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TNT writes...

Hi Greg,

In the time that you've been working in TV animation, you must have seen many changes in the industry. In terms of the "nuts and bolts" elements of making a show (storyboarding, animation, retakes, sound mixing etc), things must have changed quite a bit.

1. What aspects of production have become easier over time?

2. What has gotten more difficult?

3. Would these changes have more to do with changes in technology, your own level of experience in the industry or to the studio/property you're working with at the time?

4. Is there anything about the industry that was specifically different in the intervening decades with Spectacular Spider-Man or the earlier seasons of Young Justice that wasn't the case before or since?

5. If Gargoyles were to come back with you involved, obviously the most important thing is the continuity of the story, but to what extent would it have to change in its art or animation style to be made today?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not sure "easier" is the term I'd use, but "possible" includes a lot of fixes we can make in editing and post-production on voices, on picture, on effects, etc. There are things we can do now that we flat out couldn't do before.

2. Nothing particularly springs to mind, unless it's the glut of content that makes getting attention for one's project more difficult.

3. Mostly, with changes in technology. I like to think that I'm better at certain things now than I used to be, too. Of course, the flip side of that is that I'm also more demanding than I used to be. Different studios have different strengths and weaknesses, but I haven't noticed one being stronger or weaker overall, and I've worked at a LOT of different places.

4. Post-production visual FX work became much more commonplace since. But it was largely not done previous.

5. That depends on all sorts of factors that are hypothetical. But there's no reason why - at least in theory - we couldn't simply use the same design style, assuming TPTB approved.

Response recorded on September 12, 2022

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wholelottahate19 writes...

Did Gwen know Eddie was Venom by the end of Season 2?

Greg responds...

I don't think so. But it's been a while.

Response recorded on September 12, 2022

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Anonymous writes...

Which of these two would you rather do?

A Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 or writing the next Spider-Man trilogy for the MCU?

(I mainly ask this because I think you'd be the best choice for writing the next Spider-Man films)

Greg responds...

The hypotheticals attached to these questions are so vast as to make it impossible to answer. I'd love to do additional seasons of Spectacular. And I certainly wouldn't say no to writing anything for the MCU, let alone three Spider-Man films.

Response recorded on September 01, 2022

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Josh writes...

Simple yes or no question with no spoilers. Was Liz going to remain part of The Spectacular Spider-Man series as an important character alongside the likes of Flash? Not saying they would be a major focus, but in terms of character development and the brilliance of the series getting side characters involved with the plot, was she going to get her redemption in season 3 onwards and played a vital role? I liked the way you altered the comic book version by changing a few things (again no spoiler) and bringing a refreshing look to the character. It would be nice if you give a response that is more than just a yes or no to understand your answer, but it’s ok if you choose not to.

Greg responds...

Josh, I like how you preface this with "Simple yes or no question" and then end with "give a response that is more than just a yes or no."

Anyway, we had no plan to drop Liz Allen from the cast of Spectacular. Everyone was still going to the same high school, and no one was disappearing. Screen time always dictates that Peter/Spidey comes first, but we loved our cast and wanted to continue to explore them all. Beyond that, I won't give any details.

Response recorded on August 29, 2022

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Spectacular Spider-Geek writes...

Hi Greg,
I had a couple of additional Spectacular questions.

1. How does the Osberry work? I understand how Goblin’s Osberry was able to show a full layout of the vault considering who Goblin is. I’m more confused on how Black Cat was able to pull up a map in order to navigate through the prison.
2. In Accomplices, how did everyone track Roderick Kingsley for the final battle? It looked like he just parked at a random parking garage but maybe I’m wrong.
3. This is kind of a follow up to my previous post, but was Menken aware of Norman being the Goblin? He definitely knows of Norman’s dealings with supervillains and gangsters since he held the summit in Accomplices. but I’m wondering if he knew that he was being set up by Norman.

Thanks Greg. Looking forward to more Young Justice in the Spring!

Greg responds...

1. She cheated.

2. It was his office parking garage, I think. It's been a long time.

3. No spoilers.

Response recorded on August 11, 2022

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Spectacular Spider-Geek writes...

Hi Greg,

Hope you and your family are staying healthy. I’ve been introducing Spectacular to a lot of my friends and had a couple of questions since rewatching it.

1. What did Ock do to mitigate his powerpack from losing power after his debut episode?

2. In Final Curtain, why does “Chameleon-Norman” need to hire Gargan to find Menken? In the episode, “Chameleon-Norman” is told by the Oscorp employee that the only people that can remove Menken’s address from the Oscorp database would be Norman or Menken. I thought that the real Norman would know where Menken would be since Menken says that Oscorp rented the apartment for him? I’m just confused on why the real Norman wouldn’t know and tell “Chameleon-Norman” where Menken’s location would be in order to lure Spider-Man to Menken.

3. Who came up with the idea to frame Menken? Was it Chameleon or Norman?

My friends are enjoying the show and it’s been a joy to rewatch the show. It still holds up. I’ve been enjoying YJ: Phantoms as well. Finally, I wanted to send my condolences to you for the loss of Dave Schwartz. Hope you are well and stay safe.

