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Enterprise writes...

I know you been asked this before but dose disney have a say so or the rights in weather a film could be made out of this spectaculer series

Greg responds...

Are we talking about Spider-Man or Gargoyles?

Gargoyles - Of course.

Spectacular Spider-Man - None at all.

Response recorded on June 20, 2008

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P.B.D. writes...

Is there a chance Norman staged the whole green goblin is Harry thing to throw people off his trail?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on June 20, 2008

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P.B.D. writes...

Why did you go more with the movie symbionite suit instaed of the classic look?

Greg responds...

We decided to do both, as you probably know by now, in order to show how the Symbiote was gradually taking Peter over.

Response recorded on June 20, 2008

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Dirk writes...

1. Since Harry was the First Green Goblin in the new cartoon, does that mean that Norman Osborn will never become the Green Goblin?

2. Will the Hob Goblin, Scorpion, Mysterio and other villains appear in the series?

3. Will Carnage eventually appear in this series (like Season 4 or 5 if the show stays succesfull)? Or is he too violent/scary to put in this cartoon.

Greg responds...

1. GANG, GANG, this is NOT a forum for me to post all sorts of ridiculous spoilers about Spider-Man. Why would I do that and scoop my own stuff?

2. Yes. Mysterio is slated for the first episode of Season Two. I've previously revealed that both Hobgoblin and Scorpion will debut in Season Three (if there is a Season Three).

3. Time will tell.

Response recorded on June 19, 2008

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Nabil writes...

Hey Greg,
you guys are doing a fantastic job on the series i really love it, every bit and piece of it i have couple questions though:

1- Do you have any idea on when the first dvd will be released and will it have a bluray edition as well?
2- is there any chance that tombstone is not really the big man, but as foswell put it "some other guy pulling the strings from behind" especially that tombstone never refer to himself as the big man?
3- there surely a lot of mystery surrounding goblin's identity even though we are to believe it is harr after the unmasking in last episode, when will we have a definitve answer on who the goblin was/is? (season 3 ?)
4- are there any plans for a series of comics or video games based on the spectacular spidey series?

Keep up the good work and thanx a bunch for all your efforts

Greg responds...

1. No idea.

2. Did you really think I was going to answer this?

3. Who says you don't?

4. I don't know.

(Sorry, I know the above isn't too helpful, but...)

Response recorded on June 19, 2008

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Arcturus writes...

First of all, I just want to say that the Spectacular Spider-Man is perhaps the best Spider-Man television series in a long time! The writing, the animation, the voice work and the plot lines are all excellent! I also like how the episodes flow together. I can certainly see all the dedication throughout the series, keep up the good work! I do have a few questions, where has Eddie Brock been? What has he been up too? I believe the last we seen of him was in Catalysts. I understand that the symbiote saga is underway, and Eddie Brock is an essential part of the arc, are we going to see what drives him into wanting to smash Spider-Man/Peter Parker? I simply ask because Venom is my favorite Spider-Man villain.

Greg responds...

Well, by now, I'm hoping you've seen all 13 episodes, and most of your Venom questions have been answered. So feel free to stop by here again if you still have questions.

Response recorded on June 18, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

My review/report on the latest episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man", if a day late.

Obviously, the big question about this episode is: Is Harry really the Green Goblin, or has he been framed? Bishansky's already said a lot about that, so I won't say anything more (except that I also think that Harry *is* being set up).

What more appropriate time for the Goblin to show up than Halloween? I enjoyed Spidey's parody of "Twas the Night Before Christmas", especially his not-too-successful effort at the rhymes. And talk about daring! Peter actually making Spider-Man his Halloween costume. Shades of the gargoyles' own two Halloween parties ("Eye of the Beholder" and the Double Date story in the comic).

And not only does Flash Thompson wind up dressing as a cheerleader, but so do all his football buddies. I hadn't expected that latter part.

