed to removed, would it be passed on like a recessive gene?

5. Speaking of suppression, as a fey caught in a mortal shell, if someone or something were to remove the inherent magic within him, would Owen die? I would think so, but you may see it differently.

Anyway, thank you -and whoever else happens upon this- for taking the time to read it. May the plot bunnies bless you. :)

Greg responds...

1. I haven't thought about it, but I doubt they share the same eyes. Eye color? Maybe.

2. I'm sure he noticed.

3. Death negates most contracts.

4. Depends. But Fox might serve as a cautionary example.

5. I'd think not.

Liked your analysis, btw.

Response recorded on February 01, 2010

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M. writes...

Related to "Future Tense":
When/How did Puck find out about Goliath having the Phoenix Gate. I don't recall Puck ever knowing this before.

Greg responds...

Puck would have found out from Owen, who would have found out from David.

Response recorded on January 25, 2010

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Grey Wolf writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

This is Grey Wolf, I was that shy 14 year-old at the 11th Gathering. Unlike a lot of people, I’m not a whole lot LESS shy online. Sorry. But I do tend to express myself a bit better in writing than actual speech.
I got the news that this very well might be the last Gathering of the Gargoyles, and while I’m bummed, this did give me the push I needed to write this comment/question/appeal. Here goes…

Gargoyles really struck a cord with me. I realize you get that quite often, but that’s because it’s true. I was (okay, maybe still am) a bit of an outsider-looking-in with a feverish love for stories. Having Aspergers Syndrome (a mild Autism Spectrum Disorder), watching cartoons gave me a better understanding of body language and facial expressions which are generally exaggerated for TV. I got into Gargoyles long after its original run, but between DVDs and bouts of insomnia, I grew to love it.
Plot is an important part of storytelling, ‘cause without plot, there’s no story. But more important than a good plot, are good characters. Thanks for not making me settle for one or the other : ) Obviously, the Manhattan Clan holds a special place in my heart. Hudson’s slow adjustment to 20th century life mirrored my own reluctance for change. Broadway’s optimism had to have touched even the hardest cynic. Brooklyn’s lust for adventure and ambition hit the romantic explorer within me. Goliath’s somewhat solemn demeanor and true desire for what’s best for the clan made him somewhat of an idealistic leader to me. Bronx, a character in his own right, was a reminder that our ‘primitive’ selves, full of loyalty and courage, should not be buried too deep. Lexington’s cautious curiosity was so like my own desire to interact with a world that, at the same time, was so intimidating to me. Elisa’s idealism for as a police officer and acceptance of the gargoyles made for a great hero figure for a young girl to follow. Angela’s inability to understand just WHY everyone can’t (won’t?) get along was something I shared (share).
I could go ahead and list every character from the show, but that would more or less be stalling, because I have two specific characters in mind for this post: Puck and Oberon. Yeah, I know, they’re not actual gargoyles AND they’re also Shakespearian characters--- yet, I wouldn’t love them so much (maybe not have learned of them at all) if it weren’t for Gargoyles and your characterization of them.
Puck had a sense of humor, something I had to LEARN. He was childish, antagonistic, playful, and FUN. I can only wish I had the same wit and carefree state of mind. Granted, I’m a bit more mature than he is (thank God), but still; Puck’s pretty darn awesome.
Oberon scared the frig out of me at first. Something with THAT much power and THAT much ego went against everything I ever learned about the balance between power and responsibility. But deep down, he’s not such a bad guy; just… sort of a baby (oooh, don’t tell him I said that!). His hissy fits would have been comical if they weren’t so dangerous, and didn’t have such dire consequences. In my meekness, maybe I envied his self-confidence.
I can forgive them their moral lapses on the basis that they seem…. adolescent, almost? (Like I should talk…) It seems the not-so-nice things they do are more out of impulse than malice. Intent means SOMETHING, right?
Okay, now to my point. Obie and Puck seemed pretty tight in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and even after the DEBACLE The Gathering Parts I and II, you’ve hinted to the idea that they still care for each other.
Alright, I’m a softie. Puck’s banishment at the hands of someone he loved (you have to feel some affection for the person you serve to be a good servant, right?) was absolutely heart wrenching! Okay, I felt a little bad for Oberon, too. He felt betrayed, and frankly, banishing his servant is gonna come back to bite him in the rear sooner or later. I cried, and MAN was I ticked it wasn’t resolved (even addressed!) before the series was canceled. If ever I wanted a particular story finished, that would be it. It’s literally been nagging me for over three years now, at LEAST. (Yay OCD...)

I asked you at the Gathering in Pigeon Forge whether Oberon would ever forgive Puck or not. I remember you smiled and said that “Ever is a really long time”, but that he hadn’t by 2198, and I’d have to wait and see.
I’m willing to wait and see, but the comic being canceled, and the idea that this could be the last Gathering of the Gargoyles has kinda disheartened me. Not that I’m going to give up on hoping; nobody can get rid of me THAT easily.
The question I’m going to ask you is: Will Puck and Oberon EVER be friends again?
I can wait ‘till the Gathering in August, if you like. I can even wait longer than that for an answer, say 2015, but I really am hoping for an answer. In fact, I’d like to hear/read/watch the story; but I realize I’ll have SERIOUS wait for THAT.
So, is it okay if I ask you at the Gathering?

Greg responds...

Grey Wolf,

By now, of course, the Gathering has come and gone, and we discussed this. And the answer hasn't changed much: Puck is still banished in 2198. But that doesn't mean that he and Oberon are at odds, per se. Beyond that...

Response recorded on October 01, 2009

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Todd Jensen writes...

I've been hesitant about asking this question for a while, in case it turned out to be an idea in disguise, but:

In "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time", when Goliath shouts to Owen "Take us to them [Xanatos, Broadway, and Hudson]!", Owen replies, with a sly smile on his face, "You should know that I can't do that."

Now, Owen/Puck's contract with Xanatos prevents him from using his abilities as Puck in his Owen-role, only permitting him to use his mundane skills. Was his line a subtle foreshadowing-reference to that? He'd certainly be debarred from transporting Goliath, Brooklyn, and Lexington to wherever Xanatos, Broadway, and Hudson were in the magical sense (even though Goliath obviously didn't have that in mind when he made the demand), by the deal he'd made. And it would certainly fit that smile of his, the kind of smile that suggests he knew something that Goliath didn't, and that he knew Goliath didn't know.

Greg responds...

I'd love to say yes, and let you think I'm brilliant, but it wasn't really the idea in my head. Owen is saying "You should know that I can't do that..." meaning "You should know that Xanatos isn't behind this particular nefarious plot."

Response recorded on September 15, 2009

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G2008 Radio Play

G2008 Radio Play (Chapter VII)


NOVEMBER 2, 6:46AM EST. Scarab Corp. Coldsteel looks on, as David Xanatos installs a diamond inside Coyote 5.0.

And what would that be?

It’s called the Coyote Diamond…

Chapter Seven: The Rock.

The stone’s flawless surfaces and clarity increase the speed of--

I’m sorry I asked.

My apologies. I’m sure you’re much more interested in your own situation.

I was under the impression I had free will.

And you do. I promise summoning you was a one-time event. On the other hand, your unit does include a built-in tracking device… which I’m happy to deactivate…


Permanently. All I ask in return is help on one small errand. Are we agreed?

We are agreed.



3:52PM EST. The Labyrinth. Talon cradles Maggie the Cat, as Dr. Jay Sato examines her. Elisa Maza looks on.

How is she, Doc?

28. SATO
Well, her pulse is fine, and her injuries seem to be healing nicely…

See, Derek, I said you were worried over nothing.

30. SATO
But I’m a surgeon. Treating someone in Maggie’s… “condition” is really not my area.

Not anyone’s, Dr. Sato. Anyone we dare trust anyway.

32. SATO
It’s as if you’ve revealed a new world to me…

Yep, you’re a medical pioneer.

34. SATO
Pioneer or not, she needs an O.B.


4:50PM EST. Eyrie Building. As the sun sets, Owen Burnett and Macbeth wait for Goliath to wake. NOVEMBER 2, 5:12PM EST. Inside the Great Hall, Macbeth addresses Goliath, Brooklyn, Hudson, Angela, Broadway, Bronx and Lexington.

It’s called the Stone of Destiny. For centuries the kings of Scotland were crowned upon it at Scone…

Magic talking stone. We’ve heard of it.

Yes, well, the English stole it. Now, after eight hundred years, it’s finally being returned. I’m asking for your help to ensure it gets to Scotland safely.

Don’t you have… minions… for this?

We’ve parted ways. Please, Goliath. Many â€" including your landlord â€" would stop at nothing to get the Stone.

I have been wounded twice in one week. I am healed â€" but not whole. But my second, Brooklyn, can lead Broadway, Lexington and Angela to join your quest.

Yeah, we’re goin’ to Scotland!!

Well, England to start with--

I don’t know, Goliath, if you’re recovering, maybe this is the wrong time to send me overseas.

Ah… Yes. You are needed here. Hudson may lead this expedition.

Owen, watching the exchange by closed circuit, talks on the phone to Xanatos, who’s about to board a private plane.

47. OWEN
Yes, Macbeth, Hudson, Broadway, Angela and Lexington… Shall I attempt to stop them?

That won’t be necessary. I believe I’ve planned for this contingency.

Back in the Great Hall, Angela whispers in Broadway’s ear.

Uh… yeah… Manhattan’s dangerous right now. Me and Angela’ll stay too. To help Brooklyn.

That’s great. Thanks.

Macbeth, Brooklyn, Goliath, Broadway, Owen & Xanatos sit. SHARI STANDS.

NOVEMBER 3, 5:29AM EST. Nightstone Unlimited. Shari and Thailog are in Dominique Destine’s office.

The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of two brothers who both loved the same female. And though all strife comes to an end one way or another, some conflicts refuse to stay dead. Xanatos and Demona used science and sorcery to create a monster from fragments of all three gargoyles, their bodies and souls. But in the end, the souls were segregated into Coldstone, Coldfire and Coldsteel. It’s really a timeless love story.


3:00PM GMT. London. A private jet lands. Customs Officials greet Macbeth, as workers wheel two large crates from the plane’s hold.

Lennox Macduff?


Welcome to England, sir. Anything to declare?

Works of art for my home in Berkeley Square.

Have to have a look in, sir.

Of course.

The crates are opened, revealing Lexington and Hudson, frozen in stone. 4:30PM GMT. Macbeth waits on the roof of his Berkeley Square Townhouse for Hudson and Lexington to wake. The sun sets. 5:07PM. It’s past sunset. Hudson and Lex are STILL frozen in stone. 6:15PM. Night. No change. 7:01PM. Macbeth grows concerned. 7:45PM. Hudson and Lex finally wake.

<awakening roars>

Whoa, I don’t feel so hot… and look how dark it is? How long have we been asleep?

Welcome, lad, to the wonderful world of jetlag. Don’t worry. You’ve got ten days to adjust before they move the Stone.


NOVEMBER 4, 5:30AM EST. Nightstone. Thailog soaks in a jacuzzi. Shari sits nearby.

The story is told -- though who can say if it be true-- of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham… who fled the wrath of his brother Esau to a place he would call Bethel, where he laid his head upon a stone and had a wondrous vision!

5:35AM EST. J.F.K.

Flight 994, now boarding all rows…

Can you believe it? I’m goin’ to Japan!

Shari, Intercom & Vinnie sit. Goliath & Elisa STAND.

9:48PM EST. Goliath’s Tower.

About Halloween… I will not hold you to words spoken when you believed my life hung in the balance.

Even if I want to be held?

I know you care for me. That is not at issue. But what of the things I cannot give you… picnics… normalcy…?

We can have a picnic anytime… and normalcy’s so over-rated.

She runs her fingers through his hair. He takes her into his arms and kisses her.

Goliath & Elisa sit. Shari STANDS.

NOVEMBER 5, 5:31AM EST. Nightstone. Thailog and Shari look out over the city.

The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" that Gathelus, a son of the king of Athens, won many victories for the Pharaoh of Egypt, who rewarded the prince with the hand of his beloved: Pharaoh’s own daughter, Scota. But Gathelus had also befriended Moses, the Hebrew, who warned his young friends of the plagues to befall the Kingdom of the Nile. Gathelus and Scota determined to leave Egypt, and Moses entrusted them with Jacob’s Pillow, the Hebrews’ sacred stone…

NOVEMBER 6, 5:32AM EST. ST. DAMIEN’S CATHEDRAL. Thailog, Shari and Brentwood search for something.

The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" that Gathelus fled Egypt with his wife and the Stone of the Hebrews. He sought landfall on the rocky shores of Samothrace, for Scota was heavy with child and could go no farther. Still destiny blessed them with fine twin sons…

6:00AM EST. Thailog flies Shari across the city. Brentwood follows.

Gathelus and his family would wander the globe for two years before finding a home on the Iberian Peninsula in a place they named the Port of Gathelus, or Portugal. By this time the family had grown: the Athenian prince and Egyptian princess now had four healthy boys in their care not to mention one large Stone.

NOVEMBER 7, 5:33AM EST. Thailog and Shari begin a game of chess.

The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" that after the death of her beloved Gathelus, Scota departed Portugal with her eight sons… only to lose five of the boys at sea… while Scota herself and another son died warrior’s deaths upon landing in Ireland. But her eldest boy, Eremon, and her youngest, Eber Finn, survived, and Eremon was crowned king upon the Stone at Tara.

Shari sits. Xanatos & FOX stand.

2:18PM GMT. Mayfair. Xanatos takes Alexander from Fox.

Darling, if you like the shoes, buy them…

86. FOX
The black manolos in the window… do you have them in a size nine? Lovely. Wrap them up, please.

2:45PM GMT. Fox exits the store.

88. FOX
Mission accomplished.

7:19PM GMT. Fox admires her new shoes in the full-length mirror of her hotel room. Xanatos admires the shoebox.

Darling? Do you still need this shoebox… or might I dispose of it?

Xanatos & Fox sit. Shari & THAILOG STAND.

NOVEMBER 8, 5:34AM EST. Nightstone. Thailog and Shari continue their chess game.

The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of Moses, who led the Hebrews out of Egypt and into the desert… bringing forth water from Jacob’s Pillow to quench their--

You said Moses gave the Stone to Gathelus and Scota before leading the Hebrews out of Egypt!

The story is told…

<pause> Though who can say if it be true? Right. Continue.

The Hebrews passed the Stone down the centuries, until the prophet Jeremiah offered it in dowry to King Eochaid of Ireland when he wed Tamar Tea Tephi, Princess of Judah. Eochaid ensconced the Stone at Tara and dubbed it Lia Fáil.


The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of Cu Chullain, the Hero of Ulster, who championed Lugaid Red-Stripe for king. But when the Lia Fáil would not cry to confirm Lugaid, Cu Chullain was enraged, striking with Gae Bolga, the Spear of Light, and splitting the Stone of Destiny forever!

NOVEMBER 10, 5:37AM EST. Shari captures Thailog’s white knight with her black bishop.

100. SHARI
The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of young Prince Fergus of Ireland, who carried half Cu Chullain’s handiwork to Argyll in what men now call Scotland to found a kingdom called Dalriada. Though a castle called Carbonek found him instead, bringing the Priest-King Pelles and the Archmage Merlin and their request to borrow the Stone of Destiny for a purpose of their own. A purpose fulfilled in Londontown by a sword clep’d Excalibur in a stone clep’d Lia Fáil drawn forth by a boy clep’d Arthur.

NOVEMBER 11, 5:38AM EST. Thailog tips over one of Shari’s black rooks with his white bishop.

102. SHARI
The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of Saint Columba, he who tamed the monster of Loch Ness, before returning to the island of Iona, where Merlin and Pelles had brought the Stone once it had served their purposes. And where Columba laid down his head upon Jacob’s Pillow and breathed his last.

NOVEMBER 12, 5:39AM EST. Shari’s Black Queen is lined up to capture Thailog’s White King.

104. SHARI


106. SHARI
Would you prefer I lost on purpose?

I’d fire you if you did. Don’t you have a story to tell?

108. SHARI
The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of Kenneth MacAlpin, scion of Fergus, who united the Kingdoms of Scotland and was crowned High King upon the Stone at Scone. As would all the Heirs of Scota â€" for the next four hundred years.


NOVEMBER 12, 10:00PM GMT. David Xanatos presses a button on a remote control. NOVEMBER 13, 6:01AM GMT+8. TIBET. Inside the old cave, Coldstone and Coldfire stand over Master Dawa and Sangpo. All react to a noise.

I believe… I believe I can find him…

Coldfire sits.


112. SHARI
The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of Edward the First of England, the Hammer of the Scots, who sicced his mighty Warwolf on his neighbors to the north and took as prize the Stone of Scone, which he installed in the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey, where it has crowned the kings and queens of England down to this very day…

Shari & Thailog sit. Lexington, Macbeth, Hudson, Arthur, GRIFF, AMP & COCO STAND.

NOVEMBER 13, 5:32PM GMT. Hudson and Lex are atop Victoria Tower. Macbeth is below, in front of Westminster Abbey.

All clear. No sign of trouble.

Not expecting trouble tonight. They’re only moving the Stone from the Coronation Chair to the Lantern. It won’t leave the Abbey until tomorrow.

Aye, and the human security is tight as a drum. I’m nae convinced you could break in there with a battering ram.

You’d be surprised.

11:46PM GMT.

<yawn> Still nothing to report. Who exactly are we expecting?

Anyone. Everyone. Just stay alert…

Macbeth spots a shadowy figure and pursues it down into a London Underground Station…

I’m probably on a wild goose chase, lads. But in case I’m not, you’d better head this… way…

That could be a problem…

Arthur Pendragon puts Excalibur to Macbeth’s throat. Meanwhile, on Victoria Tower, Hudson and Lex are surrounded by gargoyles.

By the blade of Excalibur, what are you up to now, Macbeth?

King Arthur?! I’m here to protect the Stone of Destiny!

Then our two quests are one and the same!


The gargoyles!!

They’ll be at each other’s throats!!

131. GRIFF
Hudson! Lexington! Bloody lovely to see you again!

You too, Griff!

Aye, lad. The badduns’ll have no chance at that Stone now!

NOVEMBER 14, 5:28AM. Macbeth radios Lex.

It’ll soon be dawn. You and Hudson go with Griff. Arthur and I will stand vigil through the day.

Arthur & Macbeth sit.

5:33AM GMT. Griff, Hudson, Lex and the other two gargoyles glide over London.

Are we headed to Soho? Goliath said you have a store there…

138. GRIFF
We do. But I thought I’d take you home instead. To our clan--

139. AMP
To Knight’s Spur!

140. COCO
You know, Griff, I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced to your Yank friends…

<Hmph> Watch who you’re callin’ a Yank, lass…

142. GRIFF
Where are my manners? Hudson, Lexington, this is Constance.

143. COCO
My friends call me Coco.

144. GRIFF
And this is Staghart.

145. AMP
My friends call me Amp!

146. COCO
Nobody calls you Amp, luv.

I’ll call you Amp.


149. GRIFF
Welcome to Knight’s Spur…

7:20AM. Atop Knight’s Spur, Old Pog, Hudson, Griff, Lex, Amp, Coco and Lunette sleep as stone.

Hudson, Lexington, Griff, Amp & Coco sit. Arthur & Macbeth STAND.

7:48AM. Macbeth and Arthur sip coffee outside a Nightstone’s café.

…Mortally wounded in 542. So they shipped me off to some magic hill and put me to sleep for a thousand four hundred fifty-three years.

Sounds lovely.

And you?

Deal with a demon in 1040. Officially died in 1057. Been sleepwalking for nine hundred thirty-nine years.

<pause> Guess I got the better bargain.

Ach, I try not to dwell these days. So here’s to the immortals. There aren’t many like us…

Arthur & Macbeth sit. Shari STANDS.

NOVEMBER 14, 5:42AM EST. NIGHTSTONE. Shari places her black knight in front of Thailog’s white knight.

159. SHARI
The story is told â€" though who can say if it be true â€" of Robert the Bruce of Scotland, who defeated the English at Bannockburn with the help of an Irish ally, Cormac MacCarthy. With the victory, came a prize: a fragment of the Fatal Stone that England had taken from Scone. This fragment, the Bruce gave to MacCarthy, whose descendents had it installed at Blarney Castle, where it is said to grant the gift of gab. I’ve kissed it myself a time or two…

Shari sits. Hudson, Macbeth & Arthur STAND.

NOVEMBER 14, 6:32PM GMT. Knight’s Spur. Hudson, Macbeth and Arthur confer in a book-lined study.

Lex, Griff, Constance and Staghart sent you home to rest then…

Aye, Hudson. We’ll catch a few hours sleep then head back out. But you…?

I had some questions for the Pendragon. Weren’t you on a quest to find your wizard?

Indeed. And Sir Griff and I searched for Merlin in all the obvious places. But to no gain. So I’ve been “doing research” on Merlin… and on myself.

Hudson examines a copy of Le Morte D’Arthur by Thomas Malory.

So many books… are any of them true?

All things are true… few things are accurate.

Aye. No bloody kidding.

Hudson contemplates this.

Hudson, Macbeth & Arthur sit.

Tomorrow, Chapter VIII...

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Thorgrimur writes...

I would like to ask a few questions about Preston Vogel. For some reason, I actually like him more than Owen.
1. Does Puck have any liking for Vogel?. Did he create the Owen persona more to honour or mock Vogel?
2. How did Vogel and Owen get along when they were both working at Cyberbiotics?
3. Did Vogel get to keep the fee he was paid by Fox for sabotaging the Cybots in "Outfoxed"?
4. (This has been asked before, but not properly answered). In the Silver Falcon story memo, there is a line refering to "Vogel's murder" (the exact line was: "Vogel's murder in the other premise, was never gonna fly". What was that about?

Greg responds...

1. I think Puck was amused by Vogel and wanted to do him one better.

2. Owen got along fine with Vogel. Vogel was somewhat disconcerted by Owen, for reasons he could not quite put his finger on.

3. Good question.

4. I don't recall. But clearly an earlier draft of the writer or story editor's premise had Vogel being murdered, and I was saying that would never get past S&P.

Response recorded on July 03, 2009

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James writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I just bought Season Two: Volume One on DVD, and while I was watching "City of Stone," I thought about something regarding Owen and Puck. If Owen were to be destroyed while he was in his stone state, what would happen to Puck? It seems that the only magic Puck can do in his Owen state is the ability to switch back to his Puck state. If so, then would Puck be destroyed too if Owen was destroyed since he would have no way to protect himself, or would Puck just reform somehow like the Banshee and Anansi do later in the show?

Thanks in advance for any response. I love the show, and I am awaiting Clan-Building: Volume Two.

Greg responds...

Puck would be dead.

Response recorded on June 29, 2009

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Bazell writes...

For that matter, what was Owen/Puck doing when Demona summoned him? Doing a task for Xanatos? Making a sandwich?

Greg responds...

A smoothie, I think. Tropical blend. Non-alcoholic, of course. But with a little umbrella.

Response recorded on June 26, 2009

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Matt writes...

What was Owen/Puck doing when Demona summoned him in "The Mirror"? Did he just up and dissapear or something? Did anyone witness this?

Greg responds...

Nothing significant.

Pretty much.

Probably not.

Response recorded on June 26, 2009

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Clark Cradic writes...

In your opinion who do you think is more powerful: the Weird Sisters or Puck? I ask because I've noticed that they're the only ones of Oberon's Children who consistantly fight or aid the Gargoyles and I was curious what would happen if they ever came into conflict.
Also Oberon forbid his Children from harming or interfering with humans, did he forbid his Children from fighting amongst themselves? Again I ask cause I wonder why Grandmother didn't fight Raven herself.
Finally, why does Oberon even care what he or his race do to mankind? It's a little suprising that a being so powerful could have compasion for such 'mere mortals'.

Greg responds...

I guess I'd guess that the Sisters are more powerful, since at the very least there are three of them. But of course Puck's a trickster, and really the question seems a bit pointless.

Oberon did not forbid the Children from fighting among themselves. But Grandmother wasn't fighting for herself, but for the island. Plus, there's some question as to whether she could have beaten Raven in a straight-up head to head fight. Especially since fighting is clearly NOT her way.

I'm way more powerful than my dogs and cat, but I have a lot of compassion for them, and certainly wouldn't want anyone to harm them.

Response recorded on June 19, 2009

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OTHELLO writes...

In the "City of Stone" Part 1. How does Demona restrain Owen into a chair when shes speaking the "Stone By Night" spell?

Greg responds...

This has been answered before. I'll refer you to the ASK GREG archives and to my ramble on that episode.

Response recorded on April 06, 2009

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Matthew writes...

I hope this question hasn't been asked before. I looked over the archives, but there are a lot archives and I may have missed it. Is Owen vulnerable to iron? I know in his Puck form he is, but as Owen he's basically human.

Greg responds...

He's no more vulnerable than you or I, though he might... shy away from it, unconsciously.

Response recorded on March 31, 2009

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Kevin Shane writes...

Did Xanatos share Owen's identity as Puck with Fox? I assume he did, but would there be a reason not to?

Greg responds...

Yes, eventually.

Response recorded on September 16, 2008

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Wesley Nichols writes...

I once heard/ read that when the Midsummer Nights Dream was performed during William Shakespears time, Puck was usually portrayed by a child (can't remember where I heard this, but I believe it was an english teacher in high school). Did you ever consider giving puck the appearance of a child?

Greg responds...

I've never heard that, and it doesn't sound too likely to me. So... no.

Response recorded on August 11, 2008

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Matt writes...

1. In what spinoffs would we see Banshee and Rory Dugan?

2. Why is the Banshee's voice more painful and even lethal to humans while gargoyles seem to be less affected by it (though still painful)?

3. In your timeline you've indicated that Banshee informed Puck of the coming Gathering. How did Banshee discover that the Gathering was soon at hand?

4. What is the Banshee's relationship with Puck? Why did she inform him of the Gathering?

5. While the Banshee has Oberon's metal plate over her mouth, can she still transform into Molly or Cromm-Cruach? If so, does the plate remain in place or is that strictly a feature of her Banshee form?

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. I'm not saying. Though I ALSO have an idea for them to get their OWN spin-off.

2. That sounds like a good question for our Gargoyle Biology and Culture panel. Although the easy answer is that gargoyles are just tougher monkeys.

3. From Goliath, Elisa and Angela. Of course, she's actually misinterpreted their appearance in her midst. So she's only accidentally correct when she tells Puck.

4. They are sympatico on one point. They didn't want to return to Avalon at that time.

5. The plate adapts to her form. Oberon knows she can change shape, so I can't imagine he wouldn't have taken something that fundamental for granted. Of course, instead of transforming into Molly, she could glamour into Molly and make the gag invisible. But she still wouldn't be able to talk.

Response recorded on August 05, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

I'm new to all this just reading through Ask Greg, While I was wandering around something caught my attend whih was in VII. Family Xanatos & Owen/Puck question 8. Does Owen have a love life? If so, do we know his romantic interest? And Your respond, Yes he does, but we do not know who she is, but however she is human. Now here is my question, is it only owen who loves her, or does puck also care for this woman?

Thank you for your time

Greg responds...

I'm not answering this at this time.