Greg responds...

1. Something very smart and clever, I'm sure.

2. It's been a while, but I think the point was to maintain the illusion that Menken was missing and that Norman didn't know where to find him. The real Norman did, of course, know where Menken was.

3. Norman. But it was less a frame than misdirection to lure Spidey into a trap.

Thanks for your kind words. Dave is missed.

Response recorded on August 03, 2022

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Onha21 writes...

Hello Greg !
First, i'am a big fan of your work for years now, the author job is absolutely amazing and you are one of the best for me.
But here I have one question that torture me for weeks since I have seen the masterpiece "Spectacular Spider-Man"
If the season 3 to 5 has happened... Would Peter have left Gwen somehow and ended up with Mary Jane? I dont have to judge your answer I just want to know how I have to see the charaters now... Because one thing that I really love about what you did of Mary Jane, is letting her be a incredible character on her own, not by Pete, and I cant see this Pete with this version of Mary Jane personally, and his relationship with Gwen is for me a masterpiece and one of the major good point of the series.
Deep inside of me I hope that your plan was to do Pete - Gwen the final relationship but I'm not the author here...

With all my respect, thanks for all what you did and will do, we will continue to support you <3

P.S I search for an hour now in the respond and unrespond questions and however I try to formulate the key word of the search bar, I always end with hundreds of question, I read tens of them without fiding one like mine so sorry if this was already post and/or respond, and if it was I will be gratefull to the moderator who is reading me (thanks for this giantfull work that you did for more than 10 years) to link me this post

2nd P.S : My english is really not perfect but I did my best, French are not known for their english talent haha.

Again thanks for all <3 in the past, the present and the future.

Greg responds...

Your English is WAY better than my French, believe me. Thanks for all the kind words.

BUT... I'm not going to say what we would have done with Pete, Gwen, MJ or anyone. No spoilers is the policy around here. Sorry.

Response recorded on August 01, 2022

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Jacob L Goodheart writes...

Hey Greg, huge fan of your work!
I just have a few questions concerning Spider-Man if you don't mind answering.

1.) The 1990's series had a sort of infamy around it for being heavily censcored to the point where Spidey wasn't allowed to punch his bad guys (They couldn't even call the Sinister Six 'Sinister'). Now your spidey throws punches, but did you have to clear any similar hurdles?

2.) I've always seen Spider-Man as a sort of loner superhero, part of that I think is because of Spectacular since there's no other heroes like Daredevil or the Avengers around to help. Do you consider spidey the same?

3.) I'm not sure if you can answer this or not, but did MJ know that Pete was Spider-Man like in the comics? Or was this a version where she, like everyone else, didn't know.

4.) This is more of a statement, but I love the webshooter sound effect you guys used for this show! I have no idea what it is but I'll sometimes hear the same SFX with other shows and think 'Hey! That's Spider-man's!'

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. I suppose I consider him a solo act, but not adverse to helping out or accepting help.

3. No spoilers.

4. :)

Response recorded on July 06, 2022

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Verdragon writes...

Since you've written for the character before, what are your thoughts on the MCU version of Spiderman, and what do you think makes a good Spiderman adaptation as a whole?

Greg responds...

Generally speaking, I like the MCU Spider-Man. There's a lot to like. I like his youth and inexperience. I like his good intentions, not always backed up by his relatively inexperienced actions. I may have quibbles here and there, but they're relatively minor.

What "makes a good Spiderman adaptation as a whole?" Well, for starters, you definitely need a hyphen. It's Spider-Man, not Spiderman.

Beyond that, I think I've answered this question in great detail - over two seasons and twenty-six episodes: it's called THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN. That's my version of the best way to adapt the character. I'll let it speak for itself.

Response recorded on June 15, 2022

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Mr.Felipe Barros writes...

Hi Greg, i wanted to say that i simply love your shows(YJ and Spider-Man are my favourites) everthing that you write specifically attracts me and you are probably one of my favorite writers :D. Anyway, recently i was thinking about characters age in Spectacular Spider-Man timeline so here are some questions:

1. How old is Black Cat? i think i saw some interview podcast that you said she was nineteen(but im not so sure) nevertheless, do you think is weird for her to kiss a 16 year old teenager? even though she problably thought he was older.

2. Did someone besides Flash Thompson in Peter class(like Harry or Gwen, or Peter himself) made 17 in the space of 6 months that the show is pass?

3. When Peter was bitten by the spider in the field trip of his sophomore year, he was sixteen already or was he fifteen and made sixteen after sometime later?

4. How are you theses days?

4a. Sorry for any grammatical mistake, im brazillian and english is a little dificult to write. Anyway, i wish the best for you :)

Greg responds...

1. She's 19. She didn't know Peter was 16.

2. I don't know. Though Kenny and Rand were seniors, so they were probably 17 or 18.

3. I don't believe we ever set a specific birthdate for Peter.

4. Can't complain. I mean, well, I do complain. All the time. But I really shouldn't complain.

4a. Your English is WAY better than my Portuguese!

Response recorded on June 03, 2022

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