Tombstone's as imposing as ever (I can see why Hammerhead respects him). And I got a kick out of Goblin's "deja vu" remark to Spidey.

Great to see more of J. Jonah Jameson's human side, as he waits anxiously for news about the shuttle landing. Which itself looks like it'll have its own big consequences: now Venom's in town. Things are going to get even more lively in the Big Apple now....

Greg responds...

I'm not sure Pete was planning to go as Spidey for Halloween -- of if he was just improvising.

Response recorded on June 17, 2008

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Greg Weisguy writes...

Harry looking like the Green Goblin when seen through the vial of globulin green was a nice touch.

Clones have a bit of a stigma attached to them among Spider-Man fans, but you've shown you can execute the concept well in Gargoyles and Buzz Lightyear. How do you feel about the issue? Can clones work in a (relatively) grounded property like Spider-Man?

Greg responds...

We'll have to wait and see...

Response recorded on June 17, 2008

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Harvester of Eyes writes...

Thoughts on the Spectacular Spider-Man episode "The Uncertainty Principle."

Wow. So many good scenes in this episode. I'll do my best to keep my thoughts following some sort of coherent pattern.

First off, I'm very impressed with the Green Goblin so far. I was a little stunned to learn Steve Blum was doing his voice (my reaction was probably the same as my reaction way back when I first learned Mark Hammill voiced the Joker), but it fits the character well. I love all his gadgets, and I'm glad to see that he has the charged gloves again (something I missed from the movie). I also love the sound effects his pumpkin bomb explosions make. Like sick, mutilated laughter, which is very appropriate.

I also love the way that his mind works. Blackmailing Tombstone was never his intent. He was simply trying to get his two main enemies into the same room to eliminate them.

"Anyone else getting deja vu? Oh well, let's run with it!" Great watching Spidey and the Goblin interact.

It's kind of funny how the Goblin keeps making Spider-Man and Tombstone work together. And wow... Tombstone took three blades in the back. Makes me wonder what exactly he had done to himself. Also thought it was interesting the way Spider-Man saved himself from going splat. Reminds me of an old episode of the first cartoon where he fought the Sandman, but what he did in this series is much cooler.

As far as the ending is concerned, I loved the confrontation between Harry and his father. Norman raised a good point. Tombstone probably wouldn't have let Harry live if the Goblin's identity were revealed, but I can't help but wonder if anything else was going through his mind. Norman is a ruthless man who never apologizes. And as far as unmasking the Goblin is concerned, I'm convinced there's another angle, but I'll avoid delving into "ideas masquerading as questions," and won't get into specifics.

Still, it was a good character moment for Norman. We also got a nice character moment from Jonah. It's fun seeing hard men have moments of softness. I particularly liked how Jonah's actions bit him on the rear, forcing him to swallow his pride again (the first time being in the episode "Catalysts," when he was forced to give Spider-Man credit for stopping the Goblin). I like his voice a lot better than in the 90s cartoon. Ed Asner was good, but he wasn't a perfect fit. I like what Daran Norris does with it.

It was also nice to see a cameo from the Black Cat. Wonder if she'll be popping up again.

Greg responds...

She does pop.

Response recorded on June 17, 2008

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Greg Bishansky writes...

"The Uncertainty Principle"

I loved this episode.

Very good title, as curve balls continue to be thrown at the audience. The mystery of the Green Goblin's identity is far from over. Well, after re-watching "Catalysts" and "Reaction" over again before watching this I am more convinced than ever that Harry is not the Green Goblin. Either he's been brainwashed or Norman has the Chameleon (who is showing up in the next episode) standing in for him as an alibi. But I'll get to that later.

Nice to finally see Hammerhead in action. Yes, this is why he's Tombstone's enforcer. But, nope, he's no match for the Green Goblin... that's why he's Spider-Man's arch-nemesis.