Response recorded on June 10, 2008

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Gipdac writes...

Seeing "Reckoning" when Demona was explaining to Angela how she survived over a thousand years made me think, how much does anyone really know about her immortality; for example during "City of Stone" she lied to Xanatos about it, so…
1. How much of Demona's true story (about MacBeth, her immortality, the Weird Sisters, her clan after Wyvern, the Hunter(s), etc.) does Angela really know?
2. How much does Thailog know about Demona's true story?
3. How much does Xanatos know about Demona's true story?
4. How much does Puck/Owen know about Demona's true story?
5. How much do Goliath and the rest of the Manhattan clan know about Demona's true story?

Greg responds...

1. Very little.

2. Very little.

3. Very little.

4. Quite a bit.

5. Very little.

Response recorded on May 21, 2008

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Beatrice writes...

I've heard you hate what if questions, but I have a question that's been rattling in my head...

Puck's spell has her turn human in day and gargoyle at night. So my question is if she were to have another child, would it be affected by the spell? And if not is it because Puck's spell directed at her?

Greg responds...

This has been answered before. Check the ASK GREG archives.

Response recorded on April 15, 2008

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Zabrian writes...

Now i noticed and a may be wrong but Titania seemed less effected by iron as did puck then Oberon himself. I was wondering if maybe this was because they are less Allergic to it being his children, and is Titania just less effected in general?

Greg responds...

They're not LITERALLY his children. And I'm not sure why you say they were less effected?

Response recorded on April 14, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

How can Owen/Puck have a relationship when he can't age?

Greg responds...

How does one thing preclude the other?

Response recorded on April 08, 2008

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Mera writes...

Hi, Greg.

I’m compelled to tell you that I have never been interested in comics much less read them until Gargoyles and BUFFY/ANGEL (they are the only ones I read and I have every issue). I had a dream once about you and Joss Whedon collaborating in something but I woke up before I saw what it was. Therefore, please keep up the amazing work in bringing out the comics (or show if the stars align) and maybe, who knows, one day I can see both your names on something I’m reading/watching. My selfish fantasies have come true before.

Here’s the question. Even though I adore all the characters Gargoyles had brought to life for me, I, as everyone have a soft one for one or two particular characters. Depending on how you look at it. Will Owen (or Puck) ever get his own storyline or particular focus? Not asking about romance, unless there is one! Won’t say no about it. But he is a very interesting character and I hope for us to see more of him and his sharp witty one-liners.


Greg responds...

Given enough issues, the answer is yes, of course.

Response recorded on March 17, 2008

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Queen of Night writes...

Wow, I had no idea Bad Guys was already out. It's been a busy month. But I got a lot of thinking time since I've been on medical leave and I came up with these little gems.

1. OK, in the case of Owen/Puck you've said that Owen is fully human and can't do magic unless he's Puck (as far as I know anyway) and that rule applies to all Faeries. However, Fox is the offspring of Titania as a human and Reynard but she and her son are able to cast spells. I've read a few things about the differences between human and faerie magic but the only times we've seen magic in humans is through an object of some sort i.e. the Grimoire, the Eye of Odin, the Pheonix Gate ect. So what kind of magic do Fox and Alex (and presumely Merlin) use? If human why don't they need an object; if Fairy how?

2. I'm a HUGE fan of Midsummer's Night Dream but there is one thing that has irritaed me even when I was 10 years old. You switched the roles of Titania and Oberon. In the play Oberon was the consort though he was King of the Elves, Titania was the Queen of Fairies. What made you switch their roles?

3. I know you'll hate this question but is Mab plotting the destruction of Titania and Oberon or is she just gonna destroy us all outright?

Thanks for the answers!

Greg responds...

1. Mortal sorcery doesn't enter into it. Owen is a mortal construct, able to do no magic except transform into Puck. Fox is half-human/half Child of Oberon. Alex is 3/4 human, 1/4 Child. Merlin is half and half. What isn't clear about this?

2. I've read and seen Midsummer easily 100 times. In what way did I switch their roles? Are you sure you're not allowing your interpretation of the play to influence your interpretation of what we did on the show?

3. I don't hate the question, but I have no intention of answering it at this time.

Response recorded on January 15, 2008

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

January 12th...

Owen Burnett defeats David Xanatos in a judo match, causing Xanatos to fear he is losing his edge. Xanatos first meets with the Emir is that afternoon. That evening on Elisa Maza's first night back on the job, she is assigned a new partner: Matt Bluestone. She brings a television set up to the gargoyles, who are now ensconced in their new home in the Clock Tower above the 23rd Precinct House. Meanwhile, Xanatos donates the Eye of Odin to the Museum of Modern Art and is interviewed on television by Travis Marshall. Later that night, Xanatos - dressed in Gargoyle Battle Armor - steals the Eye back for his private collection. Simultaneously, two Steel Clan Robots are seen at other locations in the city, leading people to believe that gargoyles are on the loose.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

January 5th...

Convinced that David Xanatos is responsible for Elisa Maza's disappearance, Talon leads the Trio in an attack on the Eyrie Building. Xanatos and Owen Burnett test out their new (Thailog motivated) security system and Owen's new stone fist. Ultimately, however, they allow the foursome to fruitlessly search the place once Xanatos discovers that Goliath and the others are missing. Meanwhile, Fang has staged a coup down in the Labyrinth. He takes Talon prisoner upon his return. Maggie the Cat, however, escapes with Claw's aid and seeks help at the Clock Tower. After sundown, Brooklyn leads the gargoyles and Maggie against Fang and his minions. Talon is freed and Fang is captured.

Dingo, Matrix, Hunter, Yama and Fang are approaching an island when their battle-copter Redemption is blown out of the sky.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

January 4th...

Edward the Confessor dies of natural causes. His brother-in-law, Harold Godwinson, succeeds him.

Goliath, Lexington, Bronx and Brooklyn return to Castle Wyvern atop the Eyrie Building but are intercepted by Elisa Maza, Hudson and Broadway, who finally manage to convince Goliath to follow Elisa to their new home at the Clock Tower above the 23rd Precinct -- but not before Goliath warns Owen Burnett that the clan will some day return. David Xanatos is finally released from jail that morning and returns to the castle. He starts serving his probation. Later that day, Xanatos goes to Gen-U-Tech Systems to observe Anton Sevarius' progress. Sevarius has successfully cloned Goliath and begins to accelerate the growth of "Thailog".

Hudson and the Trio have been searching for Goliath and Bronx to no avail. Broadway, realizing that Elisa Maza is missing too, brings her cat Cagney back to the Clock Tower. Brooklyn resists taking the reins of leadership, but he does go to visit Talon and Maggie the Cat in the Labyrinth, where homeless humans like Al, Chaz and Lou have joined the Mutates in what is supposed to be a free society of outcasts. Broadway visits Matt Bluestone next, but Matt is equally in the dark over his partner's disappearance. Lex eavesdrops on Elisa's parents and learns they are also worried. Meanwhile on Queen Florence Island, Elisa and the gargoyles find each other again, and then find Grandmother as she transforms into the Thunderbird. Grandmother later admits that she was undergoing these transformations to convince Natsilane to take up arms against Raven to save the island. When Natsilane meets the gargoyles, he is convinced. The gargoyles and Natsilane battle Raven and drive him away. With Raven gone, Grandmother is able to heal the island. The travelers again return to Avalon, where it is six in the morning, causing Goliath, Angela and Bronx to turn to stone.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

January 3rd...

Macbeth attacks the gargoyles at the Eyrie Building, capturing Lexington, Brooklyn and Bronx. Elisa Maza, who is largely recovered but still on crutches from being shot, again tries to convince Goliath to leave the castle. He won't listen, but after Goliath departs to find the others, she manages to convince Hudson and Broadway that the castle is no longer their home. They take the Grimorum Arcanorum from Owen Burnett and leave the castle. Meanwhile, Bronx escapes and leads Goliath back to Macbeth's mansion. Macbeth and Goliath battle, Macbeth revealing that his true target is Demona. Macbeth's mansion is damaged by fire, and the gargoyles escape.

The travelers depart Avalon again, arriving on Queen Florence Island off the west coast of Canada, where they immediately encounter Grandmother in the form of a Sea Monster. Elisa is separated from the others and washes ashore, where she is found by Grandmother and Natsilane, the chief of the local Haida band. Elisa is alive, but gravely ill. Grandmother helps heal her. That night, Goliath, Angela and Bronx encounter Raven posing as a gargoyle.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

December 23rd...

Broadway and Brooklyn manage to lead "Macbeth" away from "Hudson", but Broadway is caught mid-air when sunrise causes him to turn to stone. Elisa Maza barely manages to save him. After the sun sets again, "Macbeth" destroys "Hudson", and a grief-stricken Goliath destroys what is revealed to be a Macbeth robot. Back at the castle, the real Hudson escapes David Xanatos on his own and is reunited with his clan. Owen Burnett tests the Cauldron of Life, which turns one of his hands permanently to stone.

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TiniTinyTony writes...

In "Double Jeopardy", Owen has been quoted in saying that Thailog is smarter than Xanatos. In your opinion,
a) does this statement remain to be a true from your point of view?
b) Is a character's intelligence something you consciously think about when writing his/her dialogue? For example, have you ever written dialogue for a character and said to yourself, "This doesn't sound like something this character would say!"?
c) Who is THE smartest character in the Gargoyle Universe, right now in 1996? Does any one particular character stand out in your mind?

Greg responds...

a. "remain to be a true" ?? I'm guessing that's a typo of some kind, but I'm not entirely sure what you meant. Is it true? Well, it was certainly true in that one instance -- in the sense that Xanatos was clearly outsmarted. But only time will tell if over the long haul a smarts champion can be declared.

b. Yes.

c. Smart in what sense?

Response recorded on December 21, 2007

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The Barracuda writes...

Just to clear something up, are David Xanatos and Owen Burnett's private offices actually in the castle, or below in the Eyrie building? Both offices have a very modern construction motif, and the massive window that frames the wall behind Xanatos' desk doesn't appear anywhere on the castle's exterior (unless I missed it). Plus, the hallway that appears behind the double doors of his office also appears very modern. Thanks.

Greg responds...

Both are in the castle.

Response recorded on December 20, 2007

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Lucy_Lopez writes...

How old is Owen? Also as he ages does Puck age?

Greg responds...

1. A few years...

2. He doesn't age much... see the archives for a more detailed response.

Response recorded on December 18, 2007

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Anonymous writes...

Hiya Greg. Just curious - what are your thoughts, if any, on Puck's sexual orientation? Not that I expect a straight answer...so to speak! ;) Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

Not answering this at this time.

Response recorded on December 12, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 28th...

Elisa Maza, Broadway and Lexington are lured to Long Island after midnight by a false tip. They are assaulted by a creature that appears to be Goliath. That morning, mercenaries hired by Anton Sevarius steal a stone Thailog from David Xanatos. After sunset, they deliver their prize to Sevarius on an oil rig just off the coast of Long Island. Not long after, Elisa, Goliath, Broadway and Lex return to Long Island to investigate Goliath's mysterious look-alike. They find a Gen-U-Tech Systems tracking device. Meanwhile, Xanatos receives a ransom call demanding twenty million dollars in exchange for the creature. He and Owen Burnett quickly deduce that Sevarius is behind the gargoyle-napping. At Gen-U-Tech, Lexington and Broadway discover the truth about Goliath's clone Thailog. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Xanatos' security team begins searching for the Loch Ness Monster.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 17th...

Tony Dracon steals hi-tech weapon prototypes from Xanatos Enterprises. Elisa is put on the case and confronts Dracon, who later orders Glasses to sell a few of the weapons on the street. Broadway rushes off to see the movie Showdown again and then goes to Elisa's loft for a bite to eat. He accidentally shoots her with her own gun and rushes her to Manhattan General Hospital. He does not return to the castle.

At the behest of Fox, the cybots are reprogrammed by Preston Vogel to sabotage Fortress-2. Goliath and Renard join forces to defeat them and save the ship. In the end, Vogel has a change of heart and assists. Early that morning, Fox confronts Renard, informing her father of her pregnancy. Owen learns from Xanatos that Fox is pregnant and begins making preparations for a possible attack from the Children of Oberon.

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Linda Rose writes...

Q1.) Since Owen was absent during Cloud Fathers. Have you any thoughts on how you think Puck/Owen would have reacted to Xanatos's intent on capturing Coyote? (Considering how the Puck initially seemed to take been captured himself by Demona. Is that why he was left out of the episode?)

Q2a.) Why did not the Puck include Owen the illusion in Future Tense?
Q2b.) Have you any thoughts on how Puck would he have explained Owen's absence if Goliath had asked what became of him?

Q3.) I noticed the Egyptian slave manacles on the Pucks arms.
Was this meant to represent the fact that Oberon treats Puck more like a slave than a servant or did they just look cool in the drawings?

Q4.) It's been mentioned that Puck resets Owens age to the point of His and Xanatos's original 'Lifetime of loyal Owen service deal' agreement every time he transforms back and forth, from Puck to return to Owen.
But if Alex where to die and consequently Owen could never again become the Puck, would this result in Owen growing old and the Puck/Owen dying?
(Baring any intervention that is.)

Q5.) Did Puck/Owen's 'Lifetime of loyal Owen service, with no interference from the Puck Deal' come before or after Xanatos's and Demona's introduction meeting and resulting alliance?

Q6.) If 'before' was the answer to the question above… You have stated and it is hinted in the show that Demona knew Owen was Puck and when asked how, you stated that Puck/Owen introduced her and Xanatos.
But for Demona to know this wouldn't it have meant that Puck had revealed his true identity to Demona?
Wouldn't this be breaking the 'no interference from the Puck' in the terms of the 'Lifetime of loyal Owen service deal' he made with Xanatos?
Or the no meddling rules of lord Oberon?

Thank You in Advance. :)

Greg responds...

1. Owen was in New York, running things for David. I'll leave his potential (Puckish) reaction to your imagination, but I doubt in his "role" as Owen that he would have reacted at all.

2a. What purpose would it have served? (Owen's voice is in there, though.)

2b. Haven't given it any thought.

3. You'd have to ask the designer.

4. Hypothetically, yes.

5. Before.

6. Demona knows his identity. I won't go into the circumstances of that knowledge at this time.

Response recorded on November 16, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 15th...

While Elisa again tries to convince Goliath to abandon the castle, they are attacked by a Steel Clan Robot. Goliath destroys it, but Owen uses the opportunity to acquire some of Goliath's genetic material.

The Pack attempts to rob a bank. The gargoyles try to stop them. Goliath is badly injured - allowing the Pack to escape. Hudson informs Goliath that he needs to choose one of the Trio to be his Second-in-Command.

1:16am EST - [withheld]

5:02am EST - [withheld]

5:05am EST - [withheld]

5:12am EST - [withheld]

5:38am EST - [withheld]

5:40am EST - [withheld]

5:43am EST - [withheld]

7:00am EST - [withheld]

7:36am EST - [withheld]

8:06am EST - [withheld]

8:07am EST - [withheld]

9:23am EST - [withheld]

10:59am EST - [withheld]

11:04am EST - [withheld]

3:13pm EST - [withheld]

3:15pm EST - [withheld]

8:06pm EST - [withheld]

8:07pm EST - [withheld]

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 11th...

Lex finishes fixing the motorcycle, and Brooklyn takes it for a ride. He is attacked by a motorcycle gang that destroys the bike. Demona comes to his aid and convinces him that humans are a danger to the clan. He agrees to help her make Goliath see the truth through magic. Xanatos' jail sentence is officially recorded. It immediately becomes clear to Elisa that he will only have to serve half of his sentence, after time off for good behavior. Elisa finds a good home for the gargoyles in the Clock Tower above her precinct house.

Everyone converges at PackMedia Studios. Xanatos puts an end to the broadcast, but the spell is still in force. Macbeth attacks Demona, but she escapes. Goliath and Xanatos agree to team up to defeat Demona and end the spell. At dawn, the gargoyles all turn to stone. At the same time, the transformed humans become flesh again, without any memory of what had happened to them. Owen informs Xanatos that they need to set the sky on fire to break the spell. They begin preparations to do just that. When Elisa learns that the broadcast originated at the Xanatos-owned PackMedia Studios, she confronts Owen at the Eyrie Building. Both turn to stone at sundown. Shortly thereafter, the gargoyles arrive.

5:38am EST - [withheld]

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 10th...

Macbeth sees enough of the broadcast to realize what Demona is up to. Elisa goes to the Clock Tower to wait for the gargoyles to awaken. At sundown, Owen, Fox and Elisa (as well as most of the humans in Manhattan) turn to stone. The gargoyles awaken at sundown and discover Elisa and the other stone humans. (Thailog also awakens at sundown. With no one at the castle to warn him, he watches Demona's spell on television and immediately turns to stone. He will remain stone in the television room, 24 hours a day until the spell is broken. But he has had his first exposure to Demona.) The gargoyles stop at Robbins' house. Being blind, he was unaffected by Demona's spell. They begin to search the city for Demona, who's on a killing spree, destroying stone humans in the streets. Separately, Macbeth and Xanatos also seek Demona.

5:37am EST - [withheld]

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 9th...

The city honors Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez. Terrorists take hostages (including Brendan & Margot) at a bank. The gargoyles intervene and have their first encounter with the Weird Sisters. Wolf sees television coverage of the bank robbery and decides that he and the Pack are going to turn to a life of crime. Meanwhile, Demona and Xanatos initiate their plan to secure immortality by stealing a minute of life from everyone who watches their hijacked broadcast. However, Demona was fooling Xanatos, and actually succeeds in using the broadcast to turn everyone who watches into stone at night. Owen, Fox, Elisa and most of the humans in Manhattan see the broadcast. Xanatos does not watch.

5:36am EST - [withheld]

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 5th...

Owen tells Xanatos the results of his Gargoyles vs. The Pack experiment. With Fox and Wolf under arrest, The Pack television series is quickly cancelled. Dingo flees to Europe.

Fox arrives at the Eyrie with Xanatos' father, Petros. That night, Goliath decides to attend the wedding. He brings his half of the Phoenix Gate along. Fox and David are married. Demona tricks Goliath into giving her his half of the Gate. She then uses it to travel back in time to the year 975. Goliath, David, Fox and Petros Xanatos go too. Seconds later, they return, having fulfilled their roles in the time-stream. That same night, Thailog, who had intentionally been kept hidden from Goliath, initiates his plan to steal $20 million from Xanatos.

5:32am EST - [withheld]

6:00am EST - [withheld]

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dph writes...

I have a few questions about the Puck/Owen duality or rather who knows about it.

1. Outside of Goliath's clan living in Manhattan, David Xanatos, Fox, and Alex, how many others know about that duality?

2. Does Thailog know about that duality?

Greg responds...

1. Well, Oberon and Titania know. That's all we know for sure.

2. Why would he?

Response recorded on October 31, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 16th...

When the real Hudson and Goliath return to the Clock Tower, they find Coldstone and are soon convinced that Othello controls his body. They follow Coldstone back to the Eyrie. Minutes later, Iago, Othello and Desdemona return to the Tower in their appropriated bodies. They free Lex, who surmises that Iago must now be in control of Coldstone and has tricked Goliath and Hudson into declaring war on Xanatos. The real Iago, still posing as Brooklyn, suggests that they destroy the Coldstone body once and for all. Othello agrees, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that this action would strand the various souls in their new bodies. At the Eyrie, Puck uses the Coldsteel and Coldfire robots to capture Goliath and Hudson. The others arrive soon after. Iago knocks Lex unconscious to take him out of the action, but when Lex recovers, the spirit of Alexander enters his body. Puck, meanwhile, uses Coldstone's body to take down Angela/Desdemona and Broadway/Othello. Brooklyn/Iago tries to make off with Desdemona, but Puck uses Coldsteel and Coldfire to stop him. After some further conflict, Lex/Alex transfers Iago, Othello and Desdemona into Coldsteel, Coldstone and Coldfire, respectively. Coldsteel flees, and Coldstone and Coldfire take off in pursuit. Puck returns Alexander to the nursery and transforms back into Owen just before Xanatos and Fox return.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 16th...

Xanatos and Owen make a third attempt to transfer the souls of Iago and Desdemona into independent robot bodies. It too fails. Later, David and Fox go out for the evening, leaving Alexander in Owen's care. Owen decides to teach Alexander his first lesson in magic. Owen transforms into Puck, then glamours himself and Alexander into dead-ringers for Goliath and Hudson. They "liberate" Coldstone from the Eyrie and take him to the Clock Tower. There, "Goliath" convinces Angela and Broadway to allow the souls of Desdemona and Othello to take up temporary residence inside their bodies. Coldstone is emptied of all three souls, and the Iago soul secretly enters Brooklyn. "Goliath" and "Hudson" then depart, leaving "Brooklyn" in charge. Iago convinces Othello and Desdemona to try out their new bodies. He then follows them to the Statue of Liberty, where he hints that they might keep Broadway and Angela's bodies for themselves. Meanwhile, Puck and Alexander enter Coldstone's body; they grab Lex, tie him up in a corner and gag him.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 5th...

Elisa investigates, encountering first Owen, then Xanatos, then Bronx and finally Goliath. Frightened at seeing a live gargoyle for the first time, she backs away and falls off the building. Goliath saves her life, introduces her to the rest of the clan and agrees to meet her the next night. Early that morning, Xanatos asks Goliath's help to get his disks back. Goliath is reluctant to help. And unbeknownst to him, Xanatos and Demona are planning something. That night, the Trio leaves the castle to explore the city and accidentally trashes the motorcycle of a man named Vinnie. Goliath and Hudson keep the rendezvous with Elisa, who more or less gives Hudson his name. Hudson retreats to the castle with Bronx - where they discover television and lounge chairs. Meanwhile, Goliath and Elisa rescue an ungrateful Margot Yale and Brendan Quarters from muggers, before being attacked in Central Park by the Commandos from the night before.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

September 28th...

Tom, Mary and other refugees are given shelter from rampaging Vikings at Castle Wyvern.

Michaelmas Eve. Tom and the Magus get the eggs out of Edinburgh Castle. Finella drugs Constantine so that Katharine can escape, and flees with the Princess, Tom, Mary, the Magus and the eggs. The Magus brings them all to the mystic island of Avalon. He is forced to battle the Weird Sisters to achieve the island. He turns them into owls but is unable to take the Grimorum with him. Finella and Mary agree to take the book and keep it safe from Constantine. They depart. Katharine, Tom and the Magus land on Avalon with the eggs. The two time-traveling Archmages witness all this and rescue the Weird Sisters from their owl-state. The Archmages and the Sisters form an alliance. They agree to meet again in the year 1020.

Vinnie Grigori is born in New York.

In Paris, Demona steals the Praying Gargoyle statue from Notre Dame Cathedral. Confronted by Charles Canmore, the Hunter, she kills him and escapes. Canmore's children, Jason, Robyn and Jon swear vengeance.

At midnight, Demona uses Titania's Mirror to summon Puck. They turn Elisa and all the humans in Manhattan into gargoyles and vice versa. The situation is soon reversed, but Puck arranges it so that Demona is human during the day and a gargoyle at night. Fox contacts Preston Vogel, inducing him to betray her father Halcyon Renard.

Xanatos and his robots track Coldstone down in the Himalayas and disable him.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

September 7th...

Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smyth discover The Scrolls of Merlin in Wales. Elisa confronts Derek about missing the previous Sunday's family dinner. He promises to contact her if he has any trouble with Xanatos. That night, Maggie the Cat is allowed to "escape" from Gen-U-Tech Systems. Brooklyn & Broadway find her and try to help, but she is more frightened of the gargoyles than her pursuers. She is recaptured and taken back to Gen-U-Tech. Owen later informs Xanatos and Derek of unusual expense reports coming out of Gen-U-Tech.

The Illuminati make contact with the Canmore family of Hunters, seeking an alliance. Jason turns them down.

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DarkFaye writes...

Is it just me or are there eire simularities between charecters of Gargoyles and charecters of different shows?
Oberon/Inu no Taisho(Inu Yasha's father)
Owen/Cedric(W.I.T.C.H)(Owen just has shorter hair though)
And Puck/Yue(Card Captor Sakura)
It's really quite freaky.

Greg responds...

If you say so.

I'm unfamilar with Inu Yasha's father and Card Captor Sakura. And although I worked on both Owen and Cedric, I helped create the former and didn't have anything to do with the creation of the latter. I suppose I can see some passing similarities, but they don't seem much alike to me.

Response recorded on September 04, 2007

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Bazell writes...

Did Fox know about Owen/Puck before The Gathering. Though she is suprised by the revelation of her mother's identity? She just doesn't appear startled by the existence of purly magical beings (though, she was preoccupied by worry for her child).

Greg responds...

I'm not sure she did.

Response recorded on August 30, 2007

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patrick writes...

a follow up on my other question, are there plans for puck in the comic? if so are there plans for oberon and titania as well (besides the queen mab thing).

Greg responds...

I'm sure I've answered -- or NOT answered this -- already. Yes, there are plans for EVERYONE eventually.

Response recorded on August 17, 2007

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patrick writes...

were their plans to use the character puck in more episodes, and if there were proposed plans can you explain them?

Greg responds...

Yes. Yes, I could.

Response recorded on August 08, 2007

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Cookingace writes...

Who is/are responsible for the meals of Family Xanatos?
do they have an exclusive family chef or
Xanatos and Owen are already is since both of them know how to cook?
i wonder whether Fox can cook or not..can she??

Greg responds...

Don't have the specifics worked out. I'm sure David, Owen and Fox are all capable enough of preparing a meal, but I doubt that's how they spend most of their time.

Response recorded on July 11, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

July 9th...

The Gathering is nearly complete, bringing Odin, Raven, Anubis, the Lady of the Lake, Anansi, Grandmother, Coyote and Nought (among others) back to Avalon. The Weird Sisters drag the Banshee before Oberon, who punishes her for her pride by silencing her voice. Only Titania and Puck remain absent. Oberon decides to seek out Puck himself, and takes Boudicca along to help with the hunt. In Manhattan, Fox gives birth to Alexander Fox Xanatos. The baby is introduced to his grandparents, Petros Xanatos, Halcyon Renard and Anastasia Renard (and also to Halcyon's assistant Preston Vogel). Owen reacts strangely to the news that Anastasia has remarried her first husband. Not long after, Oberon arrives, searching for Puck. But instead he finds Anastasia and reveals that she is in fact Queen Titania. Titania convinces Oberon that Alexander must be taken away to Avalon in order to nurture his magical potential. Xanatos protests - violently - but to no avail. Oberon gives Fox and David an hour to say goodbye to their son. Xanatos confers with Owen, who reveals security measures against Oberon that he has already put into place. Owen then abandons Xanatos without explanation. At the Clock Tower, Hudson, the Trio and Cagney learn about Alexander's birth, and then happily welcome home Bronx, Elisa and Goliath before being introduced to Angela. All three of the Trio are immediately smitten with her. Goliath brings Cagney and Elisa to their loft. When he returns to the Clock Tower, Anastasia is there. She reveals herself as Titania and asks him to help with the peaceful removal of Alexander. Goliath refuses to cooperate with the abduction of Xanatos' son. The hour having expired, Oberon returns to the Eyrie Building to claim Alexander. With amusement, he watches the evacuation of the building's employees. But he's furious when he realizes that Xanatos has activated Owen's force field to keep him out. He puts every mortal in Manhattan (including Elisa, Cagney, Morgan, Travis, Brendan and Margot) into a deep magical sleep. But the energy field protects the Xanatos family inside the Eyrie, and Goliath's clan is immune, thanks to Oberon's promise back on Avalon. Oberon then uses his magic to increase his size until he is literally as tall as the Eyrie itself. David and Petros Xanatos, the Gargoyles, Owen's Iron Clan Robots, Preston Vogel, Halcyon Renard and his cybots all attempt to prevent Oberon from getting to the child. They wound and weaken the giant, reducing him back to normal size, but are unable to stop him. And Renard's Fortress-2 crashes into Central Park.

[Woof! Big day, huh?]

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

July 8th...

Goliath, Angela, Elisa and Bronx depart Avalon. While aboard the skiff and en route to their next destination, Goliath collapses. In what seems to him like hours, but actually lasts mere seconds, Goliath sees a nightmarish vision of the year 2036 generated by Puck in order to trick Goliath into turning over the Phoenix Gate. Goliath tosses the Gate into the time-stream to prevent Puck - or anyone else - from getting it.

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Anonymous writes...

I know that when Puck takes on a role he tries to completely become that character, but when he's Owen does he also think to himself in his Owen persona at all times? Once he stops being able to change back, it seems like he would at least want to think like he normally would (since he so loves to have fun and play tricks on people, while Owen does not). Just something that I started wondering after a while.

Greg responds...

Wonder away... don't let me stop you.

Response recorded on June 08, 2007

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Titanium Dragon writes...

I have a question about the episode "The Mirror". In it, Demona has Puck in chains (presumaly iron ones, given the nature of the fey). The thing about that episode was that it always felt to me like Puck wasn't really her captive at all, and was really just playing with her and using her as an excuse to do mischief. Was this intentional, or am I reading it wrong?

Greg responds...

All of the above.

Or, if you prefer, "All things are true."

Response recorded on May 04, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

April 30th...

Philibert Aspairt's body is found in the Paris catacombs, very close to an exit.

Per Owen's instructions, Iron Clan Robots are stored at strategic locations near the Eyrie Building.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

April 29th...

Per Owen's instructions, a working force field is installed at the Eyrie Building.

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Grey Wolf writes...

Will there eventually be a happy ending for Puck? I won't ask for details. Where season two left off, he seemed to be in a bit of a 'tough time'. (Although, not as much as some characters) But you know what they say, it has to hurt if it is to heal.

Greg responds...

I don't necessarily believe in endings, happy or otherwise.

Response recorded on April 17, 2007

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Anonymous writes...

I've got to say, Puck is one of my favorite characters (which is funny, because most of my favorite characters aren't the favorites of other people). Maybe it's because he reminds me of my cat, but it's probebly because he has something I've never been very good at getting: a decent sense of humor. Oberon on the other hand..... It took me a while to warm up to him. I like him now though. Because I'm a person who has been taught humility since the age of seven, I think he's waaaaaay too proud. My mom thinks he's a bit of a baby, but she's amused by it. Maybe as a phycologist, she sees something I don't. The following observations and questions are about the two afore mentioned members of the Third Race. I guess they count as one topic....

I was suprised by Oberon's harsh punishment for Puck in 'The Gathering' (expecialy since HE was the one at fault), but I guess his banishment from Avalon could have been a 'So There' kind of thing. In my mom's oppinion (She's a fan too, by the way) Oberon was like 'Oh, it's BORING, is it? I guess you won't mind never coming back then....' and Puck was like 'Well, actually, I was just sort of..... whining.' Later, I thought I hit the moral of the story and told my mom (who was surprised I hadn't gotten it earlier). Our conversation went something like this:
Me: Mom! I think I got the moral of the story!
Mom: Hm?
Me: Your pride doesn't just hurt you; it hurts the people around you!
Mom: ..... Duh.
Yeah... now for some real questions.

1. You said Oberon probebly still cares for Puck. What about Puck still caring for Oberon? After a punishment like that, (which I figure was done more for Oberon's pride than anything else) I might be a little bitter.
2. If this wasn't fair, why didn't Titania say something? Is she still upset about the donkey thing? I can't say I blame her, but we're talking about a way extream punishment here!
3. Will this state of tension be adressed in future stories?

Greg responds...

1. Bitterness and feeling aren't mutually exclusive.

2. If you say so. Titania got her way, largely though.

3. Eventually.

Response recorded on March 13, 2007

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Battle Beast writes...


We wanted that giant pocket watch (or whatever) that Puck pulls out at the end to be a MICKEY MOUSE WATCH... but Disney would just not allow it. They were afraid it would come off as product placement in a kid's show or something.>>

...Because Puck is a mickey Mouse kinda guy???

Greg responds...

Because it was more specific, and thus funnier. Not to mention the in-jokiness of it.

Response recorded on February 08, 2007

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Zeki writes...

When Owen is assissting Xanatos in his less-than-nice plots, does Owen's 'inner Puck' ever feel remorse for it? Does he have any ... I suppose I would call it 'moral disagreements' with what Xanatos does? Trickster or not, Puck doesn't strike me as the type that would get off on ruining people's lives. Can he feel guilt? Or are Oberon's Children above that sort of weakness?

Greg responds...

I don't generalize about Oberon's Children, but I do think you may be giving Puck too much credit. He enjoyed (most) of the events of "The Mirror". He played his very cruel "Future Tense" trick on Goliath. He's a Trickster. I don't see him as being particularly benevolent. I just believe he's developed specific feelings of loyalty toward Xanatos, Alexander and (to a lesser extent) Fox.

Response recorded on January 30, 2007

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Raci writes...

How does Oberon maintain his rule over his Children? So far we've seen that many of them have abilities that could probably kill Oberon like Anubis's ability to manipulate life and death and Puck's ability to rewrite reality or is Oberon just much more powerful than the combined might of his children?

Greg responds...

Than the COMBINED might... no, I doubt it. But do you really think that THAT group could agree on a replacement?

And to address your specific examples, Oberon is clearly more potent than Puck. Puck can't rewrite reality. He can simply send a false vision. SO not the same thing.

And we've seen how rigid Anubis is with his powers.

Response recorded on January 12, 2007

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Idril writes...

hi! I have a question about puck. is he consusly controling owen? like he made himself be owen but deep inside owen is puck actuly thinking puck thoughts but acting like owen. like xanatose has his exosceletin and he wears it, he looks like a robot but he controls it, the exoskeleten dosn't control himself. I mean puck and owen aren't two peaple it's just pucks secret identety sort of. is that right?

Greg responds...

Secret Identity, yeah. But more accurately it's a part that Puck plays and he's determined to be true to character.

Response recorded on January 09, 2007

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The Masked Retriever writes...

My Puck/Owen Ramble:

I didn't see it coming, okay? Maybe I'm thick or something but I did not have the -slightest- clue that Owen was really the Puck. Did. Not. See it. I was blown away, to put it mildly. I fell out of my chair and frothed for a bit. Having managed to see these episodes in order, I'd seen all of Owen's episodes and Puck's and still didn't see it coming. Later, when I re-watched City of Stone, I fell over again: YOU KNEW ALL ALONG!! HINTS!!! EVERYWHERE!!! AGhthth!

As to the stone fist, I'd read it like this: Owen didn't know -what- the cauldron would do, but figured if it was something really bad, he could always get a new hand, given some time. His faith in Xanatos' technology was quite high, and there was ample evidence that Xanatos was developing loyalty-like emotions of his own. (I say loyalty-like because frankly Xanatos is one scary bugger, even post-Gathering.) As for Xanatos, I (wrongly, it turned out) read him as really feeling something there, some shock, some dismay and even sympathy, BUT knowing that the worst thing he could express was sympathy. It's not the Xanatos way to cry over spilled milk, or even a few gallons of spilled blood. You arch an eyebrow, make a mental note, and go on. To me at least, he did Owen a great service by reacting in the most Xanatos way possible, and in fact anything else would have been an insult to what I thought at the time was a huge (but on some level, justified as it IS freaking immortality) sacrifice.

(That last bit works really well even if you know about Puck, but it's far less dramatically heavy and more of a sublimely funny moment the two friends share. To translate the lines into Dude-where's-my-car-ese: "Hey, check it. Human form, human effects." "Huh huh. Awesome." The pair are actually -both- parodying themselves here, Owen being subserviant to the point of near-insanity, and Xanatos blowing it off. I like to think that here Xanatos is kind of thinking to himself "boy, I'm kind of a jerk, aren't I" but having more fun playing the part than any sort of remorse-like emotions.

If I somehow haven't said it enough, holy crap Gargoyles is the awesomeness, I've bought two copies each of the two DVD sets out, and I am obsessed with Xanatos' scary hotness. I have a LiveJournal icon of him from "The Edge" with the words "OMG XANATOS!" blinking underneath it. A toast to the prettiest, scariest, yummiest villain of all time.

Greg responds...

I appreciate your compliments, but I also really LOVE your analysis of the characters. The fact that Owen turned out to be Puck doesn't change most of what you wrote.

As for that revelation, our goal was to shock the audience (or most of it) but still leave them saying, "Of course! Why didn't I see it before?!"

Response recorded on January 08, 2007

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Rhea writes...

'The Mirror' is one of my favorites eps. But one thing bothered me about it when I first found out about Owen being Puck.
Did Puck transform Xanatos into a gargoyle with the rest of the city? Or did his terms/agreement with Xanatos prevent him from doing so?

Greg responds...

If X was in town, he got transformed.

Response recorded on November 13, 2006

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PJ writes...

I've always noticed that Puck has somewhat of an effeminate 'vibe' about him. So I was wondering; is Puck in fact gay/bisexual, or just a bit camp?


Greg responds...

I reject the "camp" notion entirely in this context. Puck is of course a LOT camp. But that has nothing to do with his sexuality.

And I'm not too fond of proscribing gender roles so rigidly that I'd apply the term "effeminate vibe". I know there's nothing negative in your question, even by implication, but I just don't buy into the way you've posed it.

Given all of the above, I'm not inclined to discuss his sexuality one way or another at this time.

Response recorded on November 13, 2006

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Rhea writes...

I have many questions about Owen/Puck.
1) What exactly were the terms Owen/Puck made with Xanatos?
2) Why did Xanatos chose Owen over a chance for immorlity?
3) What does the Xanatos family (even a future Alex) see Owen as? Buisness partner? Friend?
I mean Xanatos saves Owen from braking in 'City of Stone' so he must like him some what. It's not in Xanatos character to just save someone, they must mean something to him, right?
4) How do the gargoyles, Elisa, and Matt see Owen? Do they think he's like Xanatos, or just a man who helps Xanatos out on the sidelines?
5) Does Oberon care for Puck? He seemed upset about punishing Puck in 'The Gathering'.
6) And am I right in thinking that Owen and Fox's mother knew who each other were before 'The Gathering'? If so why didn't Titinia tell Oberon about Puck/Owen?

Greg responds...

1. A lifetime of service as Owen. No magic from Puck.

2. Confidence (or one might say over-confidence). Xanatos found Owen invaluable. He figured he could get immortality some other way.

3. Why wouldn't Xanatos just save someone? Death is wasteful in his opinion. Certainly losing Owen as a resource is EXTREMELY wasteful. But I think coming out of the "Gathering" two-parter, Xanatos may have learned to appreciate Owen a little more as a friend. Owen/Puck made a huge sacrifice for him. I think Fox would see that too. And Alex will grow up thinking of Owen as part of the family.

4. Well at this point, they know he's Puck. I think they trust Owen not to lie -- and or smash them while they sleep. But they also don't trust Owen to tell the truth. He's Xanatos' man for all that. And they don't quite trust Xanatos either.

5. I think he probably does. I'm not sure he'd admit to it.

6. Owen/Puck knew that Anastasia was Titania. Titania (as far as we know) didn't know that Owen was Puck. As far as we know.

Response recorded on November 10, 2006

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DPH writes...

How exactly did you come to realize that Puck and Owen were the same person?

Was it because you looking at who Puck had served and needed somebody?

Greg responds...

I can't believe I haven't answered this before here. But since Todd didn't field this one, I guess I haven't... or at least not here at ASK GREG.

Anyway... No.

We always knew there was something special about Owen, but didn't know what it was at first. Then when we first started working on "The Mirror" and created Puck, it suddenly occured to me that Puck was Owen. An epiphany. I immediately called Brynne Chandler Reaves and Lydia Marano. The conversation went something like this...

Greg: "I just realized: Owen is Puck!"

Brynne & Lydia: "We know!"

It was just so right. The references in "The Mirror" to Puck "serving the human" and in "City of Stone, Part One" to Owen being "the tricky one" were put in post-epiphany.

Response recorded on August 21, 2006

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Ceres writes...

Ok, so I've been checking this place on and off for the last 7 years and only now have I bothered to ask a question. I figured that somebody would've asked it a lot earlier (I searched the archive plenty of times), so I guess it'll fall on my humble shoulders.

Are you ready? *drumroll*

What did Titania whisper to Fox in the end of the Garthering?

*rimshot!* Okay, okay, lame joke! For real this time!

1) When Puck decided to create Owen after seeing Vogel, how fast did that happen? I mean, did he met Vogel a Monday and by Friday Owen was already sending in his resume? Or did he wait a bit, do some type of research to sound more convincing? Did he even NEED to do research? Which brings me to another question...

2) Did Owen... or Puck, for that matter... ever went to college or its 16th century equivalent? I mean, 1000 years is a lot of time to horse around. Did he ever sign up in a comminuty college in a fit of boredom or something? I'm asking because it seems to me the Renard position required a lot of schooling. Puck is great con artist, but can you really bluff you way through a lab/a corporation for years and years? Seems you can't keep it up forever.

Yes, this is what has been nagging me for years until I finally cracked. Yay me, I guess.

Greg responds...

Oh, so you DON'T want to know what Titania whispered. Cuz I was just about ready to tell...

1. I think there must have been a period of observation.

2. I doubt he went to community college. Magic allows for all sorts of short-cuts.

Response recorded on March 07, 2006

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Gipdac writes...

1. Before “The Gathering” did Fox know Puck and Owen were one in the same?
2. When did Vogel start working for Renard?
3a. When did Owen start working for the Renards? 3b. When did Owen start working for Xanatos?
4a. Before “The Gathering” did Titania know Puck and Owen were one in the same? 4b. If the answer is yes, then when did she find out? 4c. How did she find out?
5. Had Vogel and Owen met before Alexander’s birth during “The Gathering”?

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. Prior to 1989.

3a. 1989.

3b. 1991.

4a. In theory, no. But...

4b & c. See 4a.

5. Yes.

Response recorded on February 17, 2006

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Fluffy writes...

Refering to the choice Xanatose made with Owen.
Just how did Owen show himself as puck to Xanatose with out brakeing Oberon's law?

Greg responds...

that's a whole story...

Response recorded on February 03, 2006

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Puckluver writes...

Hey Greg! Can you tell me if the new Gargoyles season actually comes up, will Owen/Puck find his love match then, or will it be later?

Greg responds...

I'm not saying when or what is happening. Blame the comic book.

Response recorded on January 26, 2006

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Vinnie writes...

What are the limits on the binding spell that Oberon put on Puck? From a certain perspective Puck would be protecting Alex by using his magic on Xanatos' enemies. A premptive attack by Puck would spare Alex much trauma, so protecting Alex's emotional state in this way would be as important as protecting his phyiscal state in the result of a direct attack on his person.

Greg responds...

One bends the rules just enough so that they won't break. Besides, Puck has his own ethos... he promised Xanatos a lifetime of service as Owen -- without help from Puck. So he personally doesn't want to just go puckalicious for no reason -- or even for a trumped up reason.

Besides, who says Xanatos has enemies? ;)

Response recorded on November 10, 2005

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Lawrence Matheson writes...

How could Puck reveal himself to Xanitos? Woldn't that be INterviening in Human affairs?P.S any fans of the show who thinks they can answer this question can write to me at opinionsrgood@hotmail.com

Greg responds...

That doesn't seem hard to justify in a bending the rules without breaking them sense.

Response recorded on September 07, 2005

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Question writes...

Is the Puck of Team Atlantis the same Puck of the gargoyles world just in a different shape or is this a totally different character with a different backstory? Would he be a member of the third race? If he is not then what is his backstory?

On the premeise of Team Atlantis are all the phenomenon(Loch Ness Monster, Puck, Terracotta Soldiers) the team encounters caused by the crystals?

Greg responds...

There are things in the Team Atlantis Universe that mesh nicely with the Gargoyles Universe and things that flat out don't. A perfect example is the Loch Ness Monster. Too totally different interpretations of the legend.

In the unfinished and unaired episode of Team Atlantis called "The Last," we would have seen that Gargoyles and Hunters were EXACTLY the same in both universes.

As for Puck... I'll leave that to interpretation. The Puck episode of Team Atlantis was much further along than "The Last" but it was also (to my knowledge) never completed or aired. Because Puck can change forms and because the adventure took place years before Owen hooked up with Xanatos, one could see this as compatible. Certainly the Team Atlantis Puck was less mature than our Owen/Puck, which fits rather nicely with our continuity.

As to whether literally every Team Atlantis episode was crystal driven? I'm not sure. It's been a while, so there may have been one or two that weren't directly Atlantis crystal oriented. But most were.

BUT my big question for the Question is: how do you even know about all these specific unaired Team Atlantis episodes? About Puck or Loch Ness or the Terracotta Warriors?

Response recorded on May 25, 2005

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Akia writes...


I´m a big Owen/Puck fan!
And I asked myself (and now you;))what would be the charakter of his girlfriend? He has two(maybe thousand?)personalitys. But what is it he likes at other peoples personalitys?

Greg responds...

I'm not going into Owen's love life at this time.

Response recorded on April 13, 2005

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Valaine Fea writes...

I´m from Austria and a big Gargoyles fan!:)
Thanks for the show!
Now my question:
Will Owen look like the Owen we know? Or older?
You said he has a love life. In 1996 or in 2198(between?)?

Please excuse me if I said something grammatically wrong. I`m not very good in english;)

Greetings from Vienna,

Greg responds...

Owen will look like Owen, allowing for differences in fashion. I'm not going to go into details of his love life at this time.

Response recorded on April 07, 2005

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Annie Onimous writes...

Was up!
At the end of the episode "the mirror", before Puck got all ticked and did the whole human by day thing, did he seem to sort of loosen up to Demona a bit to you? I thought he started to kinda like her near the end. What do you think greg?

Greg responds...

I think that he had had a good time, and so was genuinely feeling a bit more charitable toward her. And one might argue that his "gift" -- as much as she initially was horrified by it -- was still helpful.

Response recorded on March 29, 2005

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Todd Jensen writes...

In "City of Stone Part Three", Owen suggests to Xanatos that they look through the Grimorum Arcanorum for a way of reversing Demona's spell upon the city. This didn't seem too odd to me at the time, but after I found out that Owen was really Puck in "The Gathering", I started puzzling over it a little. After all, it seems more than likely that Puck, an inherently magical being, would already be aware of the fact that the spells in the Grimorum could only be used by experienced sorcerers, which Xanatos didn't have on hand, without Xanatos needing to tell him that. So I find that a bit puzzling - unless Puck didn't know as much about the "rules" governing human magic as he did about Oberati magic.

Greg responds...

That's all possible. But the situation also clearly called for desperate measures. If there was a solution in the Grimorum, is it really beyond Xanatos' ability to find someone who could put that solution into practice? Well, clearly Xanatos thought there was a better way, so Owen dropped it. But Puck, in his role as Owen, would have been remiss if he hadn't at least listed X's options.

Response recorded on March 14, 2005

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Rob writes...

The Mirror is one of my favorite episodes... what would Puck have said to the audience if the lines were left in the script?? thanks a lot

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I don't remember anymore. And i only have the final draft script.

Response recorded on March 07, 2005

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Roberta Bonaime writes...

I noticed in one of your answers to the question "Is Puck the biological son of Oberon" you stated that not only is that incorrect, but you also did not understand why we could think that. I think I have an answer to that. One they look incrediably simaliar, hair color, and facial features wise. Two, in several legands (I really do my homework.) Puck was the biological son of Oberon, and a mortal woman. three, when oberon banished Puck, there was a fleeting moment of sadness present on Oberons face. (Though, that might suggest that Obie was on Titania's plot. Mabye not though.)
Just thought you like to know.

Greg responds...

I think you're reading in the "moment of sadness".

You may have a point on the resemblance, though I think it's pretty superficial. I mean if Puck had blue skin...

I'm unfamiliar with the legends you speak of. What are your sources?

But, in any case, I'll grant that the audience had reasons to believe they might be biologically related. But they're not. Or in any case, not closely.

Response recorded on January 07, 2005

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Puck Robyne Lover!! writes...

Can you give me a family tree of oberon and titiania's children across the centuries? I can't figure out if Puck is Alexnder Xanatos is pucks nephew or not. I would really like to know about Puck's/owen's secret love that you mentioned earlier too.

Greg responds...

I'm not going to reveal anything new at this time, but I will summarize what I've already revealed:

Lord Oberon is the son of Queen Mab.

Lord Oberon married Titania (who became Queen Titania after Mab was overthrown). (Note: Oberon intentionally did not take the title of King. Retaining his "Lord" title is his semi-skewed attempt at being more... egalitarian.)

Oberon and Titania have two children together: one male and one female. I know exactly who they are, but I'm keeping their identities and personas secret for the time being.

Oberon also has at least two sons by mortal women: Merlin and the changeling boy from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Titania has one child with the mortal Halcyon Renard. This is Janine Renard, a.k.a. Fox.

Fox married David Xanatos. They have one child: Alexander Fox Xanatos.

Puck, a.k.a. Owen Burnett, is not directly related to ANY of these individuals.

Response recorded on November 18, 2004

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Not Telling writes...

In the epasode "The Edge" owen's eyes are brown,but thay are blue in the other epasodes,was it an error?

Greg responds...

Assuming your information is accurate, then some error did occur. But it might have been Puck's error.

Response recorded on October 22, 2004

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Katie Bidwell writes...

Okay, enough! :) I've just got to know...Who are Puck's parents then?

Greg responds...

Haven't given it any thought at this point.

Response recorded on October 18, 2004

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Katie Bidwell writes...

Puck looks too much like Oberon to not be his child, is it possible Puck is related to Oberon if not his biological son?

Greg responds...

I don't see much resemblance, frankly. Which is not to say that they may not be distantly related. But they're definitely NOT father and son, nor do I see a familial relationship playing any role in their dynamic.

Response recorded on October 18, 2004

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Ricardo from Portugal writes...

Can Puck predict the future?:

In "Future Tense" there were many facts that Owen couldn't possibly know by himself, like Demona's future affection towards Angela; the making of more clones (The Reckoning) in the reference of the Clone Wars; the destruction of the Clock Tower (The Hunter's Moon, part II); and Xanatos' son being named Alexander (although Xanatos and Fox could have chosen that name before "Future Tense"...

Greg responds...

Everything you mentioned can be explained....

1. Demona's affection toward Angela is hardly difficult to predict. Mom for child. I mean seriously...

2. The Clone Wars reference (from STAR WARS, btw) was a quick cover for Owen/Puck NOT knowing that Demona & Thailog were an item.

3. The destruction of the Clock Tower was an obvious choice, given the desire to keep Goliath off guard and horrified. The death of Hudson was a similar choice. And I'll assure you that some day, Hudson will in fact die. After all, he's not immortal. But one doesn't have to be psychic to predict that. Puck also partnered Brooklyn with Demona to freak Goliath out, and I can assure you THAT is never gonna happen.

4. X's son being named Alexander is, as you said, something he might already know. It might even be a name HE suggested to the couple.

So as I said, everything can be explained... if you choose to want an explanation....


Response recorded on September 10, 2004

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Ricardo from Portugal writes...

Hey! I was wondering why did Puck had black eyes in "The Mirror" and latter in "Future Tense" and the other two episodes where he appears he has blue eyes?

A) It was because in "The Mirror" you hadn't decided yet that all Oberon's Childrens would have blue eyes(including Oberon and Titania themselves)?

B)And why do they all have blue eyes? Does it have any kind of meaning?

I would realy like to get an answer to my question, besause this is the forth time that I post one and all the others got lost with no answer...

Greg responds...

I haven't noticed that they all have blue eyes. I'm not at all sure that they do.

I didn't notice that Puck's eyes changed color either. We certainly never redesigned his color model. It may be a mistake, or it may be that from a distance blue eyes appeared black.

There are certain human limitations to the painting process.

Response recorded on September 08, 2004

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Scott M. writes...

Is Puck unable to undo the spell that turned Owen's arm to stone, or does Puck choose not to reverse it because it would be "breaking the character" of Owen?

Greg responds...

The latter.

Response recorded on June 23, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

I thought Oberon stated that Puck could use his magic to teach Alex or protect Alex. Since Alex was captured in 2198, couldn't Puck use his magic to save him?

Greg responds...

Saving and protecting are two different things. Also Alex is taken away from Earth, the source of Puck's power.

Response recorded on June 17, 2004

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Babs writes...

Ok im not gonna ask to many questions, I know your probably going crazy from all the other questions that everyone else is asking. I was reading through the archive and FAQ's to hunt to see if what I was going to ask was already answered and over 2-3 hours later when I lost all felling in my butt(shut up ;p) and my eyes about to pop out; to my dismay I didnt find the answers, unless my dumbass just didnt see them which that is probably more likley. We'll here they are
1) hmm how can I put this (no not a sex question) I was wondering what the Gargoyles skin is?... uh ours is flesh , lizards are scales, bears are fur. Now some Gargoyles you can tell what thier skin is just by looking at them, so I guess this is leaning more towards the Scotish Clan. Depending on what breed of animal they are the skin would be more harder to puncher.
2)Darn forget what episode , We'll it's the one when Owen stuck his hand in the pot of life and it turned into stone, I took notice in the rest of the shows his hand pretty much stayed in the same postition, but when watching "Broadway goes to Hollywood" he was holding a book with that hand. So my question is can he move that hand as if it wasn't stone or was that just a glitch in that episode ?
3)Regarding to question #2. When Owen turns into Puck his hand is not stone anymore, since they are 2 different people im guessing that when he's Owen he has a different body and Puck the same , but they still do share the same body, is that Pucks magic changing his hand to flesh for teaching shake ?, you can just say , sure whatever you think for this one. I don't quite know what I just asked either.

I'm one of those people that analyze everything kinda goes with the territory with having a slight case of O.C.D, ya notice things that no one else does, but kinda miss the things that are right in the open.
Danke for taking the time to answer my questions.
Gargoyles Forever !

Greg responds...

1. We always referred to it as "hide".

2. "The Price". I didn't work on "Broadway Goes To Hollywood", but that clearly is a mistake.

3. They aren't two different people. Owen is an identity that Puck can assume. When Puck returns to being Owen, he recreates the stone hand -- all part of his bargain with Xanatos.

Response recorded on June 11, 2004

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Orianna, the elven mage writes...