I loved scene with the Goblin and Tombstone. Just watching the two most dangerous characters in the series go at it like that is priceless. You can see why Hammerhead respects Tombstone so much. The Goblin is arguably more dangerous, but Tombstone commands respect just as much as fear.

It wouldn't be Halloween without costumes, and is that the Black Cat I see? Nice. Mary Jane shows up dressed as a sexy vampire. Liz shows up dressed as a Johnny Depp Fan Girl. Gwen... doesn't even have time to get into a costume because she is too busy worrying about Harry. Poor Gwen, when I see her, I think to myself that she is the only sane person in an insane world. "Some one is getting the look!"

I've been waiting to see Flash dressed as a cheerleader, but I did not expect the rest of the football team to be joining him. Way to show unity, guys. Flash seemed to like having boobs a little too much. So, how long until Rand tells Sally where she can stick it?

I loved Jameson in this episode. People have complained about him being two dimensional, but I never saw it. Hopefully this shut them up. His concern for his son's life was touching. I like this reasoning for his hatred for Spider-Man in this universe. He can't stand to see the spotlight stolen from his son. Is it rational? Not really. Is it understandable? Yes.

"Trap?" "Trap!" Someone's been watching "Serenity".

The fight scene at the end of the episode was stunning. A tip of the hat to everyone involved. Though this borders on cliche, you could feel the heat. I'd say it would be hard to top this one, but I said the same after Spidey's fight with the Lizard.

The final scene at the Osborn residence was... great. Norman is such a manipulative bastard, and I really felt for Harry. But this is the finest case of "the writers are trying to trick you" that I have ever seen. Now, Harry is taking a leave of absence. I hope we see him again soon.

Harry as the Green Goblin just does not add up.
* When the Goblin stole the tech-flight glider from OsCorp, it didn't have the bat-head designed to fire pumpkin bombs and extend a spear on it yet. Harry does not have the technical know-how to add on a feature like that. Norman does. Or the expertise to add that Inhibitor cannon to it. Harry's a moron.
* If Harry were the Green Goblin, he would have attacked the Fall Formal instead of going after Tombstone.
* How would Harry even have access to the Globulin Green in the first place?
* Why would Harry attempt to kill Octavius? Norman knew Otto was a liability, Hammerhead said so in "The Invisible Hand". Norman berated Otto for being a weak man. Then he dressed up as the Goblin so he would have an alibi to show Hammerhead.
* The Green Goblin and Norman Osborn both had the same safety key for Otto's experiment.
* The Big Man was only ever referred to as "Mr. Lincoln" by Norman once and that was in the underground lab while Rhino was being created. Harry could not have overheard that.
* Norman Osborn just so happens to have a secret chamber, which we never saw the inside of. Where's Harry keeping the glider and equipment... not under his bed. For that matter, stealing one or two vials of Globulin Green, I can buy... but we've seen Harry drink from too many.
* Norman's knowing smirk at the end of "Reaction" about unmasking the Goblin before it's too late.
* Peter tipped his hand, told the Goblin he figured out who he was. The Goblin knew Spidey would be coming to the Osborn residence.
* Harry in "Goblin mode" didn't admit to anything except taking the drug. To be the son Norman always wanted. A straight A student and a star athlete.
* Norman is thrown twenty feet up a wall by Harry and is uninjured.
* And it was Norman himself who rationalized it all at the end (a very rehearsed sounding explanation). Then offered to take he fall.

No, Harry was set up. By his own bastard father.

Spectacular episode.

Greg responds...

Many of your premises are faulty, independent of the conclusions you draw from them. Without going into too much detail, the ones that REALLY jump out at me include...

*Harry is not a moron. You don't have to like him or respect his judgment, but he was never unintelligent - even before he started taking the Green.

*If Harry were a petty moron, then maybe he'd attack the Fall Formal. But see my first point.

*The Green Goblin used Otto's safety key. Norman used an override key. Two different keys.

Response recorded on June 16, 2008

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