Alright, this may seem a bit strange to ask, but I'm working on a fan fiction that included Puck.
I need to know all I can about him.
So will you please help me out on this.
Bassically I need to know about his history and if he has a girlfriend or not.
Thanks for your help.

Greg responds...

My advice is to go to "original" sources such as Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" or Kipling's works.

Or study episodes with Puck and/or Owen.

I'm not revealing more than that now.

Response recorded on April 28, 2004

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Sha'Lane aka divesangel writes...

Okay here it goes. First of all I'd like to say great job!! I love the way you've done things. BRAVO!! I especially love how you took some of Shakespeare's plays, plots, and characters and put them in the show. Pure briliants!! Anywho, before I get carried away, I actually have a lot of questions, some I'm sure you've probably answered, so I'll put it in one question statement and you answer or reply as you please or rather take it as you will. I was wondering what you could tell me about Puck w/o giving away to much info. We know very little about him. Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

Generally, you probably know more than you think. He's a trickster and servant to Oberon.

Years ago, while following Titania, he became curious about Titania's daughter Janine and her boyfriend David. He went to work for David in the guise of Owen (an identity based on Renard's assistant). He later revealed his true self to Xanatos and offered him a choice: One wish from the Puck or a lifetime of service from Owen.

Xanatos chose Owen, a choice which impressed Puck to no end.

As Owen, he has a genuine affection for Family Xanatos and was even willing to defy Oberon to protect them.

Any other questions?

Response recorded on April 20, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

the magus kinda looks like puck,is it weird?

Greg responds...

I can see why you say that, but I also don't think they look THAT much alike.

Is it weird? I dunno. I guess that's subjective.

Response recorded on April 02, 2004

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Gesamtschule/Felix writes...

Who is puck? What kind of craeture is he?

Greg responds...

He's a member of the so-called "Third Race" a.k.a. "Oberon's Children" a.k.a. "The Children of Oberon" a.k.a. "The Fair Folk" a.k.a. "Dark Elves", etc.

Response recorded on March 23, 2004

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jamie writes...

what are the roles of puck and oberon in a midsummers night dream

Greg responds...

In the Shakespeare play, Oberon is King of the Fairies and Puck is his servant.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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Zarok writes...

Hi Greg
I have a few questions regarding gargoyles 2198…

1) You once said that CGI would be ideal for 2198, care to elaborate. Do you feel that certain visual aspects would be best represent in GCI or do you figure people will naturally equate aliens and such with CGI.
2) A lot of the plot lines in 2198 seems to depend on the viewer being familiar with the original Gargoyles series and would be near incomprehensible to a new viewer. I mean how would you explain stuff like the Owen/Puck and Alexander IV relationship without regurgitating a complex and confusing back-story. (I know it doesn't seem confusing when you actually watch the show but it's not the sort of thing you can relate in a few minutes of exposition). So have you given any thought on how you would bring a new viewer up to speed?

Greg responds...

1. The subject matter of the show, being more science fiction driven than fantasy, suggests to me that the things that are relatively easy in CGI animation -- as opposed to the things that are difficult and therefore expensive in both dollars and man-hours -- would be high-lighted more than in the old series. I'd be happy to do 2198 in either CGI or cell or a combo. Frankly, whatever I could get. But to the extent the show has been developed, it was developed so that CGI would be an economically feasible option.

2. Yes. Mostly, by taking nothing for granted. Let me use Owen as an example. New viewers meet Owen for the first time, perhaps in a scene talking to Alexander. They don't know about Puck. They don't need to know about Puck. He's simply Xanatos' advisor. (Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone?) After Xanatos' abduction from Earth, Owen can't change into Puck. Since he can't change he doesn't. Since he can't and doesn't, he doesn't talk about it, because it's a non-issue. So no new viewers are confused. Sure the old viewers know that this guy is Puck, but hopefully they'll understand why he cannot change (i.e. he can only change to teach or protect Alex. He's already failed in the latter and Alex isn't around for the former, so he cannot change). Their (inside) knowledge hopefully enhances their viewing pleasure. They understand Owen's frustration and its ramifications more. But there's nothing to distract the audience that is new to the Gargoyles Universe -- until we are ready to reveal things anew.

Does that help?

Response recorded on January 16, 2004

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The Soulider writes...

In "The Mirror," why did Elisa get her shoes back and none of the other humans-turned-gargoyles get theirs back when the were changed back into humans? And where *did* Elisa'a Jacket go?

Greg responds...

I don't recall everyone else using/losing shoes. I'd have to watch it again. Maybe the other people you saw all transformed before they had their shoes on in the first place? Never put them on, so never got them back.

As for Elisa's jacket... I don't know. I've never known the answer to that one. Magic and Puck's personal aesthetic, perhaps.

Response recorded on January 06, 2004

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AngelOfTheNight writes...

Concerning Puck and Demona, In "the Mirror" Demona tells Puck, "You've served the human, now you can serve me", As well as in "City of Stone" she calls Owen "the tricky one".
The rest of us didn't know Owen's true identity until the end of "The Gathering". So my question is, just how and for how long does Demona know Owen is Puck? Sorry if this has already been asked, didnt see it anywhere in the archives. P.S. I was glad to hear that you and yours were safe after the WTC tragedy.

Greg responds...

Um... well, for starters, thanks. But of course, we live in Los Angeles so my family wasn't at tremendous risk.

I'm sure it's in the archives somewhere, but Demona has been aware of Puck/Owen's true identity for quite some time. Puck/Owen introduced Demona to Xanatos some time before the events of AWAKENING.

Response recorded on October 21, 2003

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The Fan from Portugal writes...

Hey, I have a question about the relationship between Demona and Owen: If she knew he was the Puck all the time, how come did she never confront him after "The Mirror" episode? In "City of Stone, part 1" she said to Owen 'You are the tricky one', I presume she meant as Puck, but at the time we don't know that. Why did she never made a comment about that? or even a glance?

Greg responds...

She did. You just mentioned it in City of Stone. And she commented on it to Puck in "The Mirror". What else are you looking for?

Response recorded on September 19, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

1.What goddesses/gods(you said they could change their gender) were Mab worshipped as?
2.What gods/godesses were Oberon worshipped as? Puck? Titania?

Greg responds...

I haven't done the research on this yet. I have a few notions in mind, and there's probably more out there that would work, but I haven't done the research yet.

Response recorded on June 13, 2003

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Shoko-chan writes...

What did Puck do before he was trapped in The Mirorr?

Greg responds...

He was never trapped in the Mirror. He was summoned through it.

And he was Owen.

Response recorded on June 11, 2003

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Lord Sloth writes...

1) After the Gathering (the episode), had the rules of the pact between David and Owen/Puck changed? I'm asking because Owen used his Puck powers in order to save Alexander from Oberon, and then in "Possession" Xanatos actually asked Owen if Puck could wiggle his nose and fix Coldstone for him.
a) In the first case, one could argue that this was something personal that Puck had to settle with Oberon; and so two birds, one stone (is that so?).
b) And in "possession", my only guess is that Xanatos was trying to hint to Puck about how he might turn this into a lesson for Alex, and Puck figured it out latter. Would this be correct?
c) If one or both of these are wrong, could you point out what I am missing?

2) a) Am I right in that training Alex for Oberon takes precedence over not using magic to help Xanatos, and thus Puck is able to work the two into one?
b) Since the Coldstone Dilemma was not really a big priority (like the Oberon one) why did David and Owen try to fond a way to cheat their lifetime of service agreement? It somehow feels that, though Xanatos might cheat other times in his life, this is something he would stay true to, and Owen would hold him to it anyway. (I hope that all came out clearly)

3) And one other thing. I'm sure that playing the part of a straight man has its initial appeal, but fifteen to twenty years of it must be a bit much even for an immortal. So did Puck probably go on many trickster excursions with his time off like in "Future Tense" and "the Mirror" (only without chains) that had nothing to do with Xanatos, in order to relieve some tension?

I don't mean to sound too critical here, as I really love the two above episodes. I'm just trying to understand all of the complex rules that conflict with each other in the show (which, incidentally you did a great job at maintaining).

Dunca Greg.

Greg responds...

1. No, the terms hadn't changed. Puck could justify the Oberon thing, because he was protecting himself from being forced to return to Avalon. And as you may recall, in Possessions, Owen did not just wiggle his nose. Not allowed.

a. More or less.

b. Not really. X was in fact asking for the quick fix. Owen said no. But figured out a way to make a lesson out of it.

c. See above.

2a. Yes.

b. It's clear, but (a) Xanatos wasn't trying that hard to get Owen/Puck to cheat. He made an off-the-cuff-remark. And (b) Puck did what he did (1) to teach Alex (2) because it was fun and (a very distant 3) because it helped Xanatos.

3. Here and there. But I think he really relishes Owen. Don't you?

I don't see any conflict.

Response recorded on June 09, 2003

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Aaron writes...

If Oberon were to be killed, or even removed from rulership of Avalon, would the third race be freed from his Law, or not? (I know this seems like a "duh" question, but I thought I'd ask and be sure)

Greg responds...

It depends on who takes over.

Response recorded on June 09, 2003

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Lord Sloth writes...

Hiya Greg, it's been two months now since I asked you a question, did ya miss me?

Of course you did. But now, here is my real question for ye: Could Puck rid Owen of his fist handicap if he wanted to, but chooses to keep it as a tribute to his loyalty for Xanatos? Or is the Cauldron of life's magic stronger then that of Robin Goodfellow? Or both? Or neither?


Greg responds...

Puck could reset Owen at any time. But figures that would betray his bargain with Xanatos to have a human assistant in Owen, since theoretically, Owen should not be able to make the change.

Response recorded on June 04, 2003

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Edward Haynes, Jr. writes...

Future Tense.

I won't keep you long, Greg. I just had some questions I thought you could clear for me about this particular episode.

Was the vision that Goliath saw just a dream or a prophecy? Why wouldn't Puck tell him which one it was? Would the events have REALLY started to come true if the series had continued after the the Goliath Chronicles??

Greg responds...

Some of each.

Why would he?

Some of them started to come true before the end of the second season. The birth of Alexander Fox Xanatos, for example. The destruction of the Clock Tower.

Response recorded on May 19, 2003

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Aaron writes...

Re: The Weird Sisters.

"Their tri_part mission."

Luna's log, Stardate: Um... It's hard to tell from Avalon.

These are the adventures of the Weird Sisters, our tri-part mission, to seek out new life, and play mind games with it... To find new ways to plague Demona... To boldly never give a straight answer to anything!

I have entirely too much free time.

And, so this'll have a question in it, is Puck's magic flute connected to the opera "The Magic Flute"?


Greg responds...

Maybe. Haven't seen that opera.

Response recorded on April 24, 2003

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T'ran writes...

Does Puck have a special someone?

Greg responds...

He ultimately will.

Response recorded on March 10, 2003

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theSquiggyOne writes...

How many versions of the Steel Clan has Xantos created besides the first batch and the batch in the Edge with electric defenses and advanced AI?

Greg responds...

There have only been two models of Steel Clan Robot.

The original model, commissioned by Xanatos, seen in "Awakening, Part V" and "The Edge" and "Double Jeopardy" and "The Price", etc.

And the Iron Clan Robot model, commissioned by Owen Burnett, specifically to battle Oberon and/or Titania, as seen in "The Gathering, Part II". These are larger, and their chassis are made from iron as opposed to steal, but most of the other tech specs are the same.

The so-called "Advanced AI" model that I assume you're referring to from "The Edge" was not a robot at all. But a suit of armor (red in color) that Xanatos wore. Though from the outside it looked like a red version of the robots, it in fact was obviously constructed very differently. I'm not saying they didn't use any of the robot tech on the suit, since they obviously did, but it also required a separate develpoment phase.

Response recorded on February 06, 2003

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Sylvan writes...

I noticed in the archives that you mentioned Puck of Pook's Hill. Have you read it and its sequel Rewards and Fairies? If so, which do you perfer -- Kipling's take on Puck or Shakespeare's?

Greg responds...

I started reading "Puck of Pook's Hill" to my kids years ago. But at the time they were too young and it didn't hold their interest. I'm afraid I never finished it. Nor have I read the sequel.

So it's not a question of preference. Shakespeare's Puck is the only one I really know -- beyond the Garg version.

Response recorded on June 10, 2002

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Gipdac writes...

In "High Noon" Demona says, "Puck's gifts always come with a price". Does that me she had received gifts from Puck before "The Mirror"?

Greg responds...

Maybe she just researched it.

Response recorded on March 28, 2002

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puck<40> writes...

You know that comment one of those peepers made about Oberon's children and fear of death etc? I found it very very interesting. It makes me wonder just a little about Puck. Now I know your not him... But considering most of the gargoyles characters share a little of your own opinion...

1) Do you think Puck had any sort of 'rude awakening' mortality feeling in City of Stone since he almost shattered? I'm sure Xanatos would've probably mentioned it.

2) Or... do you think Puck is more of a "what happens happens" type of person? (one of the reasons he didn't really care too too much in "The Price" about his hand)

3) Personally I think that he's one of those 'always out to experience new things' type of persons, and mayyyybe at first it would just been like. "Le meeps! For a second there I was almost not able to have fun." And when mayyyybe Oberon limited his powers, himself to the mortal form, and exiled he might've been. "uh oh, this really isn't too good... nuts".

Of course! Maybe it doesn't actually hit him, until 2198 when Alex vanishes and he has no outlet to turn back into Puck. In essence leaving him in a possibly permanent mortal form. Because up until then, he always had a sense of immortality to him.

4) Do you think in 2198 if Owen, always being one step ahead of everything (even Xanatos and Oberon both in "The Gathering", a none too easy feat)... actually has doubts about rescuing Alexander? Or a thought go across his mind that he may never be the Puck again? Especially if its uncertain if Alex is alive?

5) Do ya think Puck prides himself on being called "the" Puck? One single word, but emphasizing as much title as "Lord" does to Oberon, for the enjoyment of things he does himself.

Well anywhos. =) just some questions on personality of my favorite trickster. wheeeee!

Greg responds...

1. Perhaps. But Xanatos may not have mentioned it. And Puck as Owen may be quite wired as Owen, which would tend to smooth out any internal crisis.

2. Well, the hand is a different issue. Owen can afford to lose something like that (particularly before Gathering, Part II) because he knows he's Puck and can get it back at any time he feels like it.

3. I think there's truth in everything you're saying.

4. I don't think he has any doubts about rescuing Alex, who he helped raise from infancy. His own self-interest undoubtedly crosses his mind. That happens to all of us, I think. But I think he genuinely loves Alex as something akin to a son. Or at least a favorite nephew.

5. Probably.

Response recorded on January 22, 2002

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Anonymous writes...

Since Puck didn¡¯t know of Demona¡¯s link with MacBeth how did he think she stayed alive for ten centuries?
Does Xanatos trust Puck/Owen entirely?

Greg responds...

It's possible to simply acknowledge ignorance. Speculating on what his incorrect theory might have been seems pointless.

As much as anyone.

Response recorded on November 13, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Did you plan to introduce any other Shakespeare plays into the Gargoyles Universe besides MacBeth, Ill Met by Moonlight and the Tempest? What did Oberon, Titania and Puck think of Ill Met by Moonlight? What did Prospero think of the Tempest?

Greg responds...

I assume you mean "A Midsummer Night's Dream"...

Anyway, yes.

I like to think that all were happy enough with Shakespeare's work. But except for Macbeth's reaction, I haven't fully worked out the responses in my mind.

Response recorded on October 17, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

You said in the contest that Owen still has the stone hand so are you saying that nothing else happened to him in the two hundred of so years working for Xanatos besides getting a stone hand? I found that alittle unbelivable.

Greg responds...

How does the fact that he still has a stone hand begin to indicate that 'nothing else happened to him'?

What a strange interpretation. I find that a little unbelievable.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Who is more powerful Weird Sisters or Puck?

Greg responds...

The Hulk is more powerful, because as he gets madder he gets stronger. But the Thing can still beat him if he keeps his wits about him.

(Haven't I made this point already?)

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Is it true that the fay don't have a true form?
If so why can't Puck in his Owen form perform magic while he is able to do it in his Puck form?

Greg responds...

It may be true.

Because becoming Owen isn't a magical act of illusion. It's a magical act of transformation.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

By 2198 how many fae are off Avalon?
Care to give a few names?

Greg responds...

Very few.

Puck. Alex.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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matt writes...

if Demona had destroyed Owen as a statue as she almost did twice in "City of Stone" what would've happened to Puck? would he have died? could he have recreated Owen if he did live?

Greg responds...

He'd have died.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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The Souldier writes...

Okie-dokie, I have a really kinda bizzare Owen/Puck question here. Is Puck Owen, and Owen isn't Puck? Or is it Owen is Puck, but Puck isn't Owen? Or is it something else entirely? If it is something else entirely different, would you explain it to me, and use small words, I can be easily confused.

I just realized this question makes a lot more sense when you hear it rather than read it, so try saying the word to the question, it might help, if it doesn't help, you just wasted a minute or so of your life on a silly question.

I'm gonna stop typing now. Really. I am.

Greg responds...

Well, you sure didn't help me out much, context-wise.

I assume you mean that Owen is just an aspect of Puck, not the whole and not the other way around.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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matt writes...

does Owen have a social security number, pay taxes, and all that stuff? does the government have him in their records?

Greg responds...

Of course.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

Had Elisa ever meet Either Xanatos or Owen berfore awakening part 3? If yes, when?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Demoness writes...

In "Future Tense" at the end of the illusion Elisa yells "No, not now!" and the illusion disappears and she becomes Puck. So my question is:

1. What was Puck referring to when he said that?

b. Was it Oberon's Law because Goliath realized that what he was experiancing was an illusion and the law dictates that Oberon's Children can not interfer in mortal lives and thus so forced the illusion to end?

c. Or was it another law that has to do with mortals willingly handing over talismens to Oberon's Children, kinda saying that if your intentions are discovered the game ends?

Greg responds...

1. That Goliath had figured him out when he was so close.

b. More or less.

c. More or less.

Response recorded on September 05, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

When Puck was offering Xanatos 1 wish or life service, wouln't that be breaking Oberon's law if David chose the wish?

Greg responds...

No. Just bending it.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

I guess Jully 4th was a bad guess. Is it perhaps Jully 10th now?

Now the question. What was Owen doing at the time Demona summoned him through the mirror?

Greg responds...

It's August 15th, I believe.

And I have no idea.

Response recorded on August 14, 2001

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JEB writes...

Regarding Team Atlantis: I don't quite understand how that universe and the Gargoyles universe can overlap in Paris 1920 and be separate otherwise. Could you explain that a bit more precisely? (I know you probably won't, but I wanted to try.)

Greg responds...

The two universes have some things in common. Some not. (Though this is all largely moot since Team Atlantis will never truly see the light of day.)

For example, they have their own Puck. (Though I suppose one might argue it's our Puck wearing a different body and using a different voice (Neil "Griff" Dickson's to be precise)).

They also have a different explanation for the Loch Ness Monster.

But they have certain things in common. And without a doubt the events that took place in Paris in 1920 took place in both universes.

Does that make it at all clearer?

Response recorded on August 08, 2001

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Vashkoda writes...

Puck said that he couldn't take the Phoenix Gate from Goliath--Goliath had to "fork it over". Is the same true for other Avalonian magical objects? I may be remembering this incorrectly, but didn't Odin physically attack Goliath and try to take back the Eye? And does this rule only apply to Children of Avalon? If so, it would explain why the Weird Sisters had to use Demona and MacBeth to steal the talismans for them (were you consciously doing this so as not to break the rule you would establish later about the Gate in "Future Tense"?)

Greg responds...

Odin may have been an exception, as the EYE could arguably belong to him.

But the general rule of non-interference prevented Puck or the Sisters from just magically or otherwise stealing anything themselves.

Response recorded on August 07, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

While I'm dealing with Oberon's non-intervention edict:

I happened to see "Future Tense" in the video room at the Gathering 2001, and spotted something that I hadn't noticed previously. Just before Goliath gets zapped by Puck's Future Tense illusion (by which, I mean, just before he gets struck by that lightning bolt which would have been Puck's spell), he wishes out loud to be able to see Hudson and the trio again. Is the timing significant, in that Goliath's spoken wish provided Puck with the loophole that he needed to put that illusion on Goliath?

Greg responds...

In part, yes.

Response recorded on August 06, 2001

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Mike M writes...

Q=how would you have developed "puck's" character

Q=would he have had further appearances on the show

Greg responds...



Response recorded on July 20, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

Future Tense:
1 Why didn't Goliath just let Puck have the Phenix gate?
2 Why didn't Puck just ask for the Phenix gate?
3 What would be so bad about Oberon having time traval acsess?
4 How was Goliath able to create the phenix flame above him instead of around him?

Greg responds...

1. Would you after what you had been through?
2. Not in his nature, and it wouldn't have worked.
3. What would be so good about it?
4. He used the Gate.

Response recorded on July 17, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

Gathering questions:
1a) Why does Oberon need a tracker to find Puck(a fellow fey), when both Titanya and the Wierd Sisters were able to locate the Gargoyles in the clock tower? b)Why could Oberon sence Titanya and not Puck? c)How was Budicca able to track Owen from the Park to the castle? Had Owen been frolicking in the park earlier?

2a)Did Titanya want things to end up as they did from the begining? b) If she did, how was she sure Puck would of shown up? c) If she didn't, then should I assume she wanted Gargoyles to help take the baby, and it wasn't reverse pyicoligy?

3)Why were nither Rinard, Vogel, nor the Gargoyle's put to sleep? Am I right in thinking Titanya protected them?

4)How did Rinard know about the danger? Did Xanatos or Titanya ask him for help?

5a) Why would the people of manhaten, think this was all a midsummer night's dream, with all the car crashes, injuries and, probably, deaths that occured? b) Would not all that damage break the non-interferance law?

Good luck with these, for all our sakes.

Greg responds...

1a. He was in the mood. Besides, Puck is better at hiding.
1b. Puck is not his wife/soulmate.
1c. It's a magic flute, man. Just flow with it!

2a. So she says.
2b. Intuition?
2c. I'm not going to interpret it for you.

3. Renard and Vogel were not in Manhattan when the spell was first cast. Also they had an energy field around the bridge.

4. Yes. Xanatos informed him.

5a. That's Oberon's interpretation.
5b. From his point of view, he didn't cause the damage. He was merely taking the mortals out of a conflict that would have interfered with their lives. The damage was a minor repercussion.

Response recorded on July 17, 2001

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Gipdac writes...

Is Puck one of Oberon and Titania's children? Keep in mind; if you say something like I can't tell or won't say, I'll take that as an affirmative answer.

Greg responds...

Well, Gipdac if you take every "not telling" as an affirmative you're just going to be wrong a lot.

But I will answer this. CUZ I'VE ANSWERED IT BEFORE!!!

No, Puck is not one of Oberon and Titania's children. What even gave you that impression?

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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matt writes...

in "The Mirror" when Puck transformed the New York citizens into gargoyles why did he make them Scottish gargoyles?

Greg responds...

He didn't. He made them Manhattan gargoyles.

Response recorded on July 09, 2001

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matt writes...

1. before "The Gathering", did anyone besides Xanatos and demona know that Owen was Puck? you've said before that Fox didn't know, correct?

2. from what i know of Oberon and his relationship with Puck, i doubt that bringing him the Phoinex Gate would've convinced Oberon to let Puck stay in the mortal world any longer. what do you think?

Greg responds...

1. Correct.

2. Might have worked. Depended how Puck approached him. He's known Oberon a lot longer than you have.

Response recorded on July 06, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

How much has Owen/Puck matured by 2198? A lot?

Greg responds...

Owen is. And Puck's not around.

Response recorded on July 02, 2001

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Jimmy_Q writes...

Hey, Greg, at the end of "the mirror" (or whatever it's called, haven't seen the series in a few years, so i may not remember every little detail), Demona was shown reacting to the situation as if she had no idea that she had somehow transformed. In fact, she didn't figure out she turned human until later in that scene. Now, if I was her, I wouldn't be enjoying the thought of not being stone during the day so much as I would be freaking out over the pain I just felt throughout my whole body. Sorry, but if all of a sudden I felt like every bone, sinew, muscle, etc. in my body was being twisted and tied into knots, I wouldn't exactly spring up and bask in the sunshine as if nothing happened. So what happened here? Is this simply simply another one of those errors made throughout the series? BTW, just in case you're wondering, i discovered this site just a night or two ago, so it's not like it took all these years for this question to occur to me. Thanks for your time, bud.

Greg responds...

You're welcome.

There was no pain during that first transformation. Puck wanted to spring it on her as a surprise, so the pain was surpressed that once.

Response recorded on July 02, 2001

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Sloth writes...

When Goliath found out Puck was Owen, or owen was puck, whey didn't he persue the matter of whether Future Tense was a dream or a profossy?

Greg responds...

What's a 'profossy'?

Seriously, did the timing seem right to you?

And at any rate, G's not a dope. He knows he'd never get a straight answer from the Puck.

Response recorded on July 01, 2001

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Mark Howard writes...

Right heres the deal im not the worlds biggest fan but then if i was the chances of me asking this would be pretty slim. Puck as a kid of Oberon is supseptable to only one materail (or so im lead to believe)i was wondering if you could tell me wat it is or at least if it was ever mentioned. Sorry if i sound pushy but can't think of a better way of putting it. Thanks for your help.

Greg responds...

You don't sound pushy -- just a bit portentious.

Puck isn't Oberon's kid literally, you know that right?

Anyway, Puck is vulnerable to iron. Is that what you meant?

Response recorded on June 30, 2001

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Rob (the Sloth) Irwin writes...

Does Demona know that Puck is serving Xanatos, since she said "You served the human, now you serve me".
just wondering

Greg responds...

Demona knows that Puck is Owen.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001

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puck<40> writes...

A question I asked earlier dealing with Oberon's Law of non interferance...
"3. If they are magically restricted, how much of a strain does that put on Oberon himself?

3. None, anymore. It's a done deal. "

1. Does this mean something is in place that could be taken down to remove the law?
2. Is Oberon bound to it just as strictly as his "children"?
3. Trying to understand this in full. I *think* I have it now. hee hee. So..... A fae cannot physically or magically *break* the law in any circumstances. Even Oberon himself. If they tried, nothing would happen since its a restriction on themselves. But if they can justify it in there minds, it provides a back door, hence the possibility. Meaning it might come easier to *some* fae than others... hence like ones who can twist meanings of ones words like no tomorrow. But the restriction is a more of a physically mental one (oxymoron 9.9;) to if they can't justify it, they can't do it. That about right?
4) Do some things take priorty over others? A for instance, Puck changes *all* the humans into gargoyles and vice versa. I can only come up with two reasons, being bound by iron and commanded to do it takes priority. Or since the humans and gargoyles never noticed the changes themselves, it didn't interefere with there lives. o.O Kinda curious. ^.^
5. a)Mab. would she be considering among the "first generation" of fae? b)Would Oberon be of second generation? c) Would Puck be Third?
6. And just a comment. ^.^ I like how you don't quantify power, because it comes in so many different forms. For instance, Oberon was magically weaker than Mab, but in terms of "power", he defeated her. anyways, just a comment.

Greg responds...

1. Huh?

2. Yes. But he's also the interpreter of his own edict. So if he can find a mental loophole, it exists. In one sense, that's true for all of them. The difference is that if Oberon later disagrees, then the transgressor may be in trouble. So everyone else has to be more careful than Oberon himself.

3. Yes. Exactly. More or less.

4. Both, I guess. He's trying to obey the law, I suppose. Mostly, he's trying to stick it to Demona for imprisoning him. He's more or less off the hook as he's Demona's slave. Oberon's more likely to punish her than him.

5abc. More or less. I'm not going to stratify things at this point.

6. YES!! Exactly.

Response recorded on June 28, 2001

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Jacob writes...

You said by day Demona is completely human, right?
But at the end of the episode when Demona and Macbeth finally have the three items (sorry, but I only know the German name of it) and they began to quarrel her eyes were glowing red. Have you an explanation for it?

Greg responds...

Well, artistic license. Either by us, or Puck, or both.

Response recorded on June 20, 2001

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lorienne writes...

Hey, I've read a while back somewhere that you said that you were going to have puck play his flute to temporarily put oberon in some kind of trance. and also that you were going to name him goodfellow instead of puck. also that ransom was going to be an episode with puck and other tricksters. (that idead would of totally rocked) anyways where i am getting at is puck is my ablosute favorite character. my friends and family actually wanted to get me help cause i have printouts of him all over my house. it worries them :P i was wondering if you had any ohter plans for him, or if like there were other ideas such as the flute thing that you guys were going to use. just brainstorming maybe that wasn't actually in the show. i'm just trying to dig up as much information as i can about him. thanks for taking the time to read this.

Greg responds...

Yes, I had other plans. (Though maybe it's NOT such a good idea to feed your obsession.) Have you read Rudyard Kipling's Puck of Pook Hill?

Response recorded on June 19, 2001

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Demona Taina writes...

This just ocurred to me. The night Puck put the spell on Demona, the "turn to human during the day" spell, wouldn't she had noticed that she was in PAIN when the sun rose? Instead she was just happily standing in front of a window, stretching and enjoying the heat.

1. Did Puck give her a little freebie in not letting her feel pain the first day?
2. Is it a script error?
3. If all of the above are negative, then what IS the deal?

Thanks for reading! :)

Greg responds...

1. Yes. He wanted shock value that first morning.
2. No.

Response recorded on June 19, 2001

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matt writes...

ok, for most the sereis Xanatos doesn't know where the gargs new home is, suddenly in "Hunter's Moon" he does. my guess is that Owen/Puck found out from Goliath in "Future Tense" that the live in the Clocktower and then he told Xanatos, is that right? if not, how did Xanatos find out? i think that Xanatos was smart enough to figure they lived in the Clocktower after two years anyway, i mean, it was an obviously good place to Elisa, couldn't Xanatos figure it out?

Greg responds...

Puck may have had access to that information from as far back as "The Mirror". But info gathered by Puck was not info that Owen could give to Xanatos, as a function of their agreement.

I'm not sure Xanatos knew until Owen let it slip in Hunter's Moon, Part Three. By which time the info was useless. I guess what you're missing is that moment when David says, "My god, you mean to tell me they've been in the Clock Tower the whole time?! Why didn't I see that?! I'm such a fool!"

Of course, that's not very Xanatosian, is it? He takes the revelation in stride. As if he'd always known. That's his style.

Then again, maybe he had figured it out long ago.

On some level, I'll leave that decision up to each and every one of you.

Response recorded on June 10, 2001

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matt writes...

just watched "Possesions", one of my favirote eps by the way, anyway, i thought of a few questions...

1. ok, is it me, or does Lex hate Coldstone? the whole clan doesn't like Iago, but Lexington seems to hate Coldstone in general... in "Legion" he trys to convince Goliath not to invite Coldstone into the clan, or back to the clocktower and that was before they knew about the other souls in Coldstone, in "High Noon" he warns Goliath about freeing Coldstone, this time his concern was justified, but in "Possesions" Lex really seems to hate Coldstone, when Coldstone first arrives Lex screams his astonishment at Coldstone being brought to the clocktower by "Goliath" and "Hudson", then he seems to be the most skeptical about "Goliath's" plan, and then he is the only one not to volunteer for the soul transference. so, am i right? does Lex have a major problem with Coldstone? is it jealousy, i mean, does Lex wish he was as integrated with technology as Coldstone is? "Future Tense" comes to mind...

2. why does Puck keep trying to make Xanatos look evil to the gargs? in "Future Tense" his illusion of Xanatos is pretty nasty, and in "Possesions" Puck goes on about how Xanatos is about to unleash new robots and he is not sincere about oweing Goliath for helping to save his son, obviously Puck doesn't believe these things, but why try to make the gargs believe it?

3. any reason that Iago/Coldsteel didn't have a tail (either in cyberspace or as a robot) in "Possesions", but did have one in "Legion" and "High Noon"?

sorry for the lengthy questions...

Greg responds...

1. No. I don't think so. I just think he's very aware of Coldstone's potential danger to the clan.

2. He's simply playing to Goliath's weaknesses.

3. I never noticed that. Are you sure?

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

Slightly silly question, but: does Owen receive Workmen's Comp for that stone hand of his, after "The Price"?

Greg responds...

Owen is well-compensated. He doesn't need extras. Or the extra paperwork.

Response recorded on April 17, 2001

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Basilisk writes...

A quick thing about OUTFOXED:

When I saw Vogel, a near-twin of Owen, I chuckled to myself and thought "Oh, there's gonna be something interesting behind that!"

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Shavri writes...

I'm curious, how much does Xanatos like Goliath, and in what way? Goliath seems to be his favorite gargoyle, because he was always modeling things after G and so on. Does he think of Goliath as his sort-of friend or his plaything? Because Xanatos really seemed to get a kick out of playing with his emotions and all. Poor Goliath...

Greg responds...

Xanatos likes Goliath a lot. Thinks he's a good guy, if a bit of a stiff. I'm not sure Xanatos yet knows the true meaning of friendship, though his relationship with Owen comes close.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Vashkoda writes...

Iron is obviously harmful to the fey--even deadly. However I don't understand why it is that once Puck and the Sisters were wrapped in iron chains, they followed the orders of whoever captured them. It's not like they weren't able to use magic to free themselves, as Puck was obviously able to cast spells for Demona. I don't see why they couldn't do something simple like turning themselves into mortals or teleporting away and leaving the chains behind. Similarly, I don't see why Oberon couldn't use his powers to escape from the bell (unless the bell shorted out his magic completely, but then I don't understand why this is more harmful than being in direct contact with iron chains).

Any clarification would be appreciated!

Greg responds...

You're just being too literal minded. The iron bell sent out waves of ANTI-MAGIC against a creature of pure magic.

The chains created a bondage/servant situation.


Or come up with your own explanation.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Josh Wurzel writes...

Dear Greg,

Puck seems like a pretty powerful little fae, what with the whole soul transferrence thing and turing all the humans in Manhattan into gargoyles (with help from Titania's Mirror) If Puck really wanted to, could he break the Weird Sister's spell over Demona and Macbeth? And why did he serve Oberon? Was he created/bred/conceived for that purpose? Or did he just sign up for the job? And if he did sign up for the job of Oberon's lackey, in god's name WHY did he do it?

Greg responds...

It's harder to interfere with the magic of others than it is to just cast spells of your own.

And as usual, I'd prefer not to quantify who's more powerful.

As to why Puck once served Oberon, that's a long story.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Vashkoda writes...

1a) Which race and civilization (or "clan" if they were gargoyles) created the Cauldron of Life? b) Which was the Cauldron made of--mortal, fairy, or some other magic? c) If it was made of mortal magic, did the mortal energies have any adverse effect on Puck when he dipped in his hand (other than the petrification itself), or was he spared any possible additonal effect because he was in mortal form as Owen?

2a) When the Cauldron's iron was reforged into the Coyote robot, was its ability to turn objects to stone lost? b) Did the Cauldron have any magical abilities other than petrification? c) Did the magic in the Cauldron's iron really make it more effective at capturing the Coyote fae, or would regular iron have been just as effective? If the Cauldron was made with mortal magic, did these mortal energies play a part in its effectiveness as a prison for fey?

3) What did Xanatos do with the magical iron after that Coyote robot was disabled?

Greg responds...

1a. That's a story in its own right.
1b. Mortal, largely.
1c. No adverse effects on Puck.

2a. Not necessarily.
2b. Not necessarily.
2c. Didn't hurt.

3. Wouldn't you like to know?

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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matt writes...

at the end of "The Mirror" Demona is looking out the window at the sun and she says, "I can't believe it, he actually did it. And the sun is so warm." i'm wondering, did she say she can't believe it because she thought Puck was playing games with her when he cast the spell or because she was astonished that the spell actually worked?

Greg responds...

The former. Which includes the latter.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Oberon writes...

1) If Puck made Xanatos the chioce between Puck and Owen (since Xanatos want immortallity so badly now) would he still make the same chioce.
2) I know that Owen is loyal, but given that he ofered Xanatos a life time of service, does he really want Xanatos to become immortal

Greg responds...

1. Definitely.
2. Owen does. Puck?

Response recorded on March 01, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

1) What is Puck's sexual orientation? (assuming his true form is male) Does he have even any interest in sex?

2) Has Puck ever had any loves? If so, who and of what race?

3) Under optimal conditions for both parties, who has the most magical strength, Puck or one of the Weird Sisters (assuming the Weird Sisters are of equal strength; if not, Puck vs. the Strongest Weird Sister and Puck vs. the Weakest Weird Sister)?

Greg responds...

1. Is that really any of your business?

2. I'm not saying at this point.

3. I'm not big on quantifying this kind of thing.

Response recorded on February 22, 2001

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Vashkoda writes...

I know that Puck made up the Future Tense universe to mess with Goliath's head, but we do already know that some of the things he predicted came true, such as Alex being born and the clocktower blowing up. Of course, Puck didn't have to be psychic to know these things, since Fox was pregnant, and Goliath let it slip that they lived in a clocktower, which was an obvious target for any one of their many enemies. What I was wondering, however, is whether Puck actually *had* any knowledge of the future, acquired personally or second-hand? (note, I'm not asking what that knowledge was or how he got it, just if he had any, though if you'd like to mention these things, I won't mind) ;)

Greg responds...

He might.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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Oberon writes...

1: How often (if ever) did Puck turn back to his normal form prior to the gathering.
2: How often did he do magic.
3: Is his form in the mirroe his "true form"

Greg responds...

1. Periodically.

2. Periodically.

3. Who knows?

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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ANGELA writes...

Hello, Greg. This is a question about Puck/Owen. Did you plan to make Puck be Owen when you first started the show, or was it maybe a last minute thing to get the aucience shocked? It's weird we the viewer's realze that Puck was Owen the whole time!! Thanks for your time. :)

Greg responds...

We didn't know Owen was Puck from the first episode or from Owen's intro in the second, but we knew it almost immediately while working on "The Mirror", the episode that intro'd Puck.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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(The Guppi) writes...

In A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM Robin Good-fellow lists lurking "in a Gossips bole,/ In very likenesse of a roasted crab" and impersonating items of furniture foremost among his hobbies.
a) Has his sense of humor improved much since then?
b) Was Puck speaking literally?
c) This isn't how Owen spent his time off prior to _The Gathering_, is it? :^

Greg responds...

a. You tell me. Did you find him amusing?

b. Why not?

3. No.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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(The Guppi) writes...

1) When Puck gave Xanatos a choice between a granted wish or "a lifetime of service from Owen", whose lifetime was he talking about?
2) Does their 'contract' actually take precedence over Puck's obligation(s) to Oberon?

Greg responds...

1. Xanatos'.

2. Oberon didn't think so. But deep down, Puck did. Now they fit together nicely, though Puck's not too happy about it.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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(The Guppi) writes...

What are Preston Vogel's thoughts vis-a-vis his evil twin Owen? His "I assure you, sir, we are not" reply when Petros asked if he and Owen were related came out awfully smooth. (Preston's coolness may be somewhat less remarkable when you consider how much practice he must have with that line. He's still a lot more nonchalant about it than I'd expected, though. Doppelgangeren are creepy.)

Greg responds...

I don't think it was smooth at all. I think he was affronted. He just has a very thin range of demonstrable emotion.

I do think Owen bothers him.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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(The Guppi) writes...

a- Why does Preston wear that cheesy bow tie? b- Is this why Owen wears a regular one (or vice versa)?

Greg responds...

a. He likes the look.

b. Owen's got better taste.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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DCB writes...

If Oberon supressed Puck's powers, wouldn't that mean Puck should remain as Puck and not Owen, assuming changing into and remaining as Owen consumes magic power and has little (if nothing) to do with the training and/or protection of Alexander?

I can't say for certain that Puck's true form is as he appears in "The Mirror" . . . (you never flat-out said, ''This is Puck's true form.'') but we all know Owen Burnett isn't Puck's true form, since Puck created Owen as an ''upgrade'' of Preston Vogel. My assumption is that Oberon's decree would limit Puck to his truest, most basic form *except* during the training/protection of Alex, not allow him the use of Owen Burnett at all other times.

Then again, perhaps Oberon backhandedly punished Puck by keeping him as Owen, the form Puck assumed while defying his master's summon to the Gathering. Or maybe Puck's banishment from Avalon strips him of his very identity and not just his powers, in which case he'd have to fall back on the form of Owen or cease to exist.

Perhaps I just answered my own question. Maybe I wasted your time. But I love this opportunity you and Gorebash afford us! Thank you both!

Greg responds...

I think Owen was an implied part of Oberon's gees.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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Chapter XXII: "City of Stone, Part One"

Time to Ramble on "City of Stone, Part One", which I watched the other night with my family....

Story Editor: Michael Reaves
Story: Michael Reaves
Teleplay: Brynne Chandler Reaves & Lydia Marano

Well, over a year had passed since we had revealed in "Enter Macbeth" that Macbeth had named Demona. Now we were gearing up to explain that little tidbit of info. I'm curious to know how many people were still focused on that before the "PREVIOUSLY ON GARGOYLES..." reprised it.

City of Stone was a story I had conceived originally (but briefly) as a Direct to Video movie. My boss Gary Krisel rejected it. He felt that a movie featuring the Gargoyles needed to feature our heroes a LOT MORE than this story did. Nevertheless, he liked the concept of the HUNTER a lot. So I got him to agree to let us do City of Stone as a multi-parter for the series. And I promised that Michael and I would come up with a new Hunter story that focused more on our heroes. Thus Hunter's Moon was born -- as a Home Video, originally, and we had an ending to shoot at for the entire second season.

Meanwhile, I couldn't actually disagree with Gary too much. This was Demona and Macbeth's story. The origin of two of our major villains. We had some great animation on this from Koko in Korea. Not as strong as our WDTVJapan stuff, but still very good.

What was the terrorists' cause, you might ask? I'm not telling. At the time, I had no answer. We were vague on purpose. Since then, I've come up with an answer. Now I'm being evasive on purpose.

I love Matt as a hostage negotiator.

But not as much as I love Brendan & Margot as hostages. They're a hoot.

How fast was everyone on the uptake with the Weird Sisters? Those three little girls. Even before the gargs showed, one was saying something like: "Don't worry, it'll be over soon." Did you think they were odd then? Did you notice them?

I like Brooklyn's "Don't gush" line.

When the Weird Sisters tell Goliath they weren't talking about THAT terrorist, my six year old daughter Erin said: "I think they were talking about Demona." For Chanukah, I gave Erin a Kenner Brooklyn, Broadway and Hard-Wire Goliath (which I told her was a Goliath robot). My three year old son Benny got Goliath, Lex and Xanatos. So for the first time, while they watched they could play with the toys.

It's interesting to watch the first flashback SET. All sorts of old footage from Awakening Part One, mixed with new footage. It's all very seemless thanks to great editing by Bob Birchard. And it wasn't easy. Because there was considerable confusion overseas throughout City of Stone, in terms of which model of Demona to animate. We had her standard model. Plus one that was slightly older, for the second set of flashbacks in this episode. They were constantly mixing the models up. We'd call retakes whenever we could, but sometimes we decided just to make due. So you have the flashback from Awakenings, where Goliath tells Demona to stay behind. That's followed by us finally seeing what Demona and the Captain said to each other after Goliath left. No great revelation in that scene, but we figured it would be nice to finally reveal it. Plus we wanted to clarify things from Demona's point of view. But in some of those shots, Demona appears to have aged a bit.

We see Othello & Desdemona. We are allowed to do something in this episode that we couldn't really do for S&P reasons in Awakening. To personalize the victims of the massacre a bit. In Awakening, we only got to meet the survivors. Finally we meet the victims. Of course, we're still cheating a bit, since my excuse to S&P was that our audience already knew (1) that these two died and that (2) they survived in a sense in Coldstone. But it did, independent of previous episodes, allow the startling moment when Demona picks up a fragment of Othello's face. Of course, I tried to get tha fragment -- and all those fragments in the immediate vicinity -- to be the pieces that survived into Coldstone. I think that was semi-successful.

Demona's cowardice overwhelms the courage of her strongly held convictions. She flees. Benny: "The sun's gonna come up." Yep. She turns to stone, shedding a tear. That "TEARS OF STONE" image was so effective that I allowed it to repeat in the episode. Later, her tear drops onto the stone Goliath and seems to be coming from his eye. A nice visual variation on a theme.

Demona: "It worked! At last my clan is free of human rule!"
Erin: "No. It didn't work."

Later Erin sees Demona watching Goliath holding some smashed gargoyles' remains and crying "my angel of the night". Erin says: "He thinks that was her [Demona]." Now you may be wondering why I'm reprinting such obvious responses here. But they interest me. It really struck me this viewing that in this episode, despite the "Previously" segment and all the flashbacks, that you really would be lost if you were a new viewer. Is there anyone out there for whom City of Stone was your first Gargoyle experience? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Did you have a clue as to what was going on?

Demona's classic neurotic short-circuit: "What have I -- What have THEY done to you?" The motivation that writer's live for.

And a little hint of Avalon things to come, as we see Tom, Princess K and Magus depart with the eggs. How many people had given the eggs any thought since Xanatos told the gargs back in Awakening Two that they were the last of their kind? And did this little tidbit whet the appetite, or did you forget about it immediately? I was already planning the Avalon/Archmage/World Tour/Angela stuff.

Benny (out of nowhere) asks: "What happens if someone is frozen in the sky?" We discussed various possibilities. But we're still weeks away from getting around to seeing "The Price". So I didn't want to spoil that one for him.

The intro of Gillecomgain. Erin (who has seen these before once, long ago) suddenly remembers: "His face is gonna get scratched."

Now, back in the 20th century, Owen points out that Xanatos' tv override works for "Cable, as well." I always liked that.

I also like Demona's VERY convincing lie. At this point, we don't know how she's survived through the centuries. Maybe she did do it by stealing minutes of life from thousands of people. And maybe now, she and Xanatos will do the same on a citywide scale. I always thought it was a very elegant lie. What did you guys think? Did you buy it?

The "Watch or Listen but not both" stuff regarding the magic, wasn't just a convenient excuse to give us a Robbins expository scene later. I always felt that the magic our various sorcerors did couldn't be as simple as it seemed. Anyone who reads the spell out loud can do it? No. There are complex inflections, movements, etc. involved. Study and willpower, etc. This was an attempt on my part to demonstrate that it was about more than just being in range with someone who has a copy of a Grimorum page.

On the other hand, I do think we cheated a bit to trap Owen. That spell she reads is the City of Stone spell. Yet it seems to put Owen, of all people, into a trance. We talked about her nailing him some other way first. But it was too clumsy and time consuming, so we just cheated.

Gathering Clue: Demona to Owen: "You are the tricky one." And she wraps him up in iron cable.

Elisa's watching Casablanca. Great movie.

Phoebe is looking at Seline when she speaks to Luna. Like Demona aging, we had a hell of a time getting the overseas studio to keep the three sisters straight. I began to insist that each of their appearances on the storyboard was accompanied by a hair color chart. And once more, it's black for Seline, blonde for Phoebe and silver for Luna.

We also made a real effort to put subtle character distinctions between the three sisters. Seline is the hard case. Phoebe is the gentle one. Luna is the mystic. It was part of hinting that the Sisters would serve multiple purposes in the series. Some of which I still have not revealed.

Back to the past. The guard says "Maybe they won't come." Erin asks: "Maybe who won't come?" And then the gargoyles come. The guards are taken down, and Demona raises her mace into the air. Erin asks: "Are they dead?" And dad... equivocates.

I like that gargoyle (Demona's second) with the breast plate. John Rhys-Davies did his voice.

At this stage, Demona believes that these scattered gargoyles are all that are left in the world. A second later, three gargoyles she's never met show up. (Now, true, they're the Sisters. But I was trying to make a general point, hinting that sometimes characters make absolute statements when they flat out don't know what they're talking about. Audience members beware.)

Benny immediately figured out that the three old gargoyle females were the weird sisters, or as he put it: "They're the humans. The one's that disappeared." I.e. the kids that disappeared in the first sequence of the episode. That made me feel a little better. People are always telling me that I write stuff that is too adult for kids to get. I tell them that I try to write on multiple levels. So that the kids get what they need to get and that adults, etc. get more. But it's nice to get confirmation that the kids do get it on occasion. Particularly in an ep as complicated as this one.

Intro Findlaech, Gruoch, Bodhe and young Macbeth. I like how quickly they are all characterized in that scene. F is loyal. B is equivocal at best. Bodhe is already thinking about how to marry G off to advantage. "What about Macbeth? Is he a match for the lass?" Yeah, sure he's talking about chess. I came to have a great deal of contempt for the character of Bodhe. (Too be fair, I have no idea what the historical Bodhe's character was like.) And yet, almost simultaneously, I became fond of him too. He was SO human. SO flawed. SO afraid of the world. And yet SO desperate to tread water in it.

We also establish the "SIGIL OF MORAY" which will become an important prop throughout.

I like that little blushing moment of G & Mac's. But mostly, I like it because of B & F's reactions. Bodhe is suddenly nervous that Gruoch might, shall we say, lose something with Macbeth prematurely. Though he pushed them together, he now rushes to separate them. But it's too late. The connection has already been made. F just laughs.

Now... Enter the HUNTER. The Hunter got a sort of Steve Canyon intro. That is, he's been talked about by various people for the last few minutes, though we haven't gotten a look at him. (This was the technique used when Steve Canyon was first introduced in the comic strips.) Now he shows up, and I trust he isn't disappointing. Benny immediately says: "THat's the one that got scratched." Sharp boy. (Keep in mind, that we haven't yet seen the adult Gille, so we haven't seen his scarred face yet.)

I love this sequence. It's a great fight, full of great little touches, flourishes, etc. Great storyboarding work here.

Again, characters are revealed in a nutshell. Gruoch's already loyal. Bodhe's revealed to be a coward. Even when his daughter rushes downstairs, he stays above.

Findlaech dies. It's a classic Disney fall-to-one's-death death. But there is a difference. F is the good guy. Usually, that's done with the villain. Was anyone shocked?

I love how at this point, Macbeth is nothing but an annoyance to both Demona and the Hunter. I also love how complex Demona is. Under it all, she's really something of a romantic. She rescues the young lovers. Then can't believe she did it. She's trying to will herself to be cold. So that she won't feel anything. But it isn't natural. She's not a cold woman, though her plans often are. It's that divide that's generally gonna screw her up everytime.

When the Hunter first enters on Prince Duncan, we were supposed to (BRIEFLY) think he was there to attack the Prince as well. But I don't think that comes off even slightly.

And o.k., yes, Gillecomgain has a face to match the Hunter's mask. It's worse than Clark Kent and those glasses. Does Scotland really not know it's him? Believe it or not, that never even occured to me initially. (Yes, I'm a dope.) Now, I'll chalk it up to the notion that everyone figures he's TOO obvious a suspect. You can almost here the water cooler talk:

MacMorris: "Hey, MacTavish, have you ever noticed that that Gillecomgain guy has scars across his face just like the red marks on the Hunter's mask?"
MacTavish: "What are you saying, MacMorris? That Gillecomgain is so stupid, he'd wear a mask and then put his scars ON the mask? Not much of a disguise. Know what I think. I think the Hunter is trying to throw suspicion onto old Gilley."
MacMorris: "Oh, give me a break."
MacTavish: "Hey, pal, it worked with you."

I made a real effort to just have the Weird Sisters EVERYWHERE.

Back to the present. Someone dons a Hunter's Mask. How many knew it was Macbeth right away? I figured at the time that regular viewers would figure that out pretty darn quick. That didn't bother me. For them, I figured the mystery would be "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD MACBETH DON A HUNTER'S MASK, WHEN THE HUNTER KILLED HIS FATHER?" I thought that mystery was at least as intriguing. Do you guys agree or disagree?

I also liked the variation on the mask. No eyes. Nothing. Modern technology.

Fox. Fox presented an interesting dilemma. What was Xanatos' attitude toward her in this? We already know he loves her. But he doesn't include her in the immortality thing with Demona. Why? Demona won't allow it? Or he thinks Demona won't? Or he doesn't fully trust D and won't risk Fox until he knows the set-up works?

And then he finds out that she did watch the broadcast. He had told her not to, but she did. He doesn't fill her in. (Not that there's much time.) Is he prepared to let her lose a minute from her life (as he believes has happened)? How would he have felt if Demona wasn't lying about that? At the end of her life, would an immortal Xanatos be desperate to give her that one minute back? Of course, given Fox's heritage, which I didn't know yet, it's possible, she'll outlive him by quite a bit. Course, anything's possible.

How's the cliff-hanger? We haven't seen the city yet, but we do get to see Owen, Fox and Elisa all turned to stone. We're so used to the Gargoyles in stone, but not humans. I thought it was sort of chilling. The more chilling, because we know from earlier in this very episode, what can happen when living beings are turned to stone. (The Wyvern Massacre.) Now we've seen this four-parter a bunch of times and we're used to it. But I'm curious as to how you all felt the first time you saw Part One.

Another interesting aspect, is that 3/4 of the threat is to characters that we consider to be villains. Or more than 3/4. In the past, young Macbeth has lost his father and is clearly at risk. And Demona is being hunted. In the present, Fox and Owen are stone. And Xanatos and Fox appear to be falling to their deaths. Sure, the clincher is Elisa. But I think it's a tribute to how well-rounded are villains are that we care what's going to happen to them. Can you imagine most cartoons making the death of the villains a cliff-hanger? People would simply cheer.

One little flaw: Elisa's facing the wrong way. It was easier to board that way, I'm sure. But I can't figure out why she would have been standing and facing that direction at sundown.

Comments welcome, as usual...

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LSZ writes...

1) Can Puck also be summoned by Oberon's Mirror?
2) Was Titania's Mirror meant to be used to summon Puck only, or could it summon any fae if you knew how?
3) If so to the former, what makes Puck connected to the Mirror?

Greg responds...

1. In theory.
2. It's something of a generic portal.
3. See 2.

Response recorded on November 10, 2000

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bob writes...

hey man whats going on, just a little question... i'm arguing with a lot of friends about this topic. in the gathering part 2 puck said the trixter has played many parts but never that of a straight man...this meaning what? straight as in like..i dunno what. he's not gay is he, i mean i know he's a farie and all but... i know this is a dumb question but it's kinda annoying me

Greg responds...

Jeez. You've never heard of a straight man. Like in a comdey routine. One guy's the joker. The other one plays it straight, thus being the foil of the joker's comedy.

Which doesn't answer whether he's gay or not, but come on...

Response recorded on November 09, 2000

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Chapter XX: "Eye of the Beholder"

Written by Steve Perry. Story Edited by Michael Reaves.

It's really just a coincidence that we watched this so close to Halloween (11-2-00). I wasn't trying for that. This was just the next episode in the sequence. Still, when I mentioned before we started that this was the Halloween episode of Gargoyles, the kids got very excited. Erin pointed at the framed cell we have in our bedroom which depicts Goliath and La Belle Elisa dancing. She remembered that it came from the episode we were about to watch. Benny then commented that Elisa and Goliath are going to get married. Erin, who has a clearer memory of the last time we completed the 66 episode sequence corrected him. But I said something cryptic, like you never know. Erin said I needed to make more episodes so that we could find out. From her mouth to God's ears.

In general, the kids were very verbal during this episode, or at least Erin was. Benny started out verbal, but fell asleep with his mom rubbing his tummy somewhere during Act One.

In the opener, a classic scene I think, when he first saw Xanatos and Fox together he said: "That was you, Erin. I was him." in reference to the Fox and Xanatos costumes they wore to the Gathering 2000's masquerade.

Erin really bought into the tension of the episode. And it is very tense. Some terrific pacing to this. She remembered this one with much greater clarity than most. "Uh oh. That's not just any necklace." Etc. Personally, I just love Xanatos' pragmatic proposal. The truth is X should have already known that he was truly in love with Fox. I've just done some research into sentencing while working on and reworking my Gargoyle timeline. Fox & Wolf each received a 16 month sentence for briefly holding that model hostage in "Thrill of the Hunt". They had the opportunity to be parolled after eight months. They were rejected. Instead of waiting a mere eight more months for them to be released free and clear, an impatient Xanatos sets up the events in "Leader of the Pack". Is that a man in love or what? Nevertheless, we get his whole "We're genetically compatible and have the same goals" speech. She asks about love, and he feels himself largely incapable of the emotion. He thinks he's too amoral for that. "I think we love each other as much as two people like us can." (Or something like that. I'm approximating all these quotations.) It's fun.

Then comes the sequence in Mr. Jaffe's store. Erin is still very tense: "Uh oh, that's Fox. She's wearing the necklace." and "She wants to stop it [the necklace] with one arm. But she doesn't want to with the other." Here, Erin's hit right on Fox's internal conflict. Part of her is fighting the Eye, but part of her wants to surrender to its power. When X first confronts her in her bedroom, and when the Werefox emerges and attacks, it doesn't shred him. It throws him down on the bed. There's some powerful primal energy swirling 'round that room. Lucky thing Owen is there, or I'm not sure Xanatos escapes with his dignity intact.

Xanatos takes note and activates Plan A, which will be followed by B and C. And a makeshift D. It becomes almost a parody of all his contingencies and "Xanatos Tags" from previous episodes. For once, he's out of control. And he can't bear to admit it. He pretends (even to himself) that he just needs to recover the valuable Eye of Odin, when what he obviously really wants is to save Fox. "...I'd never have just given it away. Ah, well, spilled milk." (I always thought that was a great and yet feeble cover for his real feelings.)

Speaking of the Eye, how many knew back when it was intro'd in "The Edge" that it would be so important? As I think I've mentioned, the Eye was actually the creation of Disney Interactive which was working on a GARGOYLES VIDEO GAME at the time. They told us about the Eye, and I loved the idea and decided to incorporate it into the show. Unfortunately, we didn't use their design, which had this great crow/raven theme to it, appropriate to Odin. Instead, our design always looked vaguely Egyptian to me. I can't remember, but I think that maybe they're design wasn't ready when we needed to complete our model for "The Edge". Or it might have been poor communication. The Eye was designed at Walt Disney Animation - Japan. At any rate, we knew from the gamer folk that the Eye had metamorphic powers. But I wanted to be more specific. Yes, it would grant power, but it had to grant power that suited the legend of Odin's Eye. The Eye traditionally provided Mimir with the gift of sight. That easily translated to "insight" for me. Which is a kind of power in its own right. The Eye in the Gargoyles Universe would externalize and amplify a major trait of the wearer. And, yes, even then I had plans to eventually intro Odin himself and have him stick the thing back in his empty socket.

I think that shot from inside the elevator shaft when Fox smashes her way in is very cool.

Owen with an Elvis tribute: "Fox has left the building."

--The Eye of Odin, of course.

--Mr. Jaffe's poor grocery store.

--X's commando squad (including Bruno) is at the ready, yet still unprepared for the Werefox's fury.

--Since "The Mirror", Goliath is more open about his growing feelings for Elisa. She again defuses things by turning his concerns for her into a more objective statement about friendship.

--Goliath is back in the library. This time studying Werewolves. The information won't be useful, but isn't that just like him?

--Elisa immediately jumping to the conclusion that the were-thing is another of Xanatos' mutated victims like her brother.

HALLOWEEN - The trio are very excited to be able to stroll into the open. "No one'll know who we are." Better yet, "No one will know WHAT we are." The taste of conformity they got in "The Mirror" has opened a window on their need to be a part of something larger than the clan.

Another cool visual: Fox and Goliath circling each other, with Fox on all fours.

I love when Goliath tries to reason with Fox. "If Xanatos is your enemy, then believe me, WE are your friends." How little he knows. The Werefox immediately attacks him. Still conflicted. Throughout the story, Fox fights, but the Eye reasserts.

Time for Plan C. But Owen has noticed the flaw in Xanatos' usually stellar power of contingency. X claims that all he cares about is the Eye. But he's only setting things up so that the gargs will get the eye. Subconsciously, all he wants is Fox. But we have Goliath arrive and interrupt just at that moment so that neither X or the audience has time to focus on the contradicition.

X breaks down. Appeals to Goliath. He's out of control. Up to a point. ("Old habits die hard -- he still has the forsight to plant a bug on Goliath ala "Awakening, Part Three".

Gotta love Goliath's line: "Not a good night for you." It's great as a writer when you can legitimately turn the tables and give Goliath a Xanatos line.

Broadway REALLY wanted to dress up as a Detective. So he's got a new trenchcoat and hat. Brooklyn, ever the swashbuckler, is a pirate. And Lex... hmm... what should we make Lex. We settled on a pilot, in keeping with his helicopter prowess, I guess. But it was never too clear what Lex would or should be, and I can't help thinking that Lex had trouble deciding on a costume too.

Of course, Goliath doesn't wear a costume.

Vinnie has a line here. Though officially, it's not Vinnie's first appearance, this one line of Jeff Bennett spoken dialogue "A costume over a costume." is the obvious inspiration for all that followed with the Vinster.

And I love Keith as that witch saying "That is a great, great costume." What a great, great line reading.

BEAUTY & THE BEAST. Finally, we get to hit the nail on the head. A moment so romantic (in a very romantic episode) that even the characters take note. Elisa lets her self go for a moment. Goliath just is. The kids are happy for them.

But "Things are not always as they seem". Goliath breaks the moment by attacking a guy in a werewolf costume.

Note: That Goliath now refers to Manhattan as "My castle, my city." A year earlier (more or less) he was calling it Xanatos' city. I love the notion that Goliath sees hope in Xanatos LOVING someone. And of course, he's right. Xanatos' love for Fox (and later Alex) will result in Goliath getting the castle back. Not war, but love.

Brooklyn and Lex finally get to eat pretzyls. Remember that in Awakening, Broadway ate them all. Meanwhile Broadway eat's a hot dog and BELCHES MIGHTILY. This was really more about all of us indulging ourselves in low humor. We put the burp into the script. Bill Fagerbakke burped loudly. But our sound effects guy Paca Thomas, put in the burp to end all burps.

--Lex gets very intense (briefly) and wants to go after FOX. He still hates anything or anyone connected to his Pack experience.

--The return of Brendan & Margot.

Gotta love Elisa's costume. Holster for a garter belt. Very sexy. Solved our nudity problem with Fox too. I'm amazed we got away with that.

In a larger sense, I'm amazed we got away with the entire episode. I was very nervous that the notion of X and Fox getting engaged would be rejected. But the BIG BOSSES didn't focus on the fact that the engagement might lead to marriage. And fortunately, they weren't paying attention when that engagement led to marriage, pregnancy and a kid. I don't think they would have allowed it.

I could have done without Broadway eating his hat.

Fox's internal conflict is visualized when she sees Elisa as herself and attacks to silence that human voice inside her once and for all.

When, in slow motion, Goliath intercepts Fox and saves Elisa (who's usually fairly self-sufficient) it may be the purest moment of Hero saving damsel we have in the series. The dress helps of course.

A little HIGHLANDER inspiration here with Fox and the exploding sign.

I love that Owen's right there with the helicopter.

X is still trying to interpret things to suit his old (and dated) world view. He thinks Goliath is trading the Eye for Fox, which of course he wasn't. Goliath doesn't think that way.

"Now you know my weakness."
"Only you would consider love a weakness."
"You've never looked more heroic."
"A momentary lapse, I assure you."

All great lines.

Let's go home.

And Owen, who signed on BECAUSE Fox and Xanatos were so interesting to the Puck, SMILES.

And now a word about the episode from Erin Sydney Weisman (she typed this herself):

I am most interested in this episode. And the episode I watched was a spooky episode. And I liked the episode, because it was a very enchanting episode.

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Lexette writes...

This is a question about Owen/Puck that you've probably heard one million times before,(I'm sorry) but was Owen always going to come out as Puck eventually, or, in the beginning, was Owen just another mortal character and the idea of him being Puck came later while you were writing the series? (I hope you can understand this question. I've read it through and it doesn't make much sense, butI don't know how else to phrase it.)

Greg responds...

We always knew that Owen had a secret.

But we didn't know what it was until we began writing "The Mirror" which introduced Puck. It then immediately occured to us that they were the same guy.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

In "The Gathering Part One", when the Weird Sisters report to Oberon that Puck hasn't returned to Avalon for the Gathering, they speak his (Puck's) name in a very unfriendly and bitter way. Do the Sisters have some sort of strong grudge against Puck?

Greg responds...

Yes and no.

Response recorded on October 05, 2000

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Mara Shinigami Cordova writes...

Quick Q...

In the FUTURE TENSE universe ( ie, had Goliath not realized that it all was a big hoax by the changeling Puck and it thereby became Goliath's reality)

1. Did Brooklyn and Demona have any eggs?
2. During the roof scene between Demona and Goliath, she begs him to save their daughter. I'm assuming off-camera he had explained the entire situation to the surviving clan... doesDemona at this point harbor any grudge towards Elisa or is she forgotten?
3. In Future tense... WOULD gargoyles make marks on hardwood floors?

suimasen, Weisman-sama

Greg responds...

None of these questions make much sense, except maybe 3. You're looking for completeness and rationales in a VERY incomplete faux world. Did you see the Truman Show? Think of what Goliath was presented with as a glorified Hollywood Movie set. Puck didn't work any harder than he had too.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

In Puck's "Future Tense" illusion, was he attempting to use guilt as a weapon against Goliath to break him down, as well as shock and grief? Brooklyn and Lexington both berated Goliath severely for "running away" and leaving the clan and Manhattan defenceless against Xanatos, making it clear that in their eyes, it was all his fault that the city was in the condition that it was. Lexington also implied (at least, how I saw it) that Goliath's "abandoning" the clan was a reason for his turning evil. So, was Puck attempting to fill Goliath with guilt to weaken him all the more?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 21, 2000

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Matthew writes...

What would have happened to Puck if he broke the rules and simply taken the Pheonix Gate?

Greg responds...

He couldn't. It's not just a rule. It's Oberon's Law.

Response recorded on September 16, 2000

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Brian writes...

When demona says "You are the tricky one, so you will stay put." to owen in city of stone is that a hint that owen is puck? What other hints are there?

Greg responds...

Yes, that's a hint.

Xanatos has a hint where he says something like "mixing magics is dangerous", basically rejecting the notion that Puck might be able to solve the problem.

And in "The Mirror", Demona says to Puck, "You serve the human, now you can serve me as well." "The human" in this case, obviously, is Xanatos.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

You mentioned the 4th wall and Puck having been an issue in Mirror, and several people have weighed in with their opinion. I might as well throw in my too {fill in the monetary unit of your choice}. I think it would work either way with Puck. The question is whether in being Puck is he playing to the audience around him or the one in his head. If the former he would direct his antics to those around him- he'd be the kind of being who says something outrageous and peaks at the reaction. If the latter, there is an imaginary audience he trusts to have the savvy to appreciate his act and will speak to them. [That is not to say he is delusional, just able to amuse himself.] Personally I think Puck is both, and in any given situation could go either way.

All this brings to mind The Gathering II. The first time I saw it I remembered his memorable, "Here's Puck!" to end with a pirouette to the various assembled beings. In later showings he ends filling the screen with his grin. It seems that later edits did tear down the fourth wall at that point. Despite having at least one friend who very much preferred the first version, personally I thought both worked.

Greg responds...

I can only reiterate that I not only think it would have worked, I think it would have gone over big. Your example, though strictly speaking more ambiguous, serves, I think, to prove my point.

Response recorded on September 06, 2000

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Bråndeewine writes...

"Frank writes...
Why doesn't Elisa change her clothes?

Greg responds...

She has 102 black t-shirts. She changes three times a day.

Or were you looking for a real world answer? We couldn't afford to redesign her every episode. And the more different looks we gave her, the more we were inviting animation errors.

(No one mentions why Owen seems to wear the same suit every day?)"

The reason no one wonders about Owen is due to the fact, that we assume that he is so orderly that he has a suit for everyday that is identical. Think "The Fly" :oP

Greg responds...

I've never seen "The Fly". Though I've seen clips. Nothing that reminded me of Owen, however.

Response recorded on September 05, 2000

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Blacklight Lara writes...

1)If Owen had not turned out to be Puck, but was rather just a regular human, what kind of backstory would you have developed for him ("Him" meaning Owen)?
2)Since Puck was Owen, what story was used when someone asked about Owen's background?

Greg responds...

1. How can I answer this? It's like you asking me what would the backstory have been for Elisa if she were born in Hong Kong during the Industrial Revolution. I have no idea. She wasn't, so I never gave it any thought.

2. Who would ask?

Response recorded on September 02, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

I read (and very much enjoyed) your ramble about taking your kids to see "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I recall attending a performance of that play some years ago (I believe that it was early 1994), which I very much enjoyed. One particular feature of it (which seems almost like a forerunner of "Gargoyles" - which hadn't yet come out when I saw it) was that Philostrate, Theseus's "Master of Ceremonies", was played by a woman, who did the character with a style best described as a "female Owen" - very capable, efficient, and formal. (Makes one wonder if Vogel was Puck's only inspiration :)

(Another Shakespearean performance that I've seen, done by the same company, was a sort of "double feature" of "Hamlet" and Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", which did the two plays on alternate nights, but with the same cast and even the same stage business for those scenes from "Hamlet" that showed up in the Stoppard play - which made seeing the latter all the more an interesting experience after having seen "Hamlet" only a little earlier).

Greg responds...

Most Philostrate's I've seen have been doubled by the actor playing Puck. Sometimes as the actor simply playing two characters, sometimes clearly as the actor playing Puck who then plays Philostrate.

That probably did help inspire me, deep down. Fed the revelation. Of course, Owen himself was introduced before we even knew Puck was going to be in the series.

I've been dying to see Hamlet and "Rosencrantz..." in rep. You lucky dog.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Entity writes...

Hi Greg,

I don't want for this to come off like a criticism, but regarding the "fourth wall" you wanted to break in THE MIRROR by having Puck directly address the audience... don't you think that would have really killed the integrity of the series?

That fourth wall keeps the series self-contained in its own little imaginary world, where gargoyles and fae and corporate CEO's like Xanatos exist. If Puck were to have addressed the audience, it would have poked a hole in that. Which isn't a good thing, IMO.

GARGOYLES is as memorable as it is because it retained an integrity akin to a live-action series. I know, it never happened, Puck never did address us, but even so... what was your rationale behind it?

Again, I don't mean for this to sound critical, which I KNOW it does. But I would've lost a lot of respect for the series in THE MIRROR had someone not cut out those lines you inserted.

Greg responds...

Well, then you agree with Dennis and Frank.

But I think we could have gotten away with it with Puck. And frankly, I don't think you would have lost respect. IT'S PUCK! It so suits him. I'm still convinced it would have worked great.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

When and how did Owen/Puck find out about the gargoyles living in the clock tower? He clearly knows by "Possession", since he knew where to find them when he was taking Coldstone to the clock tower (and also clearly knows in "Hunter's Moon Part Three" when he comments that obviously the clan wouldn't have destroyed their own home). I'm assuming that he found out from Goliath during "Future Tense" when Goliath talked about getting back to the clock tower near the beginning; am I correct on that one?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on August 22, 2000

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LSZ writes...

What was Puck's position during the Mab-Oberon war, if he was even around at the time?

Greg responds...

Working for Oberon.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

Another "Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" question that I just remembered. When Goliath angrily confronts Owen at the castle and demands that he (Owen) take him (Goliath) to wherever Xanatos, Hudson, and Broadway are, Owen replies, "You should know that I can't do that." Was this line, by any chance, a subtle foreshadowing about Owen's true nature as Puck - who, under the restrictions of his Owen-body, indeed cannot magically take Goliath to where others are?

Greg responds...

Not really. It was mostly OWEN as Owen, having fun with Goliath in a very Owen-like way. "You should know" because you should know that Xanatos isn't involved with this caper.

Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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Emmlei writes...

Read your outlines for 'The Mirror'. Personally, I think that was one of the best episodes of the series. It was light enough to be entertaining, but not so much that it made it stand out as odd from the overall series. I loved Puck, and I think you did a good job of introducing him, successfully avoiding some problems you pointed out. And Brent Spiner was excellent as Puck, and his performance made a good impression on me.
So, here are my questions:
In later episodes, were you going to do much more development of Puck/Owen? I mean, we only saw puck in a handful of episodes, so we didn't see how much Oberon's punishment affected both aspects of Owen/Puck.
Secondly, what about his training of Alex? I have a feeling that as Alex gets older, he might actually prove a little difficult to handle, especially with magic involved.(I'm sorry if I'm vague, but I can't figure out how to word it any better)

Greg responds...


Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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Scott Iskow writes...

On Fae Magic:

1) It's been a while since I've seen "Mark of the Panther," so I'm a little unclear on how Anansi "spins his wishes." Can you describe the process, please?

2) Did Oberon remove Puck's magic, or was it merely suppressed? If removed, where did all the energy go? Did Oberon absorb it into himself, or did he do the fae equivalent of throwing it into the garbage?

3) On a similar note to 2, how much energy does it take to strip another fae of magic? My guess would be some amount equal to the magic being removed, but I'm not well versed in cartoon magic. (I can't even rhyme well.)

Greg responds...

1. In a web...

2. Suppressed.

3. A lot i guess, but strictly speaking it would probably kill the guy.

Response recorded on August 18, 2000

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Punchinello writes...

I see you are making progress with your backlog of questions. This question is kind of an ammendment to another question of mine.

A couple of months ago I asked if your idea for Owen was influenced by an archetype I referred to as being "a supernatural charachter indentured to a human master." I made reference to djinn being bound within oak or silver. Now, I dont recall if I was thinking this at the time, but...

I had just recently viewed "Prospero's Books" by Peter Greenaway again. There is a rather disturbing scene therin, of Ariel, bound in his "cloven pine." Spitting out splinters of wood and carring on. It's all rather ghastly. I had, in the past, made the observation that Ariel could be an other example of this archetype. I think, however, that I needed the emphasis Greenaway placed on certain elements to make some connections apparent to me. Of some peripheral interest is the fact that ariel is another spirit bound in a tree, but of greater interest is the stress placed on the characters servitude to Prospero. It was not much of a stretch to *read Owen* into the character.

OF GREATER INTEREST was how easy it became to read Xanatos into Prospero. I was struck by several things in this vein. The first being the parallel between the two men's status as "mortal's" who had aquired great power through supernatural means; particularly through the service of a captive spirit. (I realize the term "captive" does not really describe Owen's situation.) Further, Xanatos' collection of supernatural artifacts (The Eye, the Grimorrim, even the Gargoyles) could be a reflection of Prospero's robes and staff. The artifacts which empower him.

I also considered (perhaps on the heels of watching an adaptation that placed such emphasis on Pospero's Books) that the Grimorrim might be a volume Xanatos "valued above his dukedom."

I wonder also if a reading of Xanatos as *the exiled duke* would be too far off. Milan is in rather close proximity to Greece. I believe you placed Petros Xanatos as a native, there. While Xanatos may not have been physically exiled from his place of birth, it could be argued that his distance from his father and their conflicted relationship could be read as a kind of exile.

Now, I realize you have your reasons for not wanting to confirm or deny ideas that you had for the show, but were not able to elaborate on before it's cancellation. I read the anecdote about the guy who thought you had stolen his idea. (Wasn't he asking about the characters from "The Tempest," actually?) At this point, however, I think you have rather concretely established that Shakespeare plays a rather prominent and consistent theme in "Gargoyles." I cant imagine that anyone would not be inclined to believe that you were going for this reading from the beginning.

Maybe I'm completely wrong about all of this, but I'm sure it will elicit some interesting commentary from you.

Greg responds...

To be honest, the Prospero/Xanatos connection never occured to me -- probably because I have specific ideas for Prospero as a separate character, and also because I SO saw Xanatos as a Coyote Trickster type, and I don't see Prospero that way at all.

But you're analysis fascinated me.

Of course, with the exception of "Possession", Xanatos never got any real magical aide from Owen. (That was kind of the point of their bargain.) But still, I like that what we did had some deep archetypal resonance.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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Puck<40> writes...

Puck related and such. And hope to see you at AX. By the time you read this, you just might've. <oddball with a drawing of himself taped to his back>

1) Okay... I know you don't do pure power, measuring up one person to another... But do you think Puck would've survived an iron spear shot to his chest? I don't really think of him as a "lesser fae" that it'd kill instantly, as you put in one of your posts, so just curious. And I also don't really think he's *that* cocky to stand up to Oberon and not think he's got somewhat of a chance to win. Course this is Puck so I could be wrong.

Greg responds...

1. If Puck wins against Oberon, it's by gile not POWER. If Puck survives an iron spear shot to the chest, it's because he was in someway prepared for it, not because he can normally survive such a killing blow. Oberon had power to burn. Puck is powerful, but not that...

But hey, it was nice to get a question. Thanks for breaking up the monotony. Here's a tyca for you.

And did we talk at Anime Expo?

Response recorded on July 30, 2000

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Puck<40> writes...

Back again. ^.^ Say hi to Jen for me.

<still Puck, following a different mindset topic>

1) Did Puck or Owen ever meet a timedancing Brooklyn? <thats a question repost, got wiped in one of the screw ups>

2) Do you in your opinion think Puck would try to interfere with a time paradox intentionally? :)

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. I'm not sure what you mean.

Response recorded on July 30, 2000

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Faieq Ali writes...

Before the Gathering, did Fox know about Owen being Puck?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 30, 2000

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Abigail Thorne writes...

I asked this way back in March, but I think the question got lost, so let me try again.

Were you ever going to reveal just how Demona and Xanatos teamed up? Xanatos is not exactly a trustworthy individual, and Demona's track record with humans has not been stellar. It's not like she would just go up to him and say "I'm a thousand-year old gargoyle with a grudge against humanity. Want to help me reawaken my clan?" And was she the one who gave him the Grimorum? Because if he got it from someone else, and Demona found out about it, then she would have obviously wanted to reclaim it, which would explain how they met, but not how they decided to work together. So what's the story?

Thanks for listening, and sorry if you have read this already.

Greg responds...

Ever? Yes. In TimeDancer. It's a very complex story involving two different "dances", Brooklyn, Mary, Finella, Xanatos, Demona, Owen and Puck.

Response recorded on July 29, 2000

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Puck40 (repost by Aris) writes...

Ooooooh, thought myself up a couple of questions. I was thinking, Puck... he always seems to be one step ahead of everybody, with the possible exception of Titania <who I don't know if *anyone* is more clever than>. I mean, one step ahead of Oberon in The Gathering, Demona in The Mirror. Probably one of the most clever beings in the show, with more secrets than most. I'm sure he has a bag full of em more.

I mean, he did the whole Goliath being lost for 40 years, when it would've actually been Brooklyn for Timedancer, I doubt its a freak chance. To me, this shows him being one step ahead. Xanatos naming his son Alexander <though given he could've confided in Owen ahead of time>. Thailog dying in the "Clone Wars", if that wasn't an outright finger pointing at the amusement park clone episode, I don't know what is.
So my question.....

Sure... Puck wanted to get the Pheonix Gate from Goliath. But given that he seems to have more knowledge than most of the future<putting his own fun spins on it>....
1) Did Puck mind that Goliath threw the Gate in the Time Portal?
2) Did Puck intend the Gate for that ultimate destination in the first place?
3) If 2 is no.... Was one of Pucks reasons for trying to snag the gate from Goliath, Just so he could try and cheat the time paradox of where the Gate was supposed to ultimate end up<being lost>?

and last but not least....

4) Did Puck have any encounters with a Timedancing Brooklyn in his past? <that would explain *so* much>

Thanks for answering the questions. Or giving smart ass responses, either or, thanks for taking the time to read em.

Greg responds...

1. Yes. I know it would be "cool" if that was ALL part of Puck's plan, but I don't want to undercut FUTURE TENSE itself.
2. No.
3. No.
4. Maybe...

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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Lexy (repost by Aris) writes...

Nope..still not done yet..

Ok, I put this in a separate post _just_ in case.

1) Could you tell us what the episode, "Ransom" would have been like if you had had more control over it?

I put this in a separate post cuz..as you may notice you have answered this one from me before. I admit that. Its just that when you did it was awful vague. I was just wondering if right now you could tell us something more besides, "It was pretty much the same plot except the kidnappers were from Avalon." Ok they were from Avalon?

2) Would we have seen these characters in any episodes after Ransom?

We never saw Puck in TGC. But im SURE Alex getting kidnapped would have warrented a Puck episode;)

3) Would Puck have been the first one to know and not his parents?

Everyone got together trying to figure out how to go about getting Alex back

4) In the ep you had planned, would it have been more of a Puck/Lex teamup?

5) Where would've the mystery characters from Avalon taken our lil prince?

U know..Q's like that?


Greg responds...

1. Is that quotation an actual quotation or a paraphrase? I can't imagine that's what I wrote. It certainly was never going to be the same plot. It was a Tricksters story. Initially it was to include Owen/Puck, Raven, Anansi and Coyote. Plus Lex and the Family Xanatos. I think as time has gone on, I would have dropped Anansi and Coyote from this one. Focused more on Raven as the Trickster/Villain. Saved the multi-Trickster episode for another story.

2. In that season or ever?

3. Uh, I don't pretend to have every little detail worked out. I never actually wrote the story, I simply proposed it. They took a kernel of it and turned it into Ransom.

4. Probably.

5. Don't know.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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Taleweaver writes...

While watching City of Stone and Mirror something Demona said struck me. She knew about Owen's alter ego, Puck. How did she figure it out?

Greg responds...

Puck/Owen introduced Demona to Xanatos.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

I've recently read a book on Shakespeare's famous "history play" cycle (the eight history plays from "Richard II" to "Richard III" about the Wars of the Roses) called "Shakespeare's Kings" by John Julius Norwich, which focused on the relations of Shakespeare's cycle to actual English history. And that inspired a fresh question on my part.

In your vision of the Gargoyles Universe, did any of the immortal characters (Demona, Macbeth, Puck, etc.) get involved in any way in this period of English history that Shakespeare was drawing on for his cycle, from Richard II's deposition in 1399 to Richard III's death at Bosworth in 1485? (We know, of course, where Demona was in 1495, ten years after Bosworth, and that it wasn't in England).

Greg responds...

I doubt Demona was around. Maybe in France during the Joan of Arc years. Macbeth might have been around. Or in and out of the country at least.

Puck -- well, I'd have to think about that.

Anyway, as you can see, I haven't really given it any thought.

Is it disappointing when I admit that I don't literally know everything yet?

If so, just imagine that it's a message from the Gargoyle Universe that hasn't come to me (ala Coleridge) in a dream yet.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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Chapter XVIII: "The Mirror"

Story Editor: Brynne Chandler Reaves
Writer: Lydia C. Marano

Arguably the best single episode of the series. The animation is fluid, dynamic and very strong. The writing is sharp, even quite funny over and over. And yet, dramatically the story is still potent. It really advances the Goliath & Elisa romance arc. Changes Demona permanently. And introduces Puck -- and by extension, the entire third race: The Children of Oberon. All in a mere 22 minutes.

It's also very gratifying for me. A bit of a vindication. As you may have seen from the memos I wrote to Brynne & Lydia, there was some considerable resistance to the notion that none of the characters would notice their own personal change from one species to another. Most of my collaborators thought the idea was way too complicated to pull off. I argued that it might seem complex, but in fact it would play cleaner on screen -- and funnier and more directly to theme. In my mind, another title for this episode could have been -- had we already not been using it for our Werefox episode -- "Eye of the Beholder", because all the transformed characters really noticed was when someone else was "OTHER". Being a monster or being "normal" was based on their point of view, not any objective look in the mirror. [As it is, the title is the kind I like. Simple, objective and yet metaphoric. At one point, it was titled: "Mirror, Mirror". But we simplified it even more.]

But anyway, when the human Brooklyn, Lex and Broadway are confronted by "Gargoyles", the scene is an intentional mirror of the scene from AWAKENING, PART ONE where Brooklyn says, "If they think we're beasts and monsters..." Again, this is playing with the idea of "beasts and monsters" being merely in the eye of the beholder. The species have reversed, but the situation is exactly the same simply because the Trio remain in the minority. I suppose that's one thing that X-Men's mutants have in common with the Gargs. Both are a metaphor for being part of a minority. Feared almost automatically.

On the other hand, when Elisa is transformed, she believes that Goliath & Co. have been transformed into something like her. I think her immediate reaction is very telling about how she ALREADY felt about Goliath at that point. She's thrilled. She throws her arms about him. Now they're the same species. There's no impediment to their love. What's interesting is that if you stopped and asked Elisa under normal circumstances whether she would wish for Goliath to be transformed into a human, the answer would most certainly be "No." She knows that being a Gargoyle is fundamental to who he is. You can't change that without changing him -- and yet in that instant, in that unguarded moment, her desire to be with him overwhelms that rational knowledge. She's just happy.

At the museum, Elisa looks at herself in the mirror. She then moves, but the reflection holds. That was the idea of one of our board artists. A little clue that the mirror is magic. (It's not an animation error.)

Family Reactions #1

During that museum chase, my wife wanted to know why no alarms were going off. I figure Demona or the thieves just shut them off.

Erin didn't realize that that was Elisa dressed as a security guard at first. We were trying to withhold that information for a bit.

"Titania's Mirror", "The Children of Oberon", "Oberon sent me." We were laying groundwork to expand the entire series' base. But I don't know if back then I knew that much about what if anything I had planned specifically for Titania & Oberon.

Anymore than I knew then what I'd do with the "Dracula's Daughter" reference. But we try not to waste anything.

Coming up with that "Children of Oberon" name was a struggle. And so many people have asked me since whether or not Oberon is literally everyone's father, I almost regret landing on that choice. Our thought process is largely present in the episode when Goliath et al, go through various noms: Fair Folk, Dark Elves, Changelings, Shape-Shifters. Of course, at the time we were misusing the term Changeling. I think that was Odo's influence frankly, but I should have known better. I suggested "The Oberati". But the Reaves didn't care for that. I think they thought it sounded too much like an Italian sports car.

I do love the moment when Brooklyn cites Shakespeare's play as a sort of reference work on the Children. I hope we sent a few people to the library with that line. Did we?

I also love Hudson's line in response to Elisa's question: Are they real?

Hudson: "As real as I am, if the stories be true." It's full of delicious dramatic irony. If you can suspend belief on a bunch of gargoyles, then this shouldn't be a problem for you. I love things that work on multiple levels.

I also love Hudson's "Be careful what you wish for" line.

We were trying to show a bit here how Demona had managed to operate in the modern world up to this point. One of the thieves has clearly worked for Demona before without ever having laid eyes on her. Of course, showing Demona's M.O. here, was like giving it a swan song. Because after this episode, though she clearly doesn't realize it yet, her life is going to get MUCH easier. Being a human during the day is a great boon to all her scheming. I'm very curious about everyone's reaction to that? Shock? Amusement? I also tried to work very hard so that in that last two minutes of epilogue, everyone would get that she only was human during the day. I was very afraid that the audience would think she was permanently transformed into a human. Was anyone confused? Or was anyone surprised that Puck's revenge/gift STUCK? We wouldn't really explore the change until HIGH NOON. Had you forgotten about it by then?

Family Reactions #2
As Demona's casting the spell that will summon Puck. (Which I always thought was very cool, with the feather and all.)
Benny: "That's a magic mirror. Is Demona going in there?"
Erin: "Puck's gonna come out."

As I've mentioned before, during the writing of this story we figured out that Owen was Puck. So to play fair we dropped a hint here. Demona (who knows) says to Puck: "You serve the human. You can serve me." Puck changes the subject, replying "Humans [note the plural] have a sense of humor, you have none." This was done intentionally to distract the audience away from the hint we had just dropped. But obviously, in hindsight, it's a clear reference to Owen serving Xanatos. Anyone get it right off the bat? Anyone even take note of the line the first time? Originally, the line read, "You serve him, now you can serve me." With the "him" referring to Xanatos. But our S&P executive was afraid the "him" could be taken to mean Satan. I know that seems silly now. But keep in mind, we were very paranoid back then about the show being attacked for promoting devil worship. So we made the change.

Sensitive Broadway: "Maybe even love." It's a nice moment. Wistful.

Puck reminds Demona that the mirror isn't "Aladdin's lamp". At the time, the Aladdin series was still in production at Disney. So that's a bit of an in-joke.

And how about that: Demona is still carrying a torch for Goliath. On some level, she wants him more than almost anything. Yet she continually allows her hatred to get in the way. And the irony is, that at this point, pre-Vows it isn't yet too late for them. But her actions further serve to cement the Goliath/Elisa relationship. More now than ever before.

Puck/Brent Spiner is just fantastic. I love that "charming personality" line. And "You don't know what you're asking, believe me." And "I'll do EXACTLY as you asked." And "My mistake." And "A very long nap." He's just so rich.

Plus the boarding and animation on Puck is just great. As is the sound work that accompanies him zipping around.

I always wanted Puck to be the one character who could break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience. Every time he appeared, we'd put a line or two in the script that was addressed to the audience. And every time, Frank or Dennis Woodyard would cut it out of the board. They didn't like breaking the fourth wall. (A lot of guys don't. I tried to do that with Max on Max Steel, but Richard Raynis and Jeff Kline wouldn't allow that either.) Oh, well....

Puck also establishes that Oberon's Children generally use rhyming spells instead of Latin or Hebrew or whatever. (Thus making life slightly -- but ONLY slightly -- easier on me and the writers.) But Puck isn't too formal: "Human's love a battle hearty, so does Puck, come on, let's Party!" Fun. (And I like Brooklyn's line, "Party's over." too.)

Family Reactions #3
When Elisa's transformed into a gargoyle.

Erin: "She looks cute." [I very much agree. Though I always wonder where her red jacket goes.]

Ben then asked why she was transformed.

Beth explained that Demona didn't want Elisa to be human anymore.

Erin then corrects my wife and explains that Puck is tricking Demona.

KIDS GET IT! Adults need to pay closer attention!

Goliath suddenly has lust in his heart:
G: "I never realized when you were human just how beautiful you were."
E (with a smile): "You mean you thought I was ugly?"
G: "Uh... careful! Updraft!!"
Man, that guy is smooth.

Anyway, that's one of my all-time favorite exchanges. I think it reveals so much. Somewhere underneath, Goliath has been attracted to who Elisa IS deep-down -- at least since AWAKENING, PART THREE. But he never thought of her as a potential love interest. He wasn't brought up liberally enough to think that way. After all, she has no wings, no tail. And those human shaped feet!

But suddenly, she's revealed as a FEMALE. Now, even when she goes back to being human, his perspective is permanently altered. Hers, however, is not. She's already consciously had those thoughts. Consciously rejected them. So at the end of the episode, he wants to discuss these (for him) new feelings -- but she does not. And the sun helps shut him up.
G: "That's not what I meant."
E: "But that's the way it is."
Another of my all-time favorite exchanges. (I'm really partial to things involving the G/E relationship. I know, I know, I'm a romantic sap.]

I also like the ongoing confusion. Elisa: "Everyone in Manhattan has been turned into... HUMANS!" Goliath: "No, no, no, no, no." And when the Gargoyles are changed into humans, Brooklyn is so sure that they've always been humans, it's funny. Like that moment in CITY OF STONE, when he's convinced that the "statue of Elisa" is a bad likeness of her: "They got the nose wrong."

FYI, there was an honest attempt, within the logical parameters of what our gargs looked like, to make their human versions resemble the actors who played them. Thus Goliath has darker skin than the others, because Keith David is African-American. (Though otherwise Goliath really looks like Conan to me.) The bald Lex has brown hair and the bald Broadway has blond like Thom Adcox and Bill Fagerbakke respectively. Brooklyn resembles Jeff Bennett but with Brooklyn's white hair instead of Jeff's blond. And Hudson looks like Ed Asner with a beard. More or less. Thom Adcox is the one who most looked like the human version of his character.

Cool little touches:

Demona nudges an unconscious Puck with her tail.

She continues to call Hudson, "Old Soldier". Her tenth century "name" for him.

Her line about the "gift of being a gargoyle". I love that superior attitude.

Lexington's "Fun, but weird" line.

Hudson wrapping the sheet over the mirror.

Elisa and Demona have a brief "cat-fight" as Gargoyles. Not quite as diverting as the one they'll have as humans in High Noon. But it was nice to put them on equal physical footing for a change. Let them have it out.

Demona mentions that Puck isn't too tired to make himself "invisible to the crowd". This was us trying to plug a hole in our story. We felt it would undercut the mob's reactions to our newly human heroes if they had the same reaction to seeing Puck. And yet Puck clearly looks more human than Gargoyle. More "other". So we slid that line in to avoid the whole problem.


Beth laughed at Hudson's very Scots reading of "No doubt about it." Which is pronounced more like: "No doot aboot it."

More sappy stuff (which I love):

Goliath's line: "I'll always be there to catch you."

Elisa completely forgetting her fear of flying in order to save the MAN she loves.

That brief moment when both Elisa and Goliath are humans at the same time.

Hudson's wistful line about seeing the sun, just once.

Although it had little to do with the metaphor, we couldn't really resist the notion of showing Bronx transformed into a dog. We picked the biggest dog we could think of, a Wolfhound type, though a bulldog might have been more reminiscent.

In the script, Demona smashes the mirror upon seeing her human reflection in the glass. But somehow the scene never got animated. So we added the sound of the mirror being smashed to the exterior shot at the end. This was important in order to give the story full closure. The initial point of the episode was to prevent Demona from getting Titania's Mirror. Structurally, therefore, I couldn't allow her to keep it.

But no fear, later we introduced Oberon's Mirror (clearly part of a matching set) in THE GATHERING, PART ONE.

I wonder what all those Manhattanites thought when suddenly they realized they were all barefoot.

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Another "Mirror" Memo...

Though I think it's one of our most rewarding episodes, it was a tough one to make come together. So after I received the first draft script on "The Mirror", I sent a second memo to Brynne. Here it is, UNEDITED:

WEISMAN 11-13-94

Notes on "The Mirror" Script...

O.k. The problems here seems to be mostly my fault. I haven't been able to make clear to you guys how I want our characters to react when they've been changed. It's been clear in my head. And for me the logic flows backwards from a scene I want to see where an average-human-pedestrian-who-has-been-turned-into-a-gargoyle sees one of our transformed-into-human-heroes and screams: "Look at that monster!! It's like some kind of horrible... HUMAN!!" The key is that the bystander actually uses the word "HUMAN", and that he says it with the same kind of fear and revulsion that we would normally hear (in a more typical episode) being used for the word "GARGOYLE".

In order to get both the revulsion into the word "Human" and a strongly negative reaction to our heroes' new human appearance, the bystander needs to believe that being a gargoyle is the way it's supposed to be. Therefore when the bystander's appearance was changed his mind-set must have been changed as well.

Working backwards from that goal, how would our main characters react to being changed?

Elisa is the first to be transformed. Thus, ELISA'S REACTION to being changed into A GARGOYLE is the surprising statement:

"Goliath, You've been changed into a gargoyle!"

Reasoning: Goliath &co. were always "the other" to Elisa. But when she was transformed, her mindset changed with her appearance. So she now believes that being a gargoyle is normal. Since, Goliath &co. now look "normal" to her, she figures that they must have been magically changed from being "the other" into being "normal"--i.e. they have been transformed into gargoyles.

[I realize this seems byzantine, but ultimately it'll be the most straightforward reaction on screen, short of having everyone entirely self-aware from the moment they change, (which just isn't as much fun to me). See how it plays out in beat #11. (Also #9, 13, 14 and 21.) If you're still not clear, please don't hesitate to call me.]

Despite absurdist moments in this story, we must keep the tension and suspense running high, throughout.
--Don't reveal Elisa's presence at the museum until last possible second. Same with Goliath.
--Don't let Gargoyle's lose track of their objective for more than a line of dialogue here or there.
--Don't let the battle meander from place to place. Keep battle and chase scenes focused and specific.

1. Get rid of humans, particularly Elisa.
2. Get rid of Goliath and Co.
3. Stop turning to stone during the day.

GOLIATH & ELISA'S WISH - To be together. (Elisa is slightly more self-aware than Goliath, but neither should specifically wish in dialogue to become the race of the other. It's too on the head.)

TRIO'S WISH - To assimilate.


Even for me, these were too confusing.


1. Museum.
--Establish two security guards - but don't reveal that one of them is Elisa (or that Goliath is there).
--Demona breaks in and takes out the first guard.
--Second guard turns out to be Elisa, ready and waiting w/Goliath.
--Establish how much Demona hates humans in general, and Elisa specifically.
--Demona never gets as far as laser-grid around mirror.

2. Chase.
--Demona Escapes.
--And while Goliath and Elisa are chasing her...
Maybe inter-cut w/...

3. Museum.
--Thieves get past laser-grid to steal mirror.

4. Ext. Demona's house.
--The two thieves deliver mirror.

5. Int. Demona's house.
--Demona summons Puck.

6. Clock tower.
--Elisa arrives. They were duped. Mirror was stolen.
--Elisa's: So how bad is this? What can D do with that mirror?
--No one knows for sure, but it leads to the discussion of Oberon's Children.
--Refer here to Midsummer Night's Dream.
--Scotsmen called them "Fair Folk".
--Vikings called them "Dark Elves".
--Trio: Imagine what it would be like to shape-change. Fit in anywhere.
--Hint subtly at Elisa and Goliath's desires.

7. Demona's house.
--Make sure we know Puck's name here.
--Our Demona and Puck wish scene.
--Puck uses a rhyming spell.
--Puck's arms are pinned by chains, so magic energy comes out of his eyes.

8. Clock Tower.
--Elisa: All we can do is wait til Demona makes her move.
--Elisa transforms into a gargoyle.

9. Clock Tower.
--Everyone including Bronx is pretty stunned by Elisa's change.
--She seems happy though.
-- Elisa: "This is wonderful. Goliath, you've been transformed into a gargoyle!"
--Goliath: "What?!"

10. Demona's House.
--Puck tells her the deed is done.
--Demona wants to escalate. Every human in Manhattan.
--Puck again stresses difficulty of "big wishes".
--Demona yanks chain: "Answer truthfully. Can it be done?"
--Puck: Yes, but not from here.

11. Clock Tower.
--Bronx sniffs at Elisa.
--Goliath: "We've always been gargoyles. You're the one who's been changed."
--Elisa: "I've always been a gargoyle. I think I'd know it if I wasn't."
--Goliath: "How did we first meet?"
--Elisa: "I fell off a skyscraper; you glided down and caught me."
--Goliath: "If you always had wings, why would you need me to catch you."
--Elisa: "I can't glide with these."
--Goliath: "Yes, you can."
--Hudson and Trio stare at each other for a beat and then follow.
--Bronx is left behind.

--Puck and Demona materialize w/mirror.
--P: This is gonna take a while.
--He begins visually gathering magical energy. Just a little at first.

13. Flight over the city.
--Goliath NEVER LETS GO OF HER HAND, even after it's clear that she's gliding under her own "power", because she's afraid. She doesn't want to lose that contact.
--Goliath can't help staring at her: "I never realized when you were human just how beautiful you are."
--Elisa: "You mean you used to think I was ugly?"
--He doesn't have a good answer to this.
--Fortunately for him, she segues to: "This is so confusing. Have I always been able to glide like this?"
--[She's still hasn't quite grasped the situation.]
--Goliath: "No. No. Try to understand. You've been changed into a gargoyle. Follow me, I'll show you."
--They glides in low over the streets. Elisa sees the humans and freaks!! (Her freaking needs to be ambiguous. Goliath thinks she understands now. She doesn't really.)
--Goliath: "Maybe we should land somewhere and talk."

14. Rooftop.
--Goliath, Elisa, Hudson and Trio come in for a landing.
--(Establish clothes line. Someone has left their laundry, including bedsheets, to dry in the warm night air.)
--Elisa: "Did you see? Everyone in Manhattan's been turned into a HUMAN?!!!"
--G: "...no, no, no..."
--He points at light show that seems to be gathering around one of the towers of the WTC.

15. World Trade Center.
--BIG LIGHT SHOW as Puck glows with magical energy.
--P: "This is really going to wear me out."
--D: "Quit complaining and do it already."
--Puck casts rhyming spell.
--Magical energy shoots from entire body to hit mirror.
--Spell reflects off mirror and hits giant hyperbolic sattelite dish. --Sattelite dish fires magic off across the whole city.
--Puck collapses.

16. Rooftop.
--Goliath & Co. have seen light show from WTC, (but not result).
--Goliath &Co. leave Elisa on the roof and head toward WTC.
--Elisa's not happy about it, but they don't give her a choice.
--And she's still phobic about flying alone, so she can't follow.

17. WTC
--Now that the light show has subsided, Demona wants to see her "empty city", but Puck is out of it.
--Goliath and co. attack. She's forced to flee with Puck, but without mirror.
--(Somewhere in here, Demona has to mention Puck's name.)
--To save herself, she tosses it. Hudson saves it.
--Goliath and Trio pursue Demona.

18. Downtown streets/subway/ whatever
--Even though she's being chased and is hampered by the unconscious Puck, Demona still comes in for a landing to see the results of her wish.
--She's furious as she sees the human/"gargoyles" going about their business.
--Use this chase (and this scene) to reveal the extent and absurdity of the change that hasn't really changed anything but the appearance of the people. Take us down into the subway, maybe.
--Demona ultimately uses the situation to get lost in a crowd.
--For the pursuers, Goliath and trio, it's like finding a needle in a haystack.
--Throughout scene, Trio may get wistful and a little distracted about being able to fit in.
--There are female "Gargoyles" walking by, catching trio's eyes.
--They have to remind themselves that this is wrong. And they're not entirely convinced that it is.
--But other "gargoyles" still shy away from trio because of how they are dressed. (Or how little they are dressed.)
--At any rate, the trio don't totally lose track of their objective: Demona.
--But Demona's gone.
--Goliath: Let's go get Elisa and plan our next move.

19. A deserted alley.
--Demona confronts a very worn-out Puck.
--D: I wanted you to destroy the humans, not give them the gift of being a gargoyle!!
--D: "Change the gargoyles back to humans."
--Puck: "O.K., o.k., give me a chance to catch my breath."
--He leans to look at his reflection in the side-view mirror of a car.
--The image in the mirror wavers.

20. Rooftop.
--Goliath, Hudson, Trio and Elisa confer.
--They have the mirror.
--That was definitely one of Oberon's Children with Demona.
--Demona called him Puck.
--Elisa: In Shakespeare, Puck was a harmless trickster.
--Goliath: What's happened below isn't harmless. Come, we must continue to search for Demona and Puck.
--Elisa: "I'll never get the hang of leaping off rooftops."
--Goliath: "I will always be there to catch you."
--She hesitates. He takes off to set an example.
--A bolt of Magic shoots out of the mirror catching Goliath, Hudson and the trio.
--Goliath changes to human and falls.

21. Rooftop.
--Elisa dives and catches Goliath. Overcoming her fear without thinking about it.
--Meanwhile, Hudson grabs a sheet off the clothesline and covers the mirror: "Don't want anything else jumping out at us from this thing!"
--Goliath doesn't understand why he fell.
--Suddenly he stares at her: "Elisa...You've changed back to normal!!"
--E: No. I haven't changed. You have. You're a human. You fell because, you don't have wings.
--Brooklyn: "We've always been humans."
--Hudson: "And we've never needed wings to glide before."
--Lex (the engineer of the group): "Wait a minute, we must have used wings. How else could we do it?"
--Goliath, sinking in: "Elisa's right. We're supposed to be gargoyles. And we're not. Everyone else should be human. But thanks to Demona and Puck, they're not."

22. Alley & Street.
--Puck is very weary.
--Demona asks if it's done.
--Puck says yes.
--Demona and Puck cautiously exit alley.
--Obviously, all the humans are still "Gargoyles".
--Demona turns on Puck. I told you to turn the gargoyles to humans.
--Puck: "Oh, you meant these gargoyles! I thought you meant Goliath and the gang. My mistake. Sorry."
--Demona: "You turned Goliath into a human?!!"
--She's ready to murdilate Puck. She pulls the chain tighter, crushing him.
--Puck: "Hey, hey, hey, You're missing the big picture, here. This is your big chance to get rid of Goliath. Now, while he's weak as any human."
--She stops, smiles.

23. Rockefeller Center. Some time later.
--Bronx runs into shot. [He has not been transformed yet.]
--A human/ "gargoyle" pedestrian bends over to pet the nice doggie and then runs away screaming when he sees the doggie's masters.
--Our "human" heroes now fully clothed (and looking cool) walk with determination right up to the center of Rockefeller Center. Hudson still has the mirror, covered in the bed sheet.
--(Elisa is not in sight.)
--Everywhere, pedestrian/"gargoyles" run screaming: "Ahhh, humans!! Run!!" "Oh, they're so ugly." "Keep away, you...you monster human, you."
--Hudson to Goliath: Are you sure this is a good idea?
--G: Demona must have done all this for a purpose. What else could it be except to leave us vulnerable to her attack. So we'll let her come to us, but we'll pick the place of battle. Here on the ground and in the open where her wings won't help her much.
--They take their stand. Not all the pedestrians have run. Some stop and stare, but they all keep their distance from these human monsters.
--Goliath instructs Hudson to unwrap the mirror.
--The instant he does, Puck and Demona fly out of it.
--BATTLE ROYALE (Needs real choreography.)
--Demona's armed with her plasma rifle.
--Gargoyle's are armed with medieval weapons.
--Battle is largely land bound.
--Puck's having a good time and helps Demona.
--His stunts can be darkly funny, i.e. they can be absurd, as long as they increase the danger to our heroes.
--Puck turns Bronx into a Russian Wolf-hound, just for fun.
--Some brave bystanders see Demona being attacked by all these monsters and run in to help.
--Trio are forced to battle them.
--These human/ "gargoyles" don't know their own strength, so fighting them isn't easy.
--Obviously at some crucial moment, Elisa (their secret weapon) flies in and takes on D.
--Demona should not instantly recognize Elisa.
--But when Demona does, she goes nuts. Elisa's presence (both the fact that she is alive and a gargoyle) is a double-edged sword. The best (psychological) weapon the good guys have, it throws Demona into a rage, which makes her doubly dangerous, but careless.
--Goliath and Elisa stand together to defeat D.
--Trio take on and scare off the "gargoyle" good samaritans.
--With Bronx's help, Hudson bags Puck with metal-mesh trashcan.

24. WTC
--Goliath promises to free Puck if he changes things back to normal.
--Puck complies. He'll start with the biggest job -- getting all the humans back to normal. (Fortunately, changing something back to its normal state is easier for him than the reverse.)
--Using rhyming spell, mirror and sattelite dish, Puck lets the magic fly.
--Elisa is human again.
--Puck needs a moment to recover.
--Elisa and Goliath have a brief moment.
--Elisa (self-depricating): "Well, I guess I'm back to my old ugly human self."
--G: "Never, to these eyes. But I'm curious. Am I handsome to you like this?"
--E: "You've always been handsome to me."
--PUCK: "Allright, enough of the mushy stuff!"
--He zaps Goliath, Hud, Bronx and Trio back into Gargoyles. (Note: he doesn't need the mirror, since they're all standing right in front of him.)
--Goliath frees Puck.
--Puck takes off with Demona through Mirror, taking mirror with.

25. Demona's house.
--Puck's grateful for a good time, enjoyed by all.
--He'll grant Demona her original wish: She won't turn to stone during the day.
--She's suspicious, for obvious reasons.
--He must SPELL OUT that she will still be her normal GARGOYLE self at night. But during the day, she won't have to sleep as stone.
--One last little rhyme spell.
--And he disappears through mirror.

26. Clock Tower.
--Final scene with Bronx, Hud, Trio, Goliath and Elisa. (This was really nice, as written.)

27. Demona's House.
--The sun is rising.
--We can only see Demona in sillouette.
--Until she turns to look at herself in the mirror.
--Which she smashes.

(The script I received had some odd page numbering. The title page was numbered as page one, some pages were skipped and had no numbers, and the last page was numbered 33. So I just renumbered it from the first page of script on through the last [39]. The following notes therefore refer to my numbers. Call me if you have any questions.)

If Demona never gets the opportunity to destroy or turn off the laser-grid around the mirror, than we can leave it for the thieves to deal with and ditch all this dialogue and action revolving around alarms. Demona's meant to be a diversion.

Please don't refer to the Security Guard as Sarge or Old Soldier. I know it's just character stuff, but we don't have the space to give it context. It winds up confusing us as to who the guard really is.

Remember: Male gargoyle eyes glow white. Only female gargoyle eyes glow red.

Throughout script we use both "rooklings" and "hatchlings". I prefer "hatchlings". That way audience members who have missed the one or two references to the rookery, will still understand.

Goliath's getting wounded is problematic. We don't deal with it in the story. It's quickly forgotten. We don't want to play fast and loose with something like that.

Don't forget to give us some description of Puck. (He definitely should have pointed ears, for example. I added pointed ears to the description of the Weird Sisters in their true form.)

I don't know that we want to refer to all of Oberon's Children as "real mean". Seems blatantly racist.

When Demona summoned Puck earlier, she did it in Latin. So please make sure we name him here in this scene.

If you cannot rid me of all humans,
then at least rid me of that human --
Elisa Maza!

We need the double entendre of Demona asking Puck to get rid of that
human-Elisa. ("Oh," Puck weasles to himself, "get rid of the human-Elisa. Make her a gargoyle-Elisa instead.")

Our Gargoyles shouldn't notice that anything has changed among the pedestrians below, until they get close enough to see. (From a practical standpoint, the idea of each person suddenly taking up more room, might be tough to get across in animation.)

Let's show at least one of the Human/"Gargoyles" looking at his or her reflection (in a store window or something) and preening. Totally unaware of the change.

Goliath says, "What sorcery is this?" twice in the episode. Let's skip both. He said this exact line in "Awakening".

Keep focus and imperative of THIS story. No one has time to stop for hot dogs or to deal with vandals. (So skip both incidents.)

Puck doesn't have to pretend that he did "exactly" as Demona commanded. He can have more attitude. "Hey, close enough." or "If you're going to split hairs..."

Again, let's not make Hudson an expert on Puck as an individual. We don't need him to identify Puck from tapestries. (And I doubt if his education has progressed to the point where he's read Shakespeare.) Plus, I'm not sure we have to label Puck as the "worst" of Oberon's children, either.

Gargoyles including Elisa/gargoyle CANNOT hover.

Also don't forget...
--Cast List.
--Latin version of Demona's spell from Grimorum. (It doesn't have to rhyme.)
--Rhyming spell in English for what Puck does to everyone. (Needs to be vague enough so that Demona isn't immediately tipped off.) Doesn't need to be same spell each time.
--Somewhere in here, we need to justify why none of the human/"gargoyle" crowd reacts to Puck. Do they see him as a gargoyle, ala the Weird Sisters? Or is he invisible to them? Or can we get away with them just walking by and ignoring him?
--Make sure final page count will be within our page range (pp. 35-39) after Denise has conformed it.


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"THE MIRROR" Outline memo...

Next up for my Ramblings is "The Mirror". What follows is the UNEDITED memo I sent to story editor Brynne Chandler Reaves regarding the first draft outline for that episode.

This is one I had very specific ideas on, so I may have been even tougher than usual. Oh, well...

WEISMAN 10-30-94

Notes on "The Mirror" Outline...
Brynne, I hope you consider this flattering: I'm gonna be very tough on you here, because I think you can handle it. It's not just because of this outline, but because in general, I want you to be handing me cleaner, more finished pieces. Although the story is full of great ideas, there are logical and structural problems here that need fixing. As I've discussed, I want to be less "hands-on" so that the schedule keeps flowing and we all stay sane, but that means I need you to catch much more of this sort of thing before I ever see it.

One particular concern of mine (and not so incidentally of Gary Krisel's) is padded first acts, where nothing of substance happens until the cliffhanger. Each story dictates its own structure, so I don't want to make any hard and fast rules, but this is one thing you should be thinking about on every episode you edit or write. We can have a prologue scene or two. But we don't want to turn the whole first act into a prologue to events that only begin seconds before the commercial break.

Scene One is a nice prologue. So is Two, if it's brief. Three, Four and Five are padding. Six is good prologue, but by this time it feels like padding. Seven is problematic from a character/logic standpoint. Finally, we get going at Eight.

And opening acts aside, we need to beware of scenes that serve no function in the structure of the story. A real good character moment is worth a detour on occasion. But our stories have to be coming out of character anyway, so nine times out of ten, the detour shouldn't be necessary.

Ever since "Reawakening" we've tried to make the Gargoyles much more pro-active. But even by first season "survival-mode" standards they seem downright slow to act here. In scene Three, they suspect magical bad news is on the way. In scene Six, they confirm Demona's involvement. Yet in scene Ten, they go to the play in the park like nothing was wrong. Worse, in scene Sixteen, when the humans are transformed, the younger gargoyles actually think that the transformation is part of the play? They're more sophisticated than that. And instead of reacting like it's a problem, they just want "contact with their kind". I wouldn't mind a wistful line that summoned up their feelings about how this reminds them of their old lives when there were many gargoyles and/or that it's nice to be able to walk out in the open without everyone running away screaming, but they have to realize that this transformation is bad news. Then in scene TWENTY-TWO (that's the beginning of ACT THREE and a full fourteen scenes after Goliath battled Demona in the museum) they "are certain now that Demona is behind this". Who did they think was behind it for the last act and a half? This is a good sign that we're either short on structure, heavy on padding or both.

We must have a clear theme that involves at least one of the "good" gargoyles in every episode. We shouldn't have to dig deep for it. It's what focuses the events that dictate our structure. Today's theme is "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." It applies to Demona, obviously. But it applies to subconscious desires on the part of Goliath. And wistful, but conscious desires on the part of Elisa. And even (to a small extent) the desire of our young trio to assimilate. Emphasize the theme as much as possible.

Please remember that the gargoyles are largely ignorant of the workings of magic. They have an advantage over humans in that they know magic exists. That's about it. Demona and Macbeth have had centuries to study it. Guys like the Magus and the Archmage dedicated their lives to studying it. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is no expert. I doubt he can even read Latin. And the GRIMORUM is not a textbook that would provide easy answers even if he could read it. It is, in essence, a cookbook. If a recipe is torn out, there's no way to infer very much about it from the remaining pages. Remember, the Magus had the sleep spell he used on the gargoyles, and even with that and all his training, he couldn't wake them up without the specific page that held the counterspell. HOW could Brooklyn find a list (scene 5) that matches Demona's list? WHY would the Grimorum list the items for one specific spell twice? HOW could he know the name (Scene Eight) of the entity being summoned?

Could the Grimorum tell them that Puck's spells must be reversed before dawn? Or how Puck frees himself? Unlikely. (Would Julia Child's cookbook feature recipes by the Frugal Gourmet?) But (if we assume Goliath reads Latin, and could make heads or tails of the Grimorum, without having to sit down and spend an entire week reading the thing cover-to-cover to find a helpful passage in a book which, as you noted, has no index) -- it is possible. We always skate by a few things in every script. But the more we have to skate, the thinner the ice in general. Something that normally would fit neatly beneath our audiences suspension of disbelief, becomes one more contrivance in a story that's got a few too many.

First off, she's not looking for an equal partner or ally. She's made that clear enough. That's exactly her problem with Xanatos. He always wants to know what's in it for him. He can't be easily controlled. He's fine if they have a mutual interest (resurrecting Goliath or Coldstone), fine if she can con him into helping her (as she does in "City of Stone"), but the latter isn't easy. Otherwise, they can't work together. They're goals are too diverse.

As for Macbeth, don't even bring him up. This story airs before CITY OF STONE. She hasn't seen Macbeth for decades probably. And it's been centuries since they worked together on anything.

None of this changes the story, but it's important to get her mind-set clear. She isn't summoning Puck as an ally. But as a slave.

And what does she want her slave to do? Basically, this episode is going to underline Demona's truly short-term thinking. She knows she wants humanity eradicated. But not what she'd do if she ever accomplished that goal. She's closed her heart to anything that doesn't serve her immediate short-term plans. (She's really, really screwed up.) At one point, Puck should offer her Goliath. He can make Goliath love her again. But she's so distracted by her hatred for Elisa in particular and humans in general, that she can't keep a positive thought in her head. Her monolithic and myopic fanaticism allow Puck to make a primate out of her, literally and figuratively.

First big note from Adrienne and ME: we cannot play this character like he's a demon. His summoning in particular came off as very satanic. Let's try to make it more fanciful and magical. One thing that would help avoid this problem, is to be clear about what Puck is. If we aren't clear, people might think demon or devil. If we are clear, they'll believe us. We've got to establish, not only Puck, but his entire magical race. They are the third sentient group that once populated our planet in addition to humans and gargoyles. We need a name for this race that we can be comfortable with. (We can say at some point that the Scots called them the Fair Folk; the Vikings called them Dark Elves. But neither name is great. There must be something that could work for us. "The Oberati" perhaps, after their king?)

Then we need to set some rules and limits. Particularly given what we know about the Weird Sisters (and about Puck's secret identity). Obviously, not all of these rules need to be spelled out in this script. But let's make sure we know them. Let's begin by saying that the Oberati can all shape-shift. But when they morph into a form, they're stuck with that form's limitations. No magic happening if they pose as human.

In their true forms, they have a lot of magic power, but a rule against the direct use of it in the world of man (witness the Weird Sisters more indirect manipulations). Maybe this is a command from Oberon which they are afraid, but not unable, to break.

An obvious exception to the rule occurs when they are enslaved by someone else who commands them to use their magic. They are off the hook responsibility-wise, so they can go to town. Thus, most cultures have wish-granting legends about Leprechauns or Djinn or whatever.

Conveniently, the Oberati are creatures of pure magical energy. When they cast a spell, the spell doesn't have the limitations imposed on the studied magic of human or gargoyle sorcerers. The subjects of their spells don't have to see and hear them to be affected. It's a more fluid, less structured form of magic. Magic to the Archmage is an art, craft or science to master. Magic to Puck is as natural (or super-natural) as breathing.

But even Puck must have his limits. Even magical energy should be finite. We MUST establish this fact, at least. If Demona asks to get rid of all the humans on the planet, Puck will have to admit that it's too much for him. Would she settle for all the humans on the island?

Did the Gargoyles meet or hear of Puck specifically, back in the tenth century? I doubt it. They lived fairly isolated lives out at Wyvern. And Puck didn't get famous until Shakespeare made him famous quite a few centuries later. Maybe they've heard stories about the Fair Folk, but again, let's resist the temptation to make Goliath or Brooklyn or Hudson experts on the subject. They seem pretty perplexed by the Weird Sisters in "City of Stone". That should define their reaction to Puck, whom they're meeting here prior to that story.

Why does Puck help Goliath turn stuff back to normal at the end? Well, for this episode's purposes, it'll probably work that Goliath holds the chain and issues a command. But Demona held the chain, and Puck always found a way to circumvent her commands. So why doesn't he do the same to Goliath? Two reasons, probably. First, it further annoys Demona, who he's peeved at for enslaving him in the first place. Second, once Puck is free, he can return to his secret identity, where he's been having such a good time. He wants things back to normal himself. Still in future appearances, we need to be sure that Puck doesn't turn into a personification of Deus ex machina.

Use it sparingly, but it's o.k. with me if Puck breaks the third wall and addresses the audience on occasion.

Finally, Puck's name. The Disney execs are of two minds on this. Bruce prefers Goodfellow. His main concern is the constant policing we'd have to do to make sure Puck doesn't ever come out Fuck. Ellen feels that Goodfellow has more association with Satan than Puck does and that Puck is safer on that level. I'm really torn. I tend to agree that Puck is a slightly more recognizable Shakespearean reference than Goodfellow, and thus stonger and safer. I also think the name suits the character. On the other hand, I think Goodfellow is an effectively ironic name for a character who is, for all intents and purposes, a villain. Part of me really wants to use both. Could the spell that enslaves Puck to Demona have something to do with her knowing his true name, Robin Goodfellow? Adrienne, I think, is on the fence with me. But I'm not sure. We should probably discuss this one last time before you go to script.

Think of the Wicked Queen's Magic Mirror times ten. It is a window, a doorway, a Peeping Tom.

As we discussed, I don't think the humans notice they've been transformed. Some of the ridiculous fun of this episode should be to see them, walking around, going about their normal business, briefcases and subway tokens in hand, with no indication that anything is different. If they looked in a mirror, they'd preen as usual. They wouldn't freak out or recognize the change.

Although they have wings, I don't think it occurs to any of them to start gliding around the city. And if they see (the soon-to-be more self-aware) Elisa flying, it would be shocking: "Look, Mommy, that lady is flying!!" It's not that they'd see her suddenly as a gargoyle. (It'd be like seeing Superman. A normal enough looking person. He just happens to be leaping tall buildings with a single bound, which is, of course, unusual enough.)

When Goliath and clan walk among them as gargoyles, I don't think they see them as unusual. For once, looking like a gargoyle is normal. Like Halloween, in "Eye of the Beholder", it's another rare moment for our guys when they can be out in the open. (This may have been what you had in mind in scene 18. I wasn't clear.)

However, when Goliath and company enter their midst as "Humans", it should scare them. Once again, ugliness is in the eye of the beholder, and the "human" Goliath is still the monster. We should not skip this beat (as you planned to in scene 24). We should play it. It can be bitter, poignant and, yes, funny. (Appealing to Puck's dark sense of humor (and mine too, for that matter).)

Like the other transformed humans, Elisa doesn't immediately realize she's been transformed. And looking in the mirror won't clue her in either. (And in any case, Elisa isn't the type to faint dead away.) In fact, she might turn to Goliath and suddenly ask, "Could you remind me why you guys are hiding up here in the clock tower?" Suddenly, they don't look so strange to her. Goliath is going to have to sit her down and talk her through the differences between humans and gargoyles. Her realization should play like a fog lifting.

And we probably should play out Goliath and Elisa both as gargoyles for an act. Maybe he teaches her how to fly. Maybe they're just about to get close enough to do the gargoyle equivalent of an embrace, when he's transformed to human. Get it so that we can all almost taste it. Then yank it away. (I know, I'm a cruel bastard.)

I also want to contrast Goliath's reaction to "gargoyle" Elisa with Elisa's reaction to "human" Goliath. He may say, "Elisa, I never realized how beautiful you are," because he always liked her for her inner beauty but, frankly, never found her physically attractive (no wings, no tail--shudder). And he's always made that mental distinction between the surface and what lies beneath.

Elisa never did. She recognized his inner beauty in episode three or four and ALWAYS thought he was handsome. Even before this episode, I think she's thought about the two of them and come to the inescapable conclusion that romance is impractical. Better keep it platonic. I think he's had those feelings, but has never connected to them mentally. (Look, no matter what the species, or how evolved the individual, he's still a guy. And guys are fundamentally stupid about this stuff.) Until this episode, it never crossed his mind that Elisa could replace Demona in his heart. The fact is she already has. But he never thought about it before now.

To be consistent, they shouldn't recognize the change until Elisa points it out to them. Maybe they were about to leap from the clock tower, and Elisa has to stop them and say: "Look, guys, you don't have wings anymore!"

But let's keep in mind that these guys are still heroes. NO WAY are they going to agree to step back because a gargoyle Demona is too tough for them now. Did Elisa ever step back when she was human? For that matter, there have been plenty of humans willing to go toe-to-toe with the gargoyles. Certainly Goliath is as brave as Macbeth or Wolf or Commando #3.

Also, I got confused in scene 29. Goliath has been transformed to human. That means human proportions. Sure, he'd be a big guy, but not as big as he was as a gargoyle. I don't know why armor would fit, say Broadway, and not him.

In contrast to our typical episodes, I think this one can have a more absurdist tone. Puck should both further the tone with his actions and undercut it with wry asides. Plus there'll be romantic stuff, also undercut, this time by Goliath's reaction to Elisa and the genuine frustration that comes from the situation's mutability.

For everything, it seems. In "Lighthouse" and to a lesser extent in "Leader", we've played the beat of Goliath mistakenly going to the castle to confront Xanatos for something that the latter had nothing to do with. I think by now, Goliath has learned his lesson. Particularly since the going's on here smack much more of Demona or Macbeth than Xanatos.

Let's get a clear sense of what this place is like. Particularly, how it is distinct from Macbeth's mansion: we've played his place like Wayne Manor. Dracon has the penthouse at the Park Manor Hotel. And Xanatos has this incredibly cool castle-on-a-skyscraper H.Q. Demona's home needs to be different from all of these and special in its own right. Also give us an at least approximate idea of where this thing is located. Gramercy Park, maybe?

This was a great way to ground our Puck in Shakespeare, as opposed to Satan. No doubt about it. And no fault of yours, but I want to save this setting for a story that Michael and I have discussed involving Macbeth and an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Plus, in this story, I want to play with Manhattan life going on, business as usual, despite the fact that everyone's been turned into a gargoyle. We can't do that if we limit ourselves to the Park and the closed Museum. I want to get this story out in the open. Have the "gargoyle" humans reacting in panic to the "human" Goliath and clan, the way they'd normally react to them as gargoyles. That's an opportunity we won't get in another story. We must take advantage of it. But having taken the story out of the park, we should work other Midsummer references into the script. Name the mirror after Oberon or Titania, perhaps.

1. A warm Midsummer's Night. Demona arrives at the museum with grand theft in mind. She's come to steal the Mirror of Oberon (or whatever we ultimately call it) which has just arrived from Ireland (or Italy or wherever). The first museum security guard is no problem. But the second security guard turns out to be Elisa -- undercover, prepared and not without back-up, i.e. Goliath. They suspected that the mirror would be a prize too tempting for Demona to resist. Demona seems particularly furious over Goliath's continued "partnership" with Elisa. SHE HATES HUMANS AND SHE REALLY HATES ELISA!! (Demona knows how Goliath feels about Elisa, even if the big lug hasn't admitted it to himself yet.)

2. Anyway, we get a big action sequence in the museum which leads to a chase outside. Demona gets away from them, but without the mirror. And because our heroes are so thoroughly engaged in these activities...

3. ...They are absent when two high-tech but very human cat burglars show up at the museum, seconds later, to crate up and steal the mirror. (The real security guard is still unconscious and thus unable to do anything about them.)

4. The two thieves arrive at Demona's townhouse (or whatever) with the crated mirror. Otherwise, the scene plays pretty much as you had it with the delivery men.

5. Inside her home, Demona wraps thick iron chains across the glass of the stolen Mirror. She summons Puck. He comes flying out through the glass and thus winds up wrapped in the iron chains. He spends almost the entire episode with the chains pinning his arms across his chest.

6. Back at the clock tower, Goliath and Elisa are feeling like grade-A dorks. Elisa's just back from investigating the museum crime scene. It's now clear that Demona's job was to take out security and, if necessary, act as a diversion for the real thieves. Now the big questions are, what can she do with this mirror and how bad is this going to get? Perhaps this is a place to discuss the Oberati. Hudson tells what little he knows about them.

7. Our Demona and Puck scene. If he ever wants his freedom he must serve her. He tries to discourage her: he'd make a lousy servant. She doesn't buy that. Puck works for "him". He can work for her, etc. (That whole exchange.) O.K., okay, what does she want? Freedom from her one great vulnerability -- turning to stone during the day. What good is that, he wonders. You think you're gonna be able to walk down 5th Avenue in broad daylight? I can if you obliterate all humans, everywhere. What am I, the Genie of the lamp? There are limits, kiddo. C'mon, what do you really want? She pauses, and an image appears in the mirror. It is Goliath (in the clock tower, but we're tight on him, so we aren't tipping the location). Puck: "How quaint, after all these centuries, you're still carrying a torch. Well, if that's what you want, I can make him love you again. Although it will be really hard, because you're not exactly Miss Lovable." And then, in the mirror, Elisa steps into the shot, and puts a hand on Goliath's shoulder. Demona goes ballistic. She knows her heart's true desire. Get rid of the human -- Elisa Maza. Puck: "That I can do." He fires a magical bolt into the mirror at the image of Elisa.

8. Back at the tower, Elisa has a hand on Goliath's shoulder, reassuring him that they'll stop Demona's scheme, whatever it is. Suddenly, she is surrounded by a magical energy that rips her away from Goliath. The gargoyles try to help her, but they can't get close. We should think for a moment that this is the end of Rico... uh, Elisa. And then there is a blinding flash of light that whites out the whole screen. Followed by pitch black darkness. Elisa is still there. We see her silhouette as our eyes adjust and the light returns slowly to normal. She says she's o.k. And then she steps into the light. Transformed into a gargoyle version of herself.


Now I have to apologize. I know I promised you this for Monday. It's two a.m. Sunday and this is as far as I got. There's a reason (an excuse). Monday is Corporate Seminar. And my last act as an executive (before becoming a full-time producer on Tuesday) is to pitch all our new development to Michael Eisner and Rich Frank. This is a twice yearly event that requires a lot of preparation, and I just ran out of time to get these notes done. Normally, I'd pull an all-nighter, but I need some sleep to face these guys tomorrow.

You gotta admit, that was a pretty good excuse.

So I have to leave this to you. You're mission, if you chose to accept it, (AND YOU REALLY HAVE NO CHOICE IF YOU EVER WANT TO GET TO SCRIPT) is to write up a quick beat outline of acts two and three for me based on the sketchy notes below. It doesn't have to be long. Two to four pages is fine. The amount of detail that I gave you for Act One is all I'm looking for.

Act Two should have Goliath filling Elisa in about the change she's undergone. Maybe take her flying. Maybe this is where we get the line about him never realizing how beautiful she was.

Demona should be temporarily fooled into thinking Elisa's dead, and flushed with success, she asks Puck to rid all of Manhattan of its humans. Bing, bang, boom. Everyone's a gargoyle. People on the subway in from Queens, change into gargoyles as soon as the E-train hits the first Manhattan stop. "Gargoyles" on the way home to Jersey change back to human as they cross the bridge in their cars. NO ONE NOTICES AT ALL.

But Demona doesn't know any of this yet. She wants a tour of what she expects to be an empty city. Puck is secretly eager to see his handiwork, so they step into the mirror, which transports them to the heart of the city. Times Square, maybe? 5th Avenue?

Meanwhile, Hudson, Goliath, Elisa and the trio are all hunting for Demona. They quickly notice the change in the populace. (Maybe the shock of this wide-spread change interrupts what might have been the only chance Elisa and Goliath had for a same-species clinch.) They all know it's bad news, but the trio can't help enjoying the ability to walk among gargoyles again. Even if they are gargoyles in business suits: New Yorkers who still won't give them the time of day. Still, would it be so bad if this didn't get fixed? Yeah. Probably.

When Demona figures out she's been duped, she demands that the gargoyles be changed back to humans. Bing Bang Boom. Goliath, Hudson and the Trio are human. (I'm torn about Bronx. I guess the big dog is o.k. It just seems outside the terms of Demona's request, even by Puck's loose standards.)

Was Goliath flying at the time or is this another interrupted clinch between him and Elisa?

Act Three opens with Elisa saving Goliath from plummeting to his death perhaps. Then she has to make him understand that he has been transformed as well.

We wind up with a very public battle featuring Elisa and our Newly Human heroes against Demona and Puck. It's complicated by the fact that the general populace (who are all now Gargoyles) perceive the human Goliath, Hudson and Trio (and Bronx?) as monsters attacking what to them seems to be a very normal-looking Demona.

Still in the end, good triumphs. Puck makes everything right at Goliath's command, (but let's make it clear that at least in part, he's doing this to spite Demona and/or to suit his own agenda). Elisa is changed to human, before Goliath is changed back, and we have another near-clinch, that Puck interrupts with good-humored spite by changing Goliath back into a gargoyle.

Goliath frees Puck and he vanishes with Demona, rescuing her from Goliath.

Turns out Puck had more fun than he thought he would so he feels like he owes Demona a favor. He'll give her her original wish. No turning to stone during the day. (BUT WE NEED TO MAKE IT PAINFULLY CLEAR THAT SHE WILL STILL BE HER NORMAL GARGOYLE SELF AT NIGHT.) He takes his leave via the mirror.

Cut back to Elisa and Goliath for emotional wrap up. Just before the sunrise which, as usual, separates them.

And back to Demona. Silhouetted against the rising sun. It's up, and she's not stone. Puck kept his word, she can't believe it. Then she sees her human self in the mirror, which she smashes, yelling NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! And fade to black.

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koba burnett writes...

dear greg, my last name is burnett, and i have an uncle named owen. they're not at all a like, and we pronounce it "burnet" instead of "bur-nett", but it's a cool coincidence, since i like gargs so much. puck, and owen after him, are my fav char's.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 11, 2000

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Punchinello writes...

Hello Greg and Gorebash.

This post should probably go under "ramblings."
I have only recently discovered this page, and this will be my first posting here. I am extremely pleased to find that people still remember this show and ,evidently, appreciate it as much as I did. When the show first aired I watched with a zealous enthusiasm. I appreciate what you are doing, even more. I wish to offer you my personal thanks for this effort towards bringing the show back, and providing a medium for dialogue about your creation. Thank you.

I almost feel bad about saying this; but the characters I was most interested in discussing were not gargoyles at all. It was your Captain of the gaurd at Castle Wyvern, that I identified with, the most, in your series. Further, if there was one character that I found most compelling; it had to be Owen Burnette. The scene in which he casually lowers his hand into that cauldron, and then equally casually reacts to it's stone composition with little more than professional curiosity, is something which is permanently ingrained into my mind. I LOVE that scene.

Perhaps, then, you can imagine my dismay at discovering that Owen (or Puck) does not have his own heading within your topics files. Perhaps this post will inspire sufficient dialogue on the matter to earn him one. I can hope.

And so, a quesion about Owen:
I had observed a quality in Owen that might have been described as unnatural. This would have been before the revelations about him vindicated such a position. It seemed to me that his servitude to Xanatos went beyond the character of a simple employee status. He was too sophisticated. He was seemingly well educated. A sort of maudlin academic. He was adept at such a diverse array of skills. He possessed this incredible proficiency with technology and he was a trained martial artist. Why was he Xanatos' assistant? He could have had his own empire.

Even before learning his origin, I had begun to liken him to a kind of quasi-archetype that can be observed across cultures. I am uncertain of whether or not it has a name. It can be found in the idea of djinn being trapped within oak or silver, and bound to the will of a human master. It can be observed again in the story of Puss In Boots. Both of these anecdotes revolve around a "magical" figure who is endentured to an otherwise normal person for a period of service. After Owen revealed himself (which was still the most amazing shock) I began to wonder if you han not intended such a reading. You seemed to inject a number of old mythologies with new content in the series, so the reading did not seem so implausible.

Did you intend a reading of Owen as a supernatural character, from the beginning of the series?

Were you influenced by the old mythologies I mentioned, when you concieved of the charachter?

There is a next, most obvious question. I fear, however, that it would fall into the realm of something you could not answer. I intend to post it separately so you will not need to disregard the entire message.

Many thanks,

Greg responds...

As I've said before, I knew something was up with Owen from the beginning. And so yes, I had a notion of the kind of archetypes you are describing. Discovering he was Puck came as something of a shock, mitigated by the rightness of the revelation.

For more information on Owen, check the FAMILY XANATOS archive. For more information on Puck, check the CHILDREN OF OBERON archive.

But what the hell, I'll start a new category for him now.